Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving CVS ad

Somehow I managed to not post this.  Even though I purchased these items at 4am on Thanksgiving while waiting for a prescription from the ER visit for Emily.  Stupid asthma.  Life can sure be interesting can't it : )

Hershey kisses- same deal we've been seeing.  2/$6, get $2 ecb.  Used $1/2 manuq and $1/2 cvs q.
Hersheys bar $.79 and got $.79 ecb.
Nail polish set $3.88, got $3 ecb
Multigrain cheerios $1.88, got $1 ecb
CVS batteries $4.19, got $4.19 ecb
Gum 2 pack toothbrushes $2, got $2 ecb
Orbit gum $1, got $1 ecb
Toys b1g1 free, $4.99 for both magic books (shoebox items)
M&M's b1g1 free, $4.19 for both- used $1/2 manuq.  Made them $1.50 each but look at those sweet baking m&m's!!!
Not pictured-
Viva paper towel roll $1.99, got $1.99 ecb
Colgate kids toothpaste $2.99, got $2.49 ecb

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Up with the chickens! CVS 11/23

If you have yet to try out cvs couponing, this is your week to start!!!!  These sales are good through wednesday but I would encourage you to go early today if possible (I set my alarm and went before church!).  You will be able to get 100% back in extra care bucks for lots of items today.  And if you have already begun cvs couponing, then this is a great week to roll those extra care bucks into free stuff!!!!

$1.50 Combos- get $1.50 ecb  FREE!
$.99 Green Giant Veggies- get $.99 ecb FREE!  (you can do this 2 times)
$1.50 Starbucks Double Shot Espresso- get $1.50 ecb  FREE!
$1.50 Vitamin Water- get $1.50 ecb  FREE!
$.99 Kraft Mac & Cheese- get $.99 FREE!
$2.49 Belvita breakfast cookies, get $1 ecb.  $1.49!!!
$10 2 bags of Gevalia at 2/$10, get $5 ecb   $2.50 a bag!!!
$3.99 Kraft Parmesan Cheese, get $3 ecb   $.99!!!

$.79 Mars single- get $.79 ecb  FREE!
$.79 Hershey single- get $.79 ecb FREE!
$1.50 Sour Patch Kids theater box- get $1.50 ecb FREE!
$1.29 Sour Patch Gum- get $1.29 ecb  FREE!
$1 Wrigleys 5 gum- get $1 ecb  FREE!
$5- 2 bags of Mars minis or Dove promises 2/$5, use 1/$2 mq- get $1 ecb    $1.50 a bag!
$6- 2 bags Hershey Kisses 2/$6, used 1/2 mq + 1/2 cvs q- buy 2 get $2 ecb,  makes them $1 a bag!
$3.99 Pot of Gold chocolates- get $2 ecb, makes them $1.99 each (you can do this 2 times)

TOOTH CARE (you'll need if after all that free candy)
$2.99 Colgate Total, -$.50 mq and -$2.49 magic coupon machine q   FREE!
$5.99 Spin Brush, -$2 printable mq, earn $3 ecb- makes it $.99 (you can do this 2 times!)
$2.99 Listerine mouthwash or floss, used $1 printable mq, get $2 ecb  FREE!

$6.99 Revlon Lipstick, -$2 printable cvs q, earn $4 ecb-   Makes it $.99!
$4.99 Revlon nail polish, -$2 printable cvs q, earn $3 ecb-  FREE!

$9.99 Tricalm, earn $9.99 ecb  FREE!
$.99 Advil 4ct, earn $.99 ecb FREE!
$1.49 Robitussin medi soothers, used $1/1 mq, earned $1.49 ecb    $1 MONEY MAKER!
$5.79 Rescue Gum, earn $5.79 ecb   FREE!
$.99 Migralex, earn $.99 ecb  FREE!

$.99 2 pack training pants, get $.99 ecb  FREE (not pictured)
$.99 20 ct baby wipes, get $.99 ecb  FREE
$.99 CVS Pantiliners, get $.99 ecb FREE!
$1.79 small bottle of laundry soap, get $1.79 ecb FREE (not pictured)

Typically I would never ask the cashier to ring my items in more than one transaction, but with so many items available for full extra care bucks, I had to split mine up into 3 transactions.  That way I could roll some of the ecb's I earned into some of the other items I was buying.

Total Products $108.43
-Coupons -$16
-Extra Care Bucks used -$86.35
Less than $10 for all items pictured, plus I have $16 for next time in ecb left over.

(In all fairness, I did buy a few other things that ran my cash out of pocket up like a box of christmas lights we just needed, 3 cases of sodas that weren't the best deal but with the holidays I decided to grab them, and $12 in first aid stuff that did earn me $4 ecb extra but was not that great of a deal).

