Monday, February 28, 2011


This weeks sales have yet to get me all excited.  Which is good I suppose.

Although I did purchase a lot of papers yesterday.  Mainly because there was the proctor & gamble insert- and that ALWAYS ends well.  I personally purchased twelve papers.  I know.  Twelve.

But I have a theory- and we'll see if it pans out.

I must say that as I was purchasing my papers, I felt guilty.  Like I was doing something wrong.  There is a particular cashier at a particular store I shop that will make snarky comments about couponers.  Like we're thieves.  One day she even asked how many people live in my home.  It made me feel awkward.

But I've been thinking about this- and here is what I came up with:
  • Do you think that the tiny newspaper publisher out here in Hancock County is at all upset that I personally purchased 12 sets of papers yesterday?  Doubt it.  I think they are THRILLED.  12 sales to one single family home- that is a profit.
  • When I buy product from a store with a coupon, they turn in the coupon to the manufacturer and get the coupon value back.  PLUS $.06-$.08 per coupon.  They loose nothing.  They even make money on my coupons.
  • When I buy product, the manufacturer moves product.  If I buy a lot of product (hello ragu pasta sauce), then it triggers a reorder from the store to the manufacturer and they get to produce new product.
  • If I combine a store coupon (sq) with a manufacturer coupon (mq)- the store gets the $ from the mq back and they planned to not get the revenue from the sq by producing it.  So they moved the product, will get what they planned back from the mq, the manufacturer moves product, cues reorder, and the cycle continues.
  • Manufacturers will often times issue coupons or rebates in order to clear shelves of older date or packaging merchandise.  I am simply the beneficiary of their plan.
  • If I am able to purchase more than I need or can use in our home, for less than I would normally have paid for one item, then I pass it along to the food bank, family or friends.  There is nothing that is wrong with that.
  • I don't clean off shelves.  I don't hoard product.  I always leave plenty for other shoppers- unless there is only one of something left, and then I don't feel bad about taking the last one if it's the only one I am buying.
  • I buy exactly what the coupon states and I don't try and use expired coupons.  I am not trying to pull anything over on anyone.
  • Typically, within a few weeks of a coupon being printed, stores will offer the exact item that the coupon was printed for on some kind of sale or promotion.  This is not coincidence, it is a plan put forth by the manufacturers.  I am just playing along.
  • And lastly- if you are a cashier at a drug store, and you see that folks, such as myself, are able to combine coupons with your sales and get products for free or cheap, and you choose not to purchase the SAME items with the SAME coupons----- then why are you upset?
I will post what I buy this week- but so far it is not very exciting.  CVS has some more free toothpaste and contact lens solution, I guess I'll start there.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ode to Target

Target Target how I love thee- especially when you pay me to buy peas (and give me free jeans!)

I know I mentioned before how you can print Target coupons right from their website (look down at the bottom at the small words.)  Occassionally they put coupons on there for $3 off shoes and $2 off socks, etc.  Last week, a $5 off any denim women's jeans appearel.  I printed the two I was allowed- but didn't get my hopes up.

As I parked at Target today (this trip has been kind of a highlight for my week, I have been looking forward to it for two days!) I almost ran straight to the frozen foods for their buy ANY 7 frozen items get a $5 giftcard.

But I didn't- I stopped to look at jeans.  And I found a whole entire rack of them marked down to $4.98 per pair (75% off!)  I was able to find the sizes I wanted and Allyson in turn received two brand new pairs of jeans.  For FREE when I used my $5 coupon! (Sorry to say that coupon is now gone from Targets site.  I've learned a lesson.  If I find a Target coupon I think I might be interested in, it's best to print it right then because they take them down without notice.)

Here's my entire shopping purchase.  Before coupons- my total was $106 something.
After coupons, my total was $51.09.
PLUS I got back $35 in giftcards for buying 7 sets of 7 frozen items.
This total includes the 5 boxes of dish washing detergent (after coupon stack- they were $.25 each).
And two pairs of jeans.

So basically I spent $16.09 after my gift cards.

I was so excited I was smiling the whole drive home.

I even bought a frozen food bag for $1.99. 
I had another errand to run and I was afraid the icecreams would melt.
And that would be a tradgedy.

Honestly, I was hoping to stock up on more frozen veggies- but the coolers of cheaper items (like veggies) were pretty picked over.  Understandably so.  It was a HECK of a deal.  I tried to stay to the cheaper items that I had coupons for because I have already used up our grocery budget for the week and we are STOCKED with meat, but I just couldn't not go.  Not for a sale like this.

