Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beauty Bucks!

I mentioned it before, but today I earned another one!  Every time you spend $50 on beauty products you get a bonus $5 beauty club extra bucks.  Even though the majority of what I buy earns extra bucks and I use manufacturer coupons on, it still tracks (pre coupons).  This includes not only make up but lotions, razors, soap, shampoo, hair color, etc.  if you haven't already, be sure to ask the cashier to add the beauty club to your cvs card----it really is that easy!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Shopping at CVS 9/28-10/4/14

I have scanned the hip2save CVS shopping list and here is what I want to make sure not to miss this week:

Select candy products spend $15 and earn $5 extra care bucks
M&M's 2/$6, use $1.50/2 printable coupon (don't forget, after you print once- press the back button 3 times and you can print it again!)
+ various other candies like Mars bitesize and Hersheys 6 pack singles ($1/2 printable here)
If you bought 4 bags of M&M's and 4  pack singles you would have $16, less 2 of each printable coupon linked here -$5, Pay $11 and get $5 back.  $6 total.

Nexus Haircare, spend $20 and earn $10 extra care bucks
I have found shampoos and conditioners around $10 each in the past.  Although this is quite expensive, I have purchased these and given them as gifts in a nice basket with hair ties or whatnot in the past.  Plus the magic coupon machine gave me a $3 or $4 off any Nexus product a week ago.  So that makes it even better.

Crest Sensitive Toothpaste, $4.79, earn $3 extra care buck (limit 2 per card)
Use the $1.50 manufacturer q in the 9/28 proctor & gamble (pg) insert
$.29 per tube- and you can buy 2 at this price!  This will be even better if you have any cvs coupon machine q's off oral care (I do!)

Colgate toothbrush $3.49, earn $2 extra care bucks (limit 2 per card)
Use the $1 manufacturer q in the 9/28 SS (smart source) insert
$.49 per toothbrush- another nice pairing with those cvs q's for oral care

Maybelline make up, spend $15 and earn $5 extra care bucks
Mascara is around $6, use the $1 manu q from the 9/7 rp (red plum).  If you buy 3, $18.  Plus use the 3 $1 q's, -$3, PLUS!  This week at cvs when you scan your card at the magic coupon machine you will get a $5 off $15 make up coupon.  Which means you will pay around $10 and earn $5 extra care bucks.  $5 for 3 mascaras?  Yes please.

Physicians formula make up is spend $10 and earn $7 extra care bucks.
Another great opportunity to get some really nice make up for cheap.

Fructis Shampoo/Conditioner $3.  Use the $2 manu q in the 9/7 rp (red plum). $1 for nice shampoos!

Nature Made Vitamins- Buy 1 get one free
Remember, you can use a manu q on each item, even though one is free!
Vita Melts run around $6.49.  Buy two for $6.49ish total.
Use 2 $2.50/1 printable coupons and pay just $1.49 or so for two nice vitamins!  I love the B12 and the Zinc personally!

All Laundry soap $3.99, earn $1 extra care buck (limit 1)
Use the $1 off 1 manu q in the 9/28 rp, $1.99 for a jug of laundry soap

Aveeno lotions, washes, etc. buy 3 get $10 extra care bucks
$3/2 printable coupon
$2 off handcream coupon
I bet we can cook up some kind of deal here

Proctor and Gamble items spend $25 and earn $5 extra care bucks
Tide $5.94, $2 manu q in 9/28 PG
Covergirl b1g1 50% off
Pantene shampoo 3/$10, $4/2 printable q  or $5/3 manu q 9/28 PG
Pampers $8.99, $1.50 manu q 9/28 PG
Dawn Dishsoap $.99, $.50 manu q 9/28 PG
Man there are some good deals to be cooked up here.  Here is a sample
2 Tide, 11.88
4 Pantene $13.33
-2 $2 tide, -$4
-2 $4/2 pantene, -$8
$13.21 total.  Earn $5 extra care buck.  $8.21 for two detergents and 4 shampoos/conditioners!  Not free, but a a good deal!