Saturday, November 22, 2014

23 freebies at cvs tomorrow!!!!

I haven't had time to detail oht the deals at cvs running tomorrow through weds, head on over here to where they have it all lined out.  Happy shopping!

Friday, November 21, 2014

CVS shopping trip outcome 11/21/14

So here is the outcome for this weeks shop:

$89.08 total before coupons
-$18.40 coupons
-$10 cvs gift card earned last week
-22.49 last weeks ecb's earned
$38.19 paid, earned $28.50 in ecb's for next week

$3.94 Tide Pod
$3.94 Tide Pod
$5- 2 Hershey Kiss 2/$5
$8.99 Covergirl Mascara
$8.99 Covergirl Mascara
$30.86 total
-$2 tide mq (manufacturer coupon from a previous sunday's coupon insert)
-$2 tide mq
-$1/2 hershey kiss mq
-$1/2 cvs printable hershey kiss q
-$2.50 covergirl mascara mq
-$2.50 covergirl mascara mq
$19.86 paid, earned a $10 cvs gift card for spending $30 on included items.  PLUS, I will save the receipt and the upc's from the Covergirl mascara for the Proctor and Gamble spend $50 and get a $15 rebate!!!
$10- 6 jars of Ragu on sale 3/$5
-$.60/2 ragu mq
-$.60/2 ragu mq
-$.60/2 ragu mq
-$.60/2 ragu mq
$7.60 paid, earned a $3 ecb (extra care buck) wyb (when you buy) $10 selected items
I really wanted the skippy peanut butter, but my store was out.  Pasta Sauce is good too I suppose.  Makes each jar $.77.

These Scunci bags of 5 packs of hair items were on an end of the shampoo aisle, not with the hair accessories.  This week when you spend $8 on Scunci hair items, you get a $4 extra care buck.  These bags were $2.99!!!!  
$8.97- 3 bags at $2.99 each, Earned a $4 ecb.
I bought these to split up into the shoe boxes we are making for the kids at the baptist center.  Lots of great headbands, pony tail holders and hair clips!

$1.50 Toblerone bar
$1.50 Toblerone bar
(These are the big ones located in the candy aisle with the huge candy bars!  They weren't marked on sale but when I scanned them they came up 2/$3.)
$3 total
-$1/2 Toblerone mq
$2 total- just $1 each!

$1.50 CVS Glucose tabs, earned $1.50 ecb  FREE

$2.79 Acne Free cleanser (all Acne Free products on sale for $4 off), earned a $2 ecb    $.79!!!

$17.97 Duracell batteries $5.99 each.  Spend $15 get $5 ecb.  Makes them $12.97 for 3 packs, $4.32 each.  There were $.50 mq's but I didn't clip them.  My main reason for buying these was to go toward the Saving Star deal.  The tide pods go toward it too.  It was a spend $30 and earn $10.  

If you are not using saving star, download the app to your phone and give it a whirl.  You put your CVS card number in their system and you clip the deals you want and it tracks it for you.  When you hit $10 or $20, you cash it out.  As in real cash.  Just a little something extra that's easy to use.  You can use it at other stores too, but you typically have to photocopy your receipts if you do.

$5- 2 dial soap 2/$5
-$1/2 dial mq
-$1/5 soap purchase magic coupon machine q
$3 paid, earned $1 ecb.  Makes them $1 a pack.
I am the least proud of this deal.  It made sense at the time, not so much now.
$6- 2 oreos $3 each
-$.50 printable oreo mq
-$.50 printable orea mq
-$1/5 cookie purchase magic coupon machine q
$2.99 deans milk
$6.99 paid, earned $2 ecb when you buy all 3

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

CVS shopping ideas 11/16-22

Sorry for the delay in getting this list up.  Just a few quick things first:

If you are new to CVS shopping, be sure to ask the cashier to scan your cvs card into the beauty club.  You will earn a $5 ecb (extra care buck) for every $50 you spend on health and beauty items.

Always scan your cvs card at the magic coupon machine inside the store until it tells you that you have received all of your coupons.  Up to three times it will print coupons sometimes.

THIS SUNDAY 11/23 is the huge annual pre-black Friday ad!!!!  There will be tons and tons and tons of free items!!!!  But the early bird will get those worms, you might try and plan in some time Sunday to go to cvs!  I will get a shopping list/idea list up late in the week so you can prepare.

I am not going to put links to the printable coupons this week.  I know this is inconvenient, but dang I'm tired!  You can always skip over to and she has the links in her cvs shopping list.