Check your Target ads- maybe you got this same deal at your store as we did here in Central Indiana.
If not- you got the buy $7 get a free freezer bag- which is so totally not fair.

Monday, February 21, 2011

This weeks deals............for me

First- let me say that had I realized what was going on over at the old red bullseye- I'd have spent my time there.  But I didn't realize it until late last night.  I am hoping I can fit it in today- but I bet the freezers are pretty emtpy.  They are having a sale this week (it's regional- but we got it, yay!)  Buy ANY 7 frozen items, get a $5 gift card.  No kidding.  Pair this with some coupons and it will make for some pretty sweet savings!!!!  I'll post about my Target trip, after I get to have it.  I'm hoping I don't enter the store only to find meatless hamburgers and $8 casseroles left.

Also- great couponing is kind of like poker.  You got to know when to hold them and wait for the best deal out there.  And sometimes you pass on an okay deal, hoping for something better.  Last week- I posted about my $.49 dove deodorant stack deal at Target and I was happy with it.  Had I waited just a few more stinkin days, I could have gotten it for completely free this week.  Walgreens has a dove deodorant sale for $1.99 this week- pair it with the $2 off any dove deodorant coupon and it makes you smell good.........for free.  Dang.

Anyway- what I did purchase.......Walgreens:
 Tampons- $5.99.  Less $1 off coupon (printed off internet).  Got $5 back in walgreens cash. (FREE!)
Goody Hair Ties- $2.99.  Got $2 back in walgreens cash. ($.99- they were free at Christmas but my children eat them apparently so I figured I better get some more.)
Excedrin- $1.49.  Less $1 from Feb walgreens book.  Cashier wouldn't honor my other coupon.  Paid $.49, but I need some for my purse so I guess it's a wash.
Cream of Wheat $1 per sample box of 3 packs.  Less $1 off ANY cream of wheat.  (Free!)  At another store I was told by the cashier that I couldn't use that coupon on that box, even though it said ANY and didn't specify a size or anything.  She said it was only for the full size boxes.  Because was an undercover Cream of Wheat secret service agent apparently.
Breathe Right Strips- $5.99 each- Less 2 free box coupons that printed with my receipt last month.  Free.
Dr. Scholls foot pad things.  Actually- I've been wanting to try these in some super cool boots I have that make the balls of my feet rub.  So this was exciting.  The high heel ones were $6.99 and the fancy boot ones were $14.99.  I printed 2 $2 coupons off the internet (check out that wild for wags blog- she posts the links for coupons to go with deals)- so that made it $18.  And I got back $8 in walgreens cash for spending $20 on Dr. Scholls shoe things- that I have been waiting for a sale on. Yay!

Also:  If I had a child in diapers- Walgreens would have my attention this week.  Pampers are on sale for $8.99.  There is a baby coupon booklet available in the store- you'll have to look around for it- but check the cosmetics counter.  There is a $2 walgreens coupon for pampers.  You can still use a manufacturer coupon on top of that- plus you get $2 back in walgreens cash.  Pretty good deal?  I'm out of the diaper loop, so I'm not sure.

They have some 100% rewards on some candy- good for 3 days or something- jelly beans, cadbury egg (limit 1 boo!), opportunities to match some b1g1 candy bar coupons with the sale to get some free.  Check it out- might be a good time to stash some back for easter baskets.

What I did get was the Purex they have on sale.  Those 3 in 1 complete sheets have intrigued me.  They are on sale for $3.99.  There was a $3 off 1 coupon in yesterdays paper!  That made them $.99 each!
Plus the liquid Purex is $1.99- and there was a $1 off 1 coupon in yesterdays paper.  I don't know about you but I'm glad to pay $1 for laundry soap.

Disclaimer:  I swear I don't encourage my children to pose goofy in my grocery pictures.  They just ALWAYS do.  If I get out the camera to just take their picture, they hide.  If I start stacking up laundry detergent on the counter, they pose and act goofy.  Uhg.  I'm afraid these will be the pictures I have to put in our family photo albums.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The M word

You all know that store, the one I SWORE I wasn't going to EVER go back to.  Starts with an M, ends with an EIER.  Yeah, that one.

No matter what it is I go in for, they are sold out of it (sale items speaking) and the customer service.......well, there isn't any.  Not at my store anyway.  Bad news.  Last time, I was so mad when I left that I decided it was not worth it to me to go there.

