Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stack em up- knock em down!

When I find a nice stack on a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon I find myself almost skipping across the parking lot into the store.  Sad, I know.

 I got an email with a $4 off a $20 beauty, hair care or skin care puchase emailed from CVS.  It's because I joined that beauty club thing of theirs.  It's a free club, you just tell the cashier to add it to your current cvs card.  And then everytime you buy make up, hair stuff or skin care stuff it keeps track of it.  Get to $50 and you get an instant $5 cvs reward.

So here's what I did to see what I could work with my fancy $4 coupon.  I purchased 5 Dove shampoo/conditioners for $3 each, 2 hair colors on 75% clearance for $2.09 each (no- I don't color my hair but a friend does so I will give these to her- but I needed them for my deal so just keep reading) and a two pack of Dove soap (dang my kids and their super sensitve skin! I get olay soap for free but nooooo- they can't use it.  whatev.) for $2.50.

My total- $21.64.

Now for my coupons.  -$4 beauty club cvs coupon, -$2.07 Herba shine coupon (it really was a $3 coupon, but it adjusted down to the actual price of the item), -$2.07 Herba shine coupon (same same), -$.75 Dove soap coupon, -$1 five times for $1 off a bottle of dove hair product.  Plus I used a $4 extra care buck I had from some mascara I picked up last week (for completely free I might add- check those sale papers ladies).

My total was around $3.75..............and I got $5 in extra care bucks back for buying $15 in Dove haircare products.

Then we went to Target.  My happy place.
If you haven't already- always always always go to and look at the bottom for the coupons tab.  You can stack the store coupons with manufacturers coupon. also has some coupons this week for Target- which is where a lot of the coupons I used today came from. (I read a blog called TotallyTarget where they line out the special deals and give links for the coupons- it is a really nice resource).

Whisker Lickins cat treats- $.87, used $1 off any Purina cat treat printable from the internet.  The coupon scanned at the full value- I made $.26 cents toward my other stuff.

Wishbone salad dressing on sale for $1.60, bought two $3.20.  I used a $1.50 off two bottles target printable and two $1 off any wishbone dressing from the sunday paper a couple weeks ago.  I made $.30 buying salad dressing.  (my favorite kind too!  balsamic vinegrette!)

Lipton Iced Tea- small boxes $1.09, specialty flavor box $1.79. So $5.06 in tea.  I used four $.60 off a box coupons from the sunday coupons (-$2.40) plus 2 $1 off 2 boxes target printable ($-2).  $.66 for all four small boxes.  Less than the price of one.

Dove Deodorant $3.49 each.  Used $2 coupon from Sunday paper a few weeks ago, and a $1 target printable- $.49 per stick.

Dove soap- again with the sensitive skin kids, this is the ONLY soap they can use without busting out in huge blotches of eczema.  2 4 packs of soap- $4.79 each, used 2 $.75 manufacturer coupons and and 1 $2 target printable off of 2 packs.  $6.08 for all 8 bars.  This item was actually on my list- so it's nothing you should run out the door to get, it was just something we had to have so I was excited to have a stack to go along with it.

Maalox chewables- $3.49.  Used a $5 manufacturer coupon good on any product.  I was paid $1.51 to buy it- and Dan can quit asking when I'm going to buy some more tums.  I assume these are like tums? (shut up Ronda and your beef and cheddar- he and his heartburn will be just fine with maalox instead of tums : )

I bought a bunch of other stuff too- some valentines 50% off stuff (you should check this out, there are cute kitchen towels, pot holders, even shower curtains and stuff that although are very pink and happy, not so much hearty and valentiney!), some coffee creamer, some of those great pop chips with my buy 1 get 1 coupon (it was a facebook offer that is apparently over now, boo!)

Anyway- my total before coupons was over $60.  My total after..........$29.29.  Not too shabby!

Go on a coupon stack hunt, it is fun and rewarding!

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