Happy Shopping!  I'll post my shop when I go!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cvs 9/26/14

I know this post finds you too late to take advantage of the same deals (these sale prices ended 9/27- sorry) but I thought if post my finds regardless since I had posted the list earlier.

Here is the summary:
$57.35 before coupons
-$28.79 coupons
$28.56 total after coupons (before tax)
Paid with $28 in extra care bucks left from last week
Total out of pocket was basically nothing- just sales tax
Earned $19.50 in Extra Care Bucks to use next week!

$7.50- 3 bags of hersheys chocolates at $2.50 each
-$1.50 off 3 manu q
-$3 off $15 candy cvs magic coupon machine q
Paid $3, got back $2 extra care bucks wyb (when you buy) 2 hershey
$1 for all 3 bags!

$6- 2 bags of brookside chocolates at $3 each
-$2, 2 $1 manu q's
-$2 wyb 2 cvs magic coupon machine q's
$2 total- just $1 per bag

$1.50 startucks refresher drink
-$1 printable manu q
Paid $.50, earned $1.50 extra care buck
$1 money maker!

$8.79 Revlon eyeliner
$8.29 Revlon mascara
-$8.29 manu q free mascara wyb eyeliner
$8.79 paid, earned $6 extra care buck wyb $15 in Revlon
$2.79 for a mascara and eyeliner!

$21.98- 2 Schick razors at $10.99 each
$3.29 Edge shaving cream
-$8, 2 $4 printable manu q's
-$3 wyb $10 shaving cvs magic coupon machine q
$14.27 paid, earned a $10 extracare buck wyb $25 in Schick shaving
$4.27 for two packs of razors and a shaving cream!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What not to miss at CVS this week

I promised to keep this updated for you.  To help you.  To lead you on this couponing journey...........and then life happens and its Wednesday and I am just slapping this up for you.  Sorry.

Remember that you can always go to www.hip2save.com and she puts up a fabulous store round up for the next week for several stores, cvs included.  If you click on the cvs logo on the right side of her screen, you will get all the deals specific to cvs.  Its where I dig around and plan my trips.

Alrighty, back to business.

Here are the things at cvs this week I know I don't want to miss.  They are not all of the good prices that are offered, but they are the super hot stuff that you will find fun to participate in.

  • Starbucks Refresher Can $1.50, earn a $1.50 extra care buck.  PLUS- go here and print a coupon for $1 off 1.  That means you will pay $.50 and earn $1.50 back- $1 money maker!!!  Woot woot!

Also- here is a tip for you.  Whenever you print at a coupons.com site, it will print you coupon and then put a thank you screen.  If you press your 'back' button on your browser 3 times it will print again.  Each coupon is typically available for printing two times from each computer.  This deal at cvs is only good once, but this is just good info to know.

  • Loreal facial care- buy 2 and get $10 extra care buck.  There were $2 q's in the 9/14 red plum insert or there is a $1 off one printable coupon here.  There are scrubs and such starting around $6, so if you bought 2 and used 2 $1 coupons you would pay $10 and earn $10- free.  Or if you have the $2 q's, you could make $2 buying high end facial cleansers.  Yes please.
Mars, Nestle or Twizzler bags 2/$5.  Earn $ extra care buck.  There was a $1/2  manufacturer coupon a few weeks ago.  Makes them $1.50 per bag.  Not a bag price.

Revlon make up and beauty tools spend $15 get $5 extra care bucks.  Last week the magic coupon machine gave me a 40% off a beauty tool coupon.  Thinking this might make for some good deals.  Or that buy an eyeliner get a mascara coupon from a few weeks ago.  Remember, you only have to reach the $15 BEFORE your coupons.  Should make for some cheap make up.