Alrighty here goes:

Spend $30 and earn a $10 gift card:
Hershey's Kisses 2/$5, use $1/2 mq and $1/2 printable cvs q
Tide Pods $3.94, use the $2 q from last weekends paper or the 10/26 proctor & gamble insert
Covergirl, use all of the great q's from the 10/26 proctor & gamble inserts  (plus! don't forget that covergirl is part of the proctor and gamble spend $50 get $15 rebate!)
Roche Ferrero- no mq's that I know of but some folks got cvs magic coupon machine q's for these
Kleenex 2/$3
Small bags of Lindt chocolates $.99 (it's never too early to poke back stocking stuffers!)
Right Guard deodorant 2/$6 (I can't find any mq's for this!!!)

Here is what I might do:
$5 2 hersheys kisses
$15.76 4 tide pods
$12 2 covergirl lipglosses
-$1/2 mq kisses
-$1/2 cvs kisses q
-$8 4 $2 tide q's
$3/2 covergirl mq
Pay $19.76, Earn a $10 gift card.  Like paying $9.76 for all that!

Acne Free Products are $4 off and earn $2 ecb.  Some items start at $6.50ish.  Makes for some cheap face stuff, I will check it out.

Spend $10 and earn $3 ecb:
Skippy peanut butter $2, use $.55 printable mq
Ragu pasta sauce, 3/$5, use $.60/2 mq 11/16 RP
Lipton Tea, use $.50/1 mq 11/16 RP

Here is what I will do:
$6.67 4 Ragu sauces
$4 2 peanut butter
-$1.20, 2 $.60 q's
-$1.10, 2 $.55 q's
Pay $8.37, earn $3 ecb.  Like paying $5.37 for all that!

Scunci hair products spend $8 and earn $4.  Nice price for hair ties and head bands.

Colgate 4pack travel size toothpaste $3.50ish, buy 1 and earn $3 ecb

Dial soap 2/$5, earn 1 ecb.  I think I have a cvs magic coupon machine q for soaps, and I believe there was a $1/2 mq in an insert a while back?

Duracell batteries, $5.99- spend $15 get $5 ecb
I have a magic coupon machine q for batteries, plus there is a $.50 printable mq.  Should make for a good deal on batteries? 

Vaseline lotion $6.  Use the buy 1 lotion get 1 spray lotion free mq in the 11/16 RP.  Makes them $3 each.  Or even better if you have a lotion cvs q from the magic coupon machine.

Glucose tabs $1.50, earn $1.50 ecb.  If you know a diabetic, these might be a nice thing to pick up and pass along to them.

Nature Made gummy vitamins, earn $5 ecb.  Should be around $8.50, plus there was a $1 mq a while back.

Fructis Garnier Stylers $2.99, earn $1 ecb.  $1 mq 11/2 RP.  Makes it just a dollar.

Sorry this week is more jumbled.  Just trying to get something out here in case you need it.  Happy shopping!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cvs 11/15

I finally made it over to cvs, late Saturday night.  I won't go into details this time- just too tired.  There are also 4 packs of Scott paper towels not in the picture.  My total was almost $50 even with my extra care bucks.  But I used a couple pharmacy gift cards I have saved and paid $12.  Earned $31 (I think) extra care bucks for next week.

Starting to slowly poke away some Christmas gifts.....

Sunday, November 9, 2014

CVS Shopping 11/9/14-11/15/14

Here is what is on my shopping list for this week:

Tide $5.94
Use the $2/1 Tide Detergent coupon from the 10/26 P&G insert
PLUS!!! Use the $2/1 cvs printable coupon (go print it now before they run out)
Pay just $1.94 for Tide!

Stay with me- Tide is part of the spend $25 and get $5 ECB promotion
Buy 5 tide $5.94 each  $29.70
-$10 (5 $2 mq's)
-$4 (2 $2 cvs q's- you can only print it 2X from a computer)
Pay $15.70, get a $5 ECB.  $10.70 for 5 jugs of tide!!!
Or if you are using Saving Star (ask me if you don't know what it is), there is a spend $30 get $10 on certain Proctor & Gamble items, Downy Unstopables is one of them.  These are part of the CVS promotion as well for $5.99 each.  I might buy 2 tide and 3 Downy so that the $18 will go toward that promotion.  There was a $2 mq for those as well.  We will see what I feel like the day I get there.

Rescue Pearls or Rescue Sleep $9.49 and get $9.49 ECB    FREE

Hershey Kisses 2/$6 and get $2 ECB
Use the $1/2 mq in the 11/9 SS
PLUS!!! Use a $1/2 CVS coupon
Makes them $1 a bag

7Up Canada Dry A&W or Sunkist 12 packs 3/$11, earn a $2 ecb.  $8 for 3 12 packs is a good price, I will probably pick these up for the upcoming holiday celebrations.  I just have to hide them from my children!