And then I got a really fabulous voice mail last night.  A tip from an anonymous couponer.  Actually not anonymous, but it makes this post so much more interesting and I'm all for a little added drama.

She said that Meijer has their mentos for $.50 this week.  Coupled with the $.50 coupon a few weeks ago and their doubling policy for coupons up to $.50- this was a money maker.  Straight to the kitchen I went to find those coupons.

And this morning, I checked the sale ad to see if there was anything else I would want to pair up while there.  And low and behold- I noticed Gain Fabric Softener was on sale for $3.99, and if you bought 2 you got a $3 coupon off your next shopping order.  Last week there were $3 of any gain fabric softener coupons- so this could pan out to be a $1 money maker too.

Only- guess what?  They were sold out of it.  The two in the picture were some I picked up at Target for $4.24- less my coupon- $1.24.  Which I was happy with until I saw the Meijer deal.  And now I am again, since Meijer never seems to stock their sale items appropriately.

But I did find the Mentos.  And the airheads had the same deal, and a coupon for $.50 that was on the same page as the mentos coupon.  But my cashier, you know- the coupon police, wouldn't double the coupons.  She manually entered them for $.50 so that they wouldn't double and turn into overage towards my other items.  It's not their policy, it's not printed in their policy, the coupon didn't state it- but whatever.  At least they were free.  I love it when I meet a coupon police cashier that is almost upset that I am saving so much money.  It's a free world darlin'- and the paper is right over there.  Get to clippin' lady and BACK OFF!  The sales and the coupons are open to whoever wants to mess with them, which I am.

And I now have a fresh reminder of why I typically don't go there.

Unless I get another super secret tip (thank you super secret tip giver!  I'll send my dental bills to you : )

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

Earlier this week- my oldest offspring mentioned that we were out of chef boyardee.  And for her this was a problem.  She asked when we were going to get some more.
When it goes on sale I suppose.  Lucky for her, a really great sale popped up at Kroger starting yesterday.

If you haven't looked at their ad- you might want to visit it.  It's a pretty good sale.  They have lots of stuff 'buy 10 get instant $3 off PLUS you get a catalina coupon good for $3 off your next purchase.

I didn't make a day of it- but I did buy 15 cans of chef boyardee, 4 cans of manwich and 11 boxes of pizza rolls.  I know- neither are health food, but with kids and crazy lives they work.  I also bought lettuce, tomatoes, grapes, a cantelope and banannas.  I just felt the need to mention that. (I didn't take a whole purchase photo- that just seemed like too much work yesterday.  sorry)

15 Chef Boyardee- $.99 per can (after all coupons and savings paid $.16 per can)
11 Totino Pizza Rolls- $1.29 per small box (after all coupons and savings paid $.29 per box)
4 Manwich- $.99 (after coupons paid $.14 per can)
=$33 total
My coupons- $.35 off 3 cans of chef boyardee (5 coupons, each doubled, -$3.50), $.40 off 2 totino pizza rolls (5 coupons, each doubled, -$4), and Buy 3 manwich get 1 free (-$.99).
Plus 3 $3 instant savings (one for each 10 items) -$9
$15.51 total out of pocket.
PLUS I have 3 $3 catalinas good off my next purchase.
So if you take off the $9 coupons I received, it is like I spent $6.51 for all of that!

And then- here is the icing on my coupon cake- while on the way to the restroom with my little man (we ALWAYS go to the restroom no matter where we shop, I think he's in a club or something) I looked over the clearance rack and there was a whole basket of this John Frieda shampoo marked down from $6.49 per bottle to $1.  I had $1 off coupons!  Some more free shampoo!
Always check those clearance racks and compare to your coupons.  You never know.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stack em up- knock em down!

When I find a nice stack on a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon I find myself almost skipping across the parking lot into the store.  Sad, I know.

 I got an email with a $4 off a $20 beauty, hair care or skin care puchase emailed from CVS.  It's because I joined that beauty club thing of theirs.  It's a free club, you just tell the cashier to add it to your current cvs card.  And then everytime you buy make up, hair stuff or skin care stuff it keeps track of it.  Get to $50 and you get an instant $5 cvs reward.

So here's what I did to see what I could work with my fancy $4 coupon.  I purchased 5 Dove shampoo/conditioners for $3 each, 2 hair colors on 75% clearance for $2.09 each (no- I don't color my hair but a friend does so I will give these to her- but I needed them for my deal so just keep reading) and a two pack of Dove soap (dang my kids and their super sensitve skin! I get olay soap for free but nooooo- they can't use it.  whatev.) for $2.50.