Loreal Shampoo and Conditioner 2/$9.  Buy 2 earn $5 extra care bucks.  Use the $4/2 manufacturer coupon from the 9/14 red plum insert.  Pay 5 and earn $5.  FREE SHAMPOO!  This is a fabulous donation item!

Schick razors spend $25 earn $10 extra care bucks.  I'm not sure what this deal could turn out to look like but I am sure gonna check it out.  I always get money off coupons for shaving items from the magic coupon machine.  Plus with this $4 printable coupon you can probably cook up a good deal.

Brookside chocolates 2/$6.  The magic coupon machine should print you a $2/2 coupon this week.  And print this $1 coupon 2 times, that will make 2 bags just $2.  These are nice treats!

Wet and Wild cosmetics are buy 2 get 1 free.  Nail polishes run $.99 to $1.49.  There is a $1 coupon in the 9/21 coupon insert.  So if you buy two $.99 polishes and get one free- you would use 2 coupons making all 3 free.  If you buy the $1.49 variety you would use 3 coupons (because you can use a coupon on the free item as long as it doesn't exceed the items value) you would still get all 3 free.  

Arm and Hammer detergent, buy 1 get 2 free.  These should run around $7.50 for one.  So you could buy 6 bottles, you will pay for two- about $15.  Use 3 $2/2 manufacturer coupons from the 9/14 smart source insert.(because cvs's coupon policy states you can use a coupon on a free item) which means you would pay $9 for 6 bottles of laundry soap.  Yay!

Spend $30 on select items earn a $10 cvs giftcard:
There are a couple really nice deals to be had with this promotion.

Huggies diapers $8.99.  Tons of coupons available here for $2 or $3 off one package.  So if you bought 4 packages- $36, and used 4 printable coupons ($2 just to be safe)(would need to computers to print the coupon 4 times), you would pay $28 and earn a $10 gift card.  Thats like paying $18 for 4 packs of diapers!


Tide Laundry Soap $5.94 each.  Printable coupon for $2/2 found here.  Plus there are $1/1 manufacturer coupons in the 9/14 Red Plum.  So if you have two insert coupons and two printable coupons you could do this:
Buy six detergents at $5.94 each= $35.64
Use coupons to get $1 off each= -$6
Pay $29.64
Earn a $10 CVS gift card.  PLUS- submit for this $10 rebate from Proctor and Gamble.  You have to do this by 9/30, but it is really easy to do!

Which makes your final cost $9.64 for 6 bottles of Tide.  Yes it takes some extra work with the rebate submission, but I believe its worth it!

Happy shopping- I will let you know how my shop turns out!