Covergirl Spend $15 and earn a $5 ECB
There were lots of good coupons in the 10/26 P&G coupons

I don't want to overwhelm you- but there is a spend $50 and earn $15 rebate available for several P&G beauty items.  Covergirl, Pantene, Secret, Ivory, Herbal Essences, Aussie, Clairol, Safeguard, Olay Skin, Olay Body, Head and Shoulders, Vidal Sasson.  Its good through the end of December and these type deals are perfect to put toward a rebate like this.  Not only will you save money on your purchase with your coupons and ECB you earn, but the full sales price credits to the rebate.  It doesn't take much at all to earn the rebate which in the past has made all $50 worth of product free!  The items don't have to be purchased in the same transaction so I just add them and paperclip my receipt as I go until I reach the $50.

Revlon has a spend $12 and earn $4.  I'm not sure why but I received a spend $17 and save $7 cvs magic coupon machine coupon last week.  I may take a peek and see if there is anything I want.  I don't have any manu q's though so I probably will wait.

Paper towels, $.79 and a coupon will print for $.79 off a roll from the magic coupon machine this week.  1 free roll of papertowels coming right up.

Spend $30 and get $10 giftcard:
Various Christmas candies
Scott TP $6.99
Scott paper towels $5.49
Russell Stovers b1g1 (nice to pick up for gifts)
Huggies $18.99
Lots of Christmas gift and décor stuff

I will probably cook up something with paper towels to stock up through the end of the year.  There were Scott coupons a few weeks ago, should make for some nice deals.

This is not by any means all of the good prices, these are just the best prices and the things I will focus on for my shopping this week.  I hope these posts are helpful to you and that they provide encouragement as you stretch your budget with printable paper money!

A hot mess

Sometimes I question my sanity for trying to maintain this chaos.  But there is a financial reward, just keep swimming just keep swimming 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Finishing cvs 11/6/14

Total before coupons $53.37
Coupons used -$16.61
ECB's from previous transaction -$25 
(Rebates earned from online sales trackers -$3)
Paid $11.76 cash
Earned $23 in extra care bucks for next week
I ran back into CVS today to finish my shopping.  I probably should have just wrapped it all up when I was there on Sunday but I didn't.
2 bags of Hershey kisses.  If you do any holiday baking, this is a good week to snatch up a couple bags.  They are on sale 2/$6 and you get $3 ecb.  Makes them $1.50 a bag.
I needed $9 to finish the spend $30 get $10 deal:
$3.99 All
-$1 mq
$4.99 sparkle paper towels
-$.75 mq
Paid $7.23 (plus paid $11.97 on my previous shop after coupons).  Earned $10 ecb.
That means I paid $19.20 and got back $10.  So like paying $9.20 for 2 packs of Huggies, 1 Tostito chip, 8 rolls of paper towels, and 1 laundry soap.  Wow.
 Folgers and Jiff, spend $12 and earn $4
$7- 2 Folgers 2/$7
$3.50 Café Bustelo coffee
$2 Jiff
-$1, 2 $.50 mq's for folgers
Paid $11.50, earned $4 ecb. 
Plus submitted for a Checkout51 $1 rebate on Café Bustelo coffee.
$3.54 2 Headache relief powders $1.77 each
-$1.77 mq b1g1 free
Paid $1.77 for both, plus submitted for $.75 ibotta rebate
Febreeze Fall Scents 50% off- these were in with the Halloween clearance and Fall Décor
$4.18 = 2 Febreeze scented oils for $2.09 each
-$2.09 mq b1g1 free
$1.05 each!
$15.16= 4 tubes of colgate $3.79 each
-$2, 4 $.50 mq's
-$3/$10 colgate purchase magic coupon machine q
-$5/$15 oral care purchase
Paid $5.16, earned a $5ecb wyb $10 colgate.
$2.99 milk, not in picture
Earned $1 ecb, plus submitted for $1 SNAP rebate and $.25 Ibotta rebate

Sunday, November 2, 2014

CVSing 11/2-11/8

You will notice as you shop more and more at CVS that the super great and frequent coupons they send to you via email or the magic coupon machine will begin to dwindle.  Sometimes weeks go by and all I get is a $.25 off indigestion medicine.  But this week I received a 25% off my shopping trip emailed coupon, so I drug myself out shopping today before it expired.

Final percentage off your shopping trip coupons are only good on non-sale and non-promotional items.  I will break it down below.  