My total- $21.64.

Now for my coupons.  -$4 beauty club cvs coupon, -$2.07 Herba shine coupon (it really was a $3 coupon, but it adjusted down to the actual price of the item), -$2.07 Herba shine coupon (same same), -$.75 Dove soap coupon, -$1 five times for $1 off a bottle of dove hair product.  Plus I used a $4 extra care buck I had from some mascara I picked up last week (for completely free I might add- check those sale papers ladies).

My total was around $3.75..............and I got $5 in extra care bucks back for buying $15 in Dove haircare products.

Then we went to Target.  My happy place.
If you haven't already- always always always go to and look at the bottom for the coupons tab.  You can stack the store coupons with manufacturers coupon. also has some coupons this week for Target- which is where a lot of the coupons I used today came from. (I read a blog called TotallyTarget where they line out the special deals and give links for the coupons- it is a really nice resource).

Whisker Lickins cat treats- $.87, used $1 off any Purina cat treat printable from the internet.  The coupon scanned at the full value- I made $.26 cents toward my other stuff.

Wishbone salad dressing on sale for $1.60, bought two $3.20.  I used a $1.50 off two bottles target printable and two $1 off any wishbone dressing from the sunday paper a couple weeks ago.  I made $.30 buying salad dressing.  (my favorite kind too!  balsamic vinegrette!)

Lipton Iced Tea- small boxes $1.09, specialty flavor box $1.79. So $5.06 in tea.  I used four $.60 off a box coupons from the sunday coupons (-$2.40) plus 2 $1 off 2 boxes target printable ($-2).  $.66 for all four small boxes.  Less than the price of one.

Dove Deodorant $3.49 each.  Used $2 coupon from Sunday paper a few weeks ago, and a $1 target printable- $.49 per stick.

Dove soap- again with the sensitive skin kids, this is the ONLY soap they can use without busting out in huge blotches of eczema.  2 4 packs of soap- $4.79 each, used 2 $.75 manufacturer coupons and and 1 $2 target printable off of 2 packs.  $6.08 for all 8 bars.  This item was actually on my list- so it's nothing you should run out the door to get, it was just something we had to have so I was excited to have a stack to go along with it.

Maalox chewables- $3.49.  Used a $5 manufacturer coupon good on any product.  I was paid $1.51 to buy it- and Dan can quit asking when I'm going to buy some more tums.  I assume these are like tums? (shut up Ronda and your beef and cheddar- he and his heartburn will be just fine with maalox instead of tums : )

I bought a bunch of other stuff too- some valentines 50% off stuff (you should check this out, there are cute kitchen towels, pot holders, even shower curtains and stuff that although are very pink and happy, not so much hearty and valentiney!), some coffee creamer, some of those great pop chips with my buy 1 get 1 coupon (it was a facebook offer that is apparently over now, boo!)

Anyway- my total before coupons was over $60.  My total after..........$29.29.  Not too shabby!

Go on a coupon stack hunt, it is fun and rewarding!

Free Toothpaste

CVS is offering their Colgate toothpaste- check the ad for the exact type- for $3.79 (no deal) with a $3.79 register reward (there comes the deal part).  PLUS- check those coupons, there are some $.75 ones for colgate from a few weeks back- so you can turn this into a $.75 money maker.  Not gonna fund the retirement, but why pay for something you can get for FREE?  Not a fan of this type? Buy it anyway and throw it in a food bank box. 

Also- be sure to check your rack while you are there- I noticed one particular type of colgate clearanced for $.87 per tube.  Stack that with those $.75 coupons and you've got another great deal on a necessary item.

Scratch that off the old monthly budget.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Walgreens month long deal Neuragen

 At Walgreens, through the entire month apparently, there is a sale on the Neuragen nerve pain gel product (apparently used by diabetics for pain in feet and hands).  It is on sale for $14.99 and you get a $10 register reward.
Here's the good part.  In the pharmacy, there are free Diabetes & You magazines (if they are not out- ask the at the pharmacy for one).  And in it are coupons for $10 off of Neuragen.

So your total after tax and your coupon is $6.04 and you get a $10 register reward.  If you are going to walgreens for something anyway- I recommend doing this transaction first and you will have a bonus $4 for your other stuff!  Then find someone with this horrid disease and give them your money making Neuragen.  It's a win win!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Give it away, give it away, give it away now!