Friday, September 19, 2014

CVS 9/12-9/21/14

CVS- late shopping week again this week.  I apologize, my plan is to get it up earlier for you every week but somehow the time just zooms right by.  If you do nothing else this week but pick up your free toothbrushes, I would encourage you to do so.  That is how you can slowly build up a nice supply of items for your family!
Cost before coupons:  $75.34
Cost after coupons: $45.34
Less last weeks extra care bucks -$24.50
Paid $20.84 plus sales tax
Earned $28 in extra care bucks
Every week I shop at cvs.  Therefore I always save my extra care bucks to roll to the next weeks deal.  It helps to keep my cash out of pocket down.  This week was kind of expensive, but I was able to stock up on toilet paper and that is never a bad thing- right?
(I really tried to get an angle on the picture to keep ally out- she is persistent if nothing else : )
Here is what I bought:
$6.98, 2 at $3.49 Colgate Tooth brush
-$4, 2 $2 manu q's from last weekends paper
Paid $2.98,
Earned $4 ecb, $2 for each toothbrush (limit 2 per card)
$5.99 Colgate mouthwash
-$2 manu q from last weekends paper
-$2 off $10 oral care purchase magic coupon machine q (had $13 with toothbrushes)
Paid $1.99
Earned a $2 ecb (limit of 2 per card)
Spend $30 and earn a $10 CVS giftcard-
$6.99 each, $27.96 4 Scott Toilet Paper (only one shown. Really wanted to mix it paper towels and toilet paper but they were out of paper towels)
$1.99 colgate toothpaste
$29.95 (not quite $30 but but cvs bucks print as long as you are at least 98%)
-$4, 4 $1 scott toilet paper mq's from last sundays paper
-$1 colgate q printed from coupons.com
$24.95 paid- earned a $10 cvs giftcard.  Like paying $14.95.
$5, 2 kit kats at $2.50 each
-$1 manu q off 2 kit kats
Paid $4,
Earned a $1 ecb wyb (when you buy) 2- makes them $1.50 per bag
Spend $15 on covergirl earn $5
$3.99 each, $15.96 for 4 covergirl polishes
- $5, 2 $2.50 off 2 mq's from 8/31 proctor and gamble insert
-$2 off $10 covergirl cvs magic coupon machine coupon last week
$8.96 paid, earned $5 extra care buck.  Makes them $1 each
$10.50 bandaids, 3 at $3.50 each
-$1.50 off 2 bandaids mq from a package insert a while back
-$1 off $5 in bandaids purchase from magic coupon machine
Paid $8
Earned $4 extra care bucks when you buy $10 in bandaids
Gold emblem cashews- buy 1 get one free
$6.29 for both
-$1.50 magic coupon machine q off nuts
$4.79 for both (not a great deal, but a nice one)
$2.99 gallon of milk
Earned $1 extra care buck.  $1.99 for a gallon of milk!  And you can buy up to 2 per card.
$.99 7up 2 liter
-$.30 magic coupon machine q
$.69 for a 2 liter.
Tena pads- $6.99, -$5 manu q
No special sale price, but I wanted to use the last $5 manu q I had before it expired.  My mom uses these so I wanted to take advantage of it for her.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

CVS 9/14-9/20/14

Here is my shopping plan for this week at CVS.

Yes- I do shop there every.single.week.  That is how I have found the true savings work, I roll last weeks cvs bucks into this weeks purchases.  This weeks roll into next weeks.  Like a giant ball of rolling coupons.

Buy $30 get a $10 extra care buck:
2 Scott Toilet Paper $6.99 each
3 Scott Paper Towels $5.49 each
$30.45 total
-$1 X 2 Scott TP mq from sundays coupon inserts
-$.75 X 3 Scott Paper Towel mq from sundays coupon inserts
$26.20 total- earn a $10 EB. 

Covergirl Makeup spend $15 earn $5 extra care bucks.
I have 3 $2.50 off 2 manufacturer coupons PLUS I have a CVS coupon machine q for $3 off $10 covergirl.  I'm unsure of the price, but I think I am going to focus on the glosstini finger nail polishes, I believe they are $4 each or so.  So if I bought 4 it would be $16, less 2 mq's -$5, less my cvs q -$3, earn $5 for spending $15 before coupons.  Makes it $3 for them.  Or something similar.

Milk $2.99, earn $1 extra care buck.

Colgate mouthwash $5.99, earn $2 extra care buck.
-$2 mq from 9/14 smart source (ss)
I will buy 2, use 2 mq's, plus a $2/$10 cvs machine q, I will pay $6 and earn $4 extra care bucks ($2 each)- makes it just $1 per bottle.

I'm kind of discouraged that we are on week 2 of basically nothing for really a super great deal.  But hang in there, maybe next week will be better!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

CVS DEALS 9/11/14

I finally drug my sorry self to CVS.  Here is what I purchased.

