Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This week at church, there was a plea in the bulletin for donations of toiletry items for a shipment they were doing to some area in our country that needed help (sad- I don't even remember where).  Mainly shampoo and soap were what they were needing at that point.


Last week I was able to pick up 8 bottles of Head and Shoulders shampoo for FREE at CVS (b1g1 50% off- less b1g1 free mq which took off the price of both!)  Plus a few weeks ago I stocked up on Suave when it was free at Walgreens.  And the free ivory soap with the great $1 mq's a few weeks back.

It just felt nice to sack up a huge paper grocery sack so full I was afraid it would rip and tear and just drop it off.  Lately the deals on groceries have been pretty slim (in my opinion)- but the health and beauty products have still been free most of the time.  It was great to be able to contribute so much for FREE!

I'm not sure if I will continue with this blog or not.  I used to really enjoy tracking my deals, and I was helping a co-worker who really needed to learn how to stretch her budget.  But now???  I'm not sure anyone is even reading it and I don't so much enjoy posting all my purchases as I used to.

Maybe?  Maybe not?  We'll see.

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