Here's what we sacked up for the food bank last weekend. And Dan eating his breakfast.

I know that technically you can't eat shampoo, soap and laundry detergent- but I'm sure those are still helpful items to receive if cash is short.  Right? 

This month I am hoping that some great food sales come back- and I'm off to a great start this week with all of that pancake mix and spaghetti sauce (yay!)  So next time I know I will at least have that!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keep your eyes peeled..........

While shopping at Marsh over the weekend, I noticed a display with a tablet of peel off papers attached to it.  Save $3 instantly when you purchase two dijorno pizzas........I almost stopped reading because that wasn't something I planned to purchase.  But the capitalized word OR kept me going.  OR any combination of ice, salty snacks or soda totalling $16.01 or more.  I looked in my cart, no soda or ice- but lots of salty snack items.  Crackers, hot dogs, cheeses.........those are salty items.  And the coupon scanned through no problem at all.  I saved another $3 off my order just for taking a second to look around.

Lots of folks stopped to read the thing while I was standing there- and I looked in their carts (cause I'm all nosey) and they ALL had soda and chips in their carts, but no one else peeled the ticket.  Like it was too good to be true- someone was givin' away $3 bills, yeah right.  But they were. 

Thank you Miller Lite and for throwing these occassional bones to us in the good old no beer purchase required state of Indiana!

(This was a super bowl promotion, so it ended last Sunday.  But there will be others, so REMEMBER to just look around while you are doing that shopping!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Heart Post It Notes

NEVERMIND- looks like they are all done giving them away now.  Sorry. Hopefully someone got some : )
I'm not one to normally post these types of offers, but this one came directly to my email- and who wouldn't love to get some free post it notes in the mail?  Click here and join the post it perks club and supposedly you'll get some super swanky post its in the mail.

We'll see.

Walgreens 2/6-2/12/11

 There are a couple items I was excited to be able to snag at walgreens this week.
Ocean Spray Juices- $2.99, get $2 walgreens cash back.  Kind of like paying $.99.
Proctor & Gamble dish soaps- 5 for $5 and get $1 walgreens cash.  I had 5 $1 off coupons.  So not only were they free, I got $1 back.  These are going to the food pantry.
Colgate toothpaste 2 for $5, get $3 walgreens cash back.  I had $1 off per tube coupons.  So they are free.
Right Guard Mens Body Wash & Shampoo- $3.99 get $3 walgreens cash back.  BONUS- there were $1 off peelies stuck right on the bottles.  FREE!

The 8 count excedrin was $1.49.  There is a $1 off coupon in the walgreens coupon book (at the front of the store by the ads).  I had some $1 off coupons- so I was supposed to be able to make a little money- but no dice.  My coupons beeped- so I just skipped them.  Paid $.49 a bottle.  Normally wouldn't have- but I used them as a little gag gift at work (things are kind of crazy there now) so it worked out.  See polly pocket up there?  She might start joining my little grocery photo shoots.  I kind of like her.

So at Walgreens I spent $27.78 cash out of pocket and got back $22 in walgreens cash.
Then yesterday I went back and bought the 10 jars of Ragu pasta sauce for $15 deal.
Used 5 save $.75 on 2 coupons (-$3.75) and my total was $11.25.
Had to add those pencils to be able to use my reward dollars (only one coupon per item) so added $1 for 4 pencils (plus $2.99 for Sam's iron man valentines)
Used 4 $3 walgreens dollars and 1 $2 walgreens dollars, paid $1.24 in cash.
Got back $5 in walgreens dollars for buying $15 in unilever products.

So all total I got all that stuff- spent less than $30 in actual cash and still have $11 in walgreens cash left.
I guess that's not bad- at least I got some more free toothpaste : )  And Sam now has his valentines.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Kroger $5.46

7 Yakisoba noodle microwave meals- $1.09 each (ramen noodles- the kids LOVE them)
7 Krusteauz Pancake Mixes- $1.99 (normally $2.99)
2 Del Monte Green Beans- $.99
1 RoTel- $.92 (this is what I went in for- and they only had 1 stinkin can left)

Total $24.46

-$3.50:  7 $.50 Krusteauz pancake mix
-$3.50: 7 doubled per Krogers policy
-$3.50: 7 $.50 yokisoba noodle coupons
-$3.50: 7 doubled per Krogers policy
-$5: Krogers mega buy 10 of certain items save $5

Total Cash spent $5.46!!!!!

