Tuesday, November 18, 2014

CVS shopping ideas 11/16-22

Sorry for the delay in getting this list up.  Just a few quick things first:

If you are new to CVS shopping, be sure to ask the cashier to scan your cvs card into the beauty club.  You will earn a $5 ecb (extra care buck) for every $50 you spend on health and beauty items.

Always scan your cvs card at the magic coupon machine inside the store until it tells you that you have received all of your coupons.  Up to three times it will print coupons sometimes.

THIS SUNDAY 11/23 is the huge annual pre-black Friday ad!!!!  There will be tons and tons and tons of free items!!!!  But the early bird will get those worms, you might try and plan in some time Sunday to go to cvs!  I will get a shopping list/idea list up late in the week so you can prepare.

I am not going to put links to the printable coupons this week.  I know this is inconvenient, but dang I'm tired!  You can always skip over to www.hip2save.com and she has the links in her cvs shopping list.

Alrighty here goes:

Spend $30 and earn a $10 gift card:
Hershey's Kisses 2/$5, use $1/2 mq and $1/2 printable cvs q
Tide Pods $3.94, use the $2 q from last weekends paper or the 10/26 proctor & gamble insert
Covergirl, use all of the great q's from the 10/26 proctor & gamble inserts  (plus! don't forget that covergirl is part of the proctor and gamble spend $50 get $15 rebate!)
Roche Ferrero- no mq's that I know of but some folks got cvs magic coupon machine q's for these
Kleenex 2/$3
Small bags of Lindt chocolates $.99 (it's never too early to poke back stocking stuffers!)
Right Guard deodorant 2/$6 (I can't find any mq's for this!!!)

Here is what I might do:
$5 2 hersheys kisses
$15.76 4 tide pods
$12 2 covergirl lipglosses
-$1/2 mq kisses
-$1/2 cvs kisses q
-$8 4 $2 tide q's
$3/2 covergirl mq
Pay $19.76, Earn a $10 gift card.  Like paying $9.76 for all that!

Acne Free Products are $4 off and earn $2 ecb.  Some items start at $6.50ish.  Makes for some cheap face stuff, I will check it out.

Spend $10 and earn $3 ecb:
Skippy peanut butter $2, use $.55 printable mq
Ragu pasta sauce, 3/$5, use $.60/2 mq 11/16 RP
Lipton Tea, use $.50/1 mq 11/16 RP

Here is what I will do:
$6.67 4 Ragu sauces
$4 2 peanut butter
-$1.20, 2 $.60 q's
-$1.10, 2 $.55 q's
Pay $8.37, earn $3 ecb.  Like paying $5.37 for all that!

Scunci hair products spend $8 and earn $4.  Nice price for hair ties and head bands.

Colgate 4pack travel size toothpaste $3.50ish, buy 1 and earn $3 ecb

Dial soap 2/$5, earn 1 ecb.  I think I have a cvs magic coupon machine q for soaps, and I believe there was a $1/2 mq in an insert a while back?

Duracell batteries, $5.99- spend $15 get $5 ecb
I have a magic coupon machine q for batteries, plus there is a $.50 printable mq.  Should make for a good deal on batteries? 

Vaseline lotion $6.  Use the buy 1 lotion get 1 spray lotion free mq in the 11/16 RP.  Makes them $3 each.  Or even better if you have a lotion cvs q from the magic coupon machine.

Glucose tabs $1.50, earn $1.50 ecb.  If you know a diabetic, these might be a nice thing to pick up and pass along to them.

Nature Made gummy vitamins, earn $5 ecb.  Should be around $8.50, plus there was a $1 mq a while back.

Fructis Garnier Stylers $2.99, earn $1 ecb.  $1 mq 11/2 RP.  Makes it just a dollar.

Sorry this week is more jumbled.  Just trying to get something out here in case you need it.  Happy shopping!

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