Spend $30 earn a $10 gift card:
There are several items included in this sale, whitmans chocolates, m&m's, tostitos, sparkle paper towels, all detergent, huggies.  I have a baby shower this weekend so I went huggies.  
$11.99 huggies
$5.99 huggies (buy 1 get 1 50% off
$2.99 Tostitos (again- not a great deal but a needed item this week)
-$3 huggies printable q
-$1.50 huggies printable q
Paid $11.97.  Still need to spend $9.03 to earn my $10 gift card but I was in a hurry and decided to come back and finish later in the week.  I will probably finish up with 1 All detergent (and use a $1 mq) and 1 Sparkle paper towel (and use $.50 mq).

There are many deals to be had with this promotion so enjoy it.  I think I will either get cvs gift cards or itunes gift cards and tuck them away for christmas gifts.  

I can typically get free shampoo most of the time.  And one time I was able to do so with this stuff.  And I now love it.  Typically I still don't spend the money on it but today I did.
$9.29 shampoo
$4.64 shampoo (buy 1 get 1 50% off)
$9.29 shampoo
$4.64 conditioner (buy 1 get 1 50% off)
-$16 (4 $4 off 1 mq's)
$11.86 for all 4.
I will be honest, I thought that 25% was going to come off of the two full priced ones making it more like $6 for all 4.  But hey- I suppose it is alright.

Kotex $3.99, buy 1 and get $2 ecb.
I only had a $2/2 mq, so I bought 2.
$7.98, -$2 mq.  Paid $5.98, got $2 ecb.  Like paying $2 a box.  Not fabulous, but I was under a deep fog of mucus in my head and I did what I could.

I have no idea why this picture is upside down.
These are at the check outs and typically priced $1.77.  I have a friend of the family leaving on a mission trip and I thought these might be nice in her first aid kit, so I bought them.
6 Urgent RX at $1.50 each ($1.77 for 1 or 2/$3)= $9
-25% cvs q $2.25
-$5.31   3 buy 1 get 1 free manu q's that deducted $1.77 each
Paid $1.44 for all 6

Wow- not my day for great photos!  This is Physicians Formula mascara with a bonus 2nd mascara included free.
$10.49 Physicians formula
-$2.62 25% cvs q
$7.87 paid, earned $6 ecb when you spend $10 on physicians formula.  That's $1.87 for a 2 pack!

Revlon, spend $10 get $3 ecb
$9.99 lip gloss
-$2.50 25% cvs q
I had not one single manufacturer coupon, but I really wanted this lipgloss so I went for it
Paid $7.49, earned $3 ecb.  Like paying $4.29 for it.  (I don't recommend it, although the tube is cool, it has a weird taste and texture.  Boo!)

This right here made me dance a little dance!
Schick and Playtex, spend $25 get $10
Last week I received a $7 off 1 Schick Hydro Groomer cvs q from the magic coupon machine
Look how this panned out:
$15.49 Schick Hydro Groomer
$14.49 Schick Hydro Silk razors
$29.98, -7.50 cvs 25% q
-$7 cvs magic coupon machine q wyb schick groomer
-$5 printable q for schick hydro silk razors (printed a long time ago)
PLUS I found a $3/$10 shaving cvs q
Paid $7.48, and earned a $10 ecb.  $2.52 Money Maker!

$13.49 Benefiber (not a great deal, but something we needed)
-$3.37 25% cvs q
-$2 cvs magic coupon machine q wyb fiber
-$5 mq hang tag right on the bottle
$3.12 for a $13 bottle of fiber.  Not to shabby.

Sundown vitamins b1g1 free
$9.29 each- both for $9.29
-$2, 2 $2 mq's
$5.29 for both bottles
(again, I thought the 25% would come off the $9.29 because thats the full price but because it is buy 1 get 1 it did not work that way).  Still $2.60 for $9 vitamins?  Who's complaining.

Kids gummy multi vitamins b1 g1 free
$7.99 for both bottles
-$2, 2 $1 mq's
$5.99 total, $3 a bottle.

I did not get all the shopping done I wanted to, so I will try and stop by again later in the week.  Here is what I will get:
Milk $2.99 and earn $1 ecb (limit 2)
$9 more of something in the buy $30 get $10 so that I get my $10
Folgers coffee 2/$7 and Jiff peanut butter 2/$4- spend $12 and earn $4 ecb
Colgate spend $10 and get $5 ecb.  Not sure what coupons I have but I will look.
Applebees gift cards spend $50 and get $10 ecb.  Not a bad deal if you plan to eat there or gift this
Hershey Kisses are 2/$6, earn $3 ecb

Happy Shopping!