Some days I honestly wonder if all of this crazy couponing and the time it takes is really worth it.  And then I have a day like today and I KNOW it is!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't forget about me.........

Dear Target,

I know you haven't seen me in a few days.  See there is all this snow and ice and it doesn't make sense to venture out in it to take advantage of your good sales and my good coupons...........when my husband can't even get out of the house for work.

But I will be back.  Don't forget about me.  Remember our good times, know that you are in my thoughts.  What we have is special, and it can survive this storm.

That Crazy Coupon Lady

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon Shopping

I must say- Walgreens had nothin of interest to me this week.  Except that 6 pack of Scott paper towels- they had $1 coupon in their February coupon book (they are available in the store- check the rack where their sale ads are) paired with a $1 coupon that was in the paper- $3 for a 6 pack of paper towels- eh.  I bought one- because I had a $2 register reward that was going to expire.  Now I am out of register rewards, but I have some paper towels.

There is a website called Wild for Wags that I typically read to see what all is out there that couponers are finding.  There is an opportunity at Walgreens for some free butterfinger snackerz if you print your own coupons (she's even got the links), a fairly good deal on canisters of quaker oats (like $.89 a big canister or something), lysol no touch handsoap dispenser $11.99- use $3 coupon-get $7RR (ends up being $1.99) and a good money maker on Neuragen PN- pay $4.99 get $10 register rewards back.  I may go back over there- or may not.

The week of the yogurt.
If you are yogurt eaters- and coupon clippers- Marsh has all of the varieties pictured for $2.  I had coupons for either $.50 (which double to $1) or $1- which means $1 a package yogurt.  And even if you aren't coupon clippers- some of them even had coupon peelies (see the green sticker on the Danimals?)  We eat A L O T of yogurt- so I bought quite a few.

The Franks Red Hot Sauce is for dan- it was $1.29- I had $.50 coupons that doubled- $.29 per bottle.  He loves the stuff.  Ick.
And this was a pretty good deal in my opinion.  Buy 4 Pillsbury italian breads- get 1 sargento cheese free.  I went in just to buy the two bags of cheese- so I figured what the heck.
$8- 4 breads
$4- 2 cheese
-$1.60 (2 $.40 cent coupons that doubled) for buy 2 pillsbury breads
-$.55 (buy two sargento cheese)
-$2 (marsh free bag of cheese promo)
$7.85 for all that- probably not the best deal in the world, but okay I suppose.

But my CVS trip- that made it all worthwhile.  I was pumped.  I was happy.  I was giddy like a kid at Christmas!  I live in a sad little world, I know.

They have a buy $15 in certain foods get a $5 cvs buck reward.  It's pretty good.  I'm gonna bust this one out item by item- but only because I was so stoked!

$6.68= 4 Ragu sauce- $1.67 each
$8.35= 5 Skippy peanut butter- $1.67 each
$13.32= 4 special k cereals
$6.98= 2 Loreal eye liners (for my mom) (75% off- originally $14.50 each!)
$.97= Dawn dish soap
$5.58= 2 gallons of Deans milk (not in picture- they are in the fridge already : )

Now- the coupons I used:
-$2 loreal make up
-$2 loreal make up
-$1 deans gallon of milk
-$1 deans gallon of milk
-$.75 wyb 2 ragu
-$.75 wyb 2 ragu
-$.95 Dawn dishsoap (was a $1 coupon, she adjusted down)
-$.50 any skippy peanut butter
-$.50 any skippy peanut butter
-$.50 any skippy peanut butter
-$.50 any skippy peanut butter
-$.50 any skippy peanut butter
-$1 wyb 3 kelloggs cereals
-$3.34 buy 1 get 1 free special K cereal (printed off internet)
-$4.49 buy 1 get 1 free special K cereal (not sure why this one rang through as more?)
-$3.99 extra care buck from last weeks mouthwash
-$5 extra care buck from last weeks cokes

TOTAL $13.60!!!!!

Plus I got back $4 in extra bucks for buying 3 kelloggs cereals and $5 for buying $15 in conagra foods! 
We don't eat special K cereal- I picked that up for the food bank.  All four boxes for $4.49- plus I got $4 back in cvs bucks- so that makes it $.49 for all four boxes really.

I still can't help but smile when I'm out and people say 'I bet you save a lot of money with all those coupons'.  Yeah, I sure do!

Plus- I made all three stops- purchased all that stuff- in just under an hour.  I was happy about that too!