2 Hefty trash bags $7.87 each
3 12 packs of mountain dew (not pictured) 3/$10
2 Jack Links beef jerky buy 1 get 1 free $6.99
$32.73 total
-$1.25 hefty coupon
-$1.25 hefty coupon
-$.75 jack links coupon
-$.75 jack links coupon
$28.73 total spent.  Earned a $10 CVS gift card for spending $30 on these items (lots of other items included.)
Like spending $18.73
1 black physicians formula eyeliner (not pictured) $7.79
Earned a $7 Extra Care Buck for buying any physicians formula.
Like spending $.79
2 speed stick gear deodorant 2/$7
-$1.50 manufacturer coupon
-$1.50 manufacturer coupon
$4 spent.
Earned $2 extra care buck(ecb) when you buy (wyb) 2
Like spending $2
1 mucinex allergy $7.50
-$2 manufacturer coupon from this past sundays paper
$5.50 paid
Earned $5.50 extra care buck
Like spending $0
2 Tena pads buy 1 get 1 50%, $6.99 and $3.49

-$5 manufacturer coupon from sundays paper
-$5 manufacturer coupon from sundays paper
-$3 cvs magic coupon machine coupon when you buy 2 tena items
Like spending -$2.52.
CVS will not allow you to receive money back, but I paid for all of these items together so my 'overage' went toward my other items.
$43.50 total cash paid.
Earned $24.50 in extra care bucks.
$19 for all that- which includes sodas for my hubby

Here is a great deal I spotted in the store.  I did not purchase it because I am well stocked for mascara, but I wanted to mention it to you.

Buy a Revlon color stay eye liner for $8.79 and a Revlon lash potion mascara for $8.29.  $17.08 total.
Use the buy an eye liner get a free lash potion mascara coupon from this past sundays coupon insert.  Pay $8.79 cash.  Earn a $3 Extra Care Buck for buying $10 in Revlon.

Manufacturer coupons work like cash, so even though you didn't 'pay' $10, your total was $17 so it qualified before the coupons!  That's $5.79 for an eye liner and mascara!  Whats even better is that this deal has a limit of 6.  Which means you can spend $10 and earn 3 up to 6 times. So if you have two of the coupons, you could:
 buy two eye liners and two mascaras- total $34.16
Less two coupons $8.29 each, -$16.58.
$17.58 total spent.  Earn $9 extra care bucks ($3 for each $10)
Like spending $8.58 on two liners and two mascaras!

Here' another great deal!  I didn't have any cvs coupons for facial care, but my friend did I snapped a picture for you!
Buy two Garnier cleansing towelets $6.49 each- $12.98
-$2 manu q from sundays paper
-$2 manu q from sundays paper
-$2 cvs magic machine q wyb (when you buy) $7 in skincare
Pay $6.98 and earn a $5 extra care buck for buying 2 garnier skincare.
That's like paying just $1 a package!!!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Cvs 9/7-9/13/14

Not much out there this week, but a few good deals to be had.

Cvs brand stop smoking patch $4.99 earn $4.99 extra care bucks (ecb) (limit 1)

Physicians formula make up- buy 1 get $7 ecb (limit 1)  there are concealer sticks, black eyeliners and eye shadow quads for $7.49 or so.  Not free, but less than $1 for really nice make up.  

Crest mouth wash, buy one get $3 ecb (limit 2).  This mouthwash runs about $5.99.  There was a manufacturer coupon for $1.50 off 1 in the 8/31 Procter and gamble coupon insert.  Makes each bottle $1.49.  I've included this because if you get any mouth care coupons from the magic coupon machine inside the store you could get an even better deal!

Garner skin care buy 2 get $5 ecb.  There are individual dark patch face masks for $2.99 and wash clothe packs for $5.99.  If you buy the singles you would get 2 for just $.99 after your ecb!!! But if you do the clothe packs you can use a $2 mq if you have it on each one.  Pay $7.98 and get a $5 ecb, just $1.50 per pack!

Speed stick gear deodorant, buy 2 get $2 ecb.  On sale 2 for $7.  There was a $1.50 mq (manufacturers coupon) a few weeks back, you could buy 2 for $7, use 2 q's, pay $4 and get $2 ecb.  Final coat $2 for 2 deodorants!

Mucinex allergy 5 count, $7.50.  Buy one get $5.50 ecb (limit 1) There was a $2 manufacturer coupon in Sundays paper, makes it free!!!