Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marsh 11/28

I haven't gotten excited about Marsh in forever.

But starting tomorrow- if you buy $30 in certain Proctor & Gamble products you can earn $1 off per gallon of gas at speedway!!!!

Do the math with me here people.  Spend $30, save $1 on up to 15 gallons of gas- it's like paying $15 for $30 in stuff cause you know you're buying gas anyway, right?  PLUS- there is still a $15 rebate when you buy $50 in certain Proctor and Gamble products available!  The things I see that would work for the rebate are the Secret and the Olay.

Here are the things we use that I might consider (I'm within $20 of the rebate- so I might make sure to get $20 of secret- $3.50 for secret is not a good deal, but mixed in with this promo and the rebate it is):

Secret 2/$7
Iams dog food $17.99
Tide for $5.99
Olay body wash 2/$7 (?? I think that's right)

In the recent past, Marsh changed their policy to be that the dollar amount required is AFTER coupons.  I can't tell if that is the case on this promo or not- but either way, if you use coupons just make sure you are at $30 afterward.

Looking for other things to round out your rebate?  CVS has lots and lots of included items this week buy $30 get $10 EB.  Plus the $30 at CVS is before your coupons, so you can keep your out of pocket lower than that.  Plus there is a Venus razor with some high EB's on it that you could use on the rebate- makes your out of pocket around $2 but you'd get $7ish credit on the rebate.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holy Freebies Batman!

I woke up at 4am Sunday.  I just couldn't sleep any longer.  Not with a 24 hour CVS just a few miles away and a shopping list three pages long.

Total before coupons:  $83.52

Total after coupons: $57.06

Extra Care Bucks Earned:  $64.65

Woo Hoo!

I have an item on Ally's Christmas List at CVS- and now I've got extra care bucks to buy it with!  Plus the Thanksgiving Day ad is pretty good- I'm going to roll some of these into those.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

CVS 11/18 WOO HOO!

It seems that CVS is doing their black friday ad this Sunday!  Woo Hoo!  It's a 4 day ad that runs Sun-Weds and there is another ad that comes after that for the actual Black Friday- but man I can't imagine it getting much better than Sunday.

You can head over here and see the ad for yourself (she lists the weeks down the right side), But all in all in comes to about $50 worth of sale prices that will earn you back $50 in EB bucks.  Totally free stuff yall.  I haven't had a chance to do any coupon matching, but I am positive I have coupons for some of the stuff which means I'm going to make a little money!  I plan to be there when they open Sunday, the kids will be glad cause that means we're going to the later service at church.

Shopping 11/14/12

There wasn't much that made me giddy this week.  I did manage to drag myself into CVS for a couple tubes of free colgate, I got an email with a free bottle of Advil so I got that.  A quick stop at Walgreens yesterday proved to be worth it this week though.

$2.75 Colgate
$2.75 Colgate
-.75 mq
-.75 mq
Paid $4 plus tax, got back $4 RR

$2.99 scunci hair barrettes
$2 eagle brand milk
$1.69 Revlon emery boards
$.84 Revlon emery boards (b1g1 50% off)
-$.50 eagle brand milk mq
$7.02 paid (not earth shaking, I know)
BUT- for buying 2 Revlon tools, I earned 2000 walgreens points- that will equate to $2 when I redeem them.  So I paid $2.53 for both and got $2 back.  But wait, it gets better.

Each time I bought 2 Revlon nail tools, I got a catalina coupon.  It seems that it prints $2 off your next purchase of 2 Revlon nail items........then the next time it prints $4 off your next purchase of 2 Revlon nail items.  See- instantly this became a money maker!

So then I bought 2 more nail files- $2.53.  Used the $2 mq, paid $.53, earned $2 in reward points and this time I got a $4/2 mq.  So I bought some of the nail buffers and a nicer file.  Paid less than $1 after the $4/2 mq, earned $2 in reward points, and I got a $2/2 mq.  So I bought 2 more emery boards, paid $.53 got my 2000 points, and yep.........a $4/2 mq printed. 

I could have stayed there all day, but I didn't.  I gave the coupon to the cashier who was young and wishing she knew how to get her points over 7000 and I gave her the recipe to get her ball rolling.  A girl only needs so many emery boards, right?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Money Making John Freida!

I love it when a little unexpected deal pops up at the end of the week!  Remember, you'll have to do this today or tomorrow (11/10) since the sale ends Saturday.

The advertised deal is for the large bottles, but the smaller trial size bottles are activating the ECB too!  I found these on the top shelf in the shampoo aisle above where the full size bottles are for $1.49!

2 John Frieda Frizz Ease trial size (I got one shampoo and one conditioner) $1.49 ea=$2.98
Got back $5 ECB wyb 2 John Frieda- woo hoo!

Also- the American Greeting Card promo this week says earn $3 ECB when you buy 3 $2.49 or higher cards, but I bought 3 $.99 cards and it printed.  So while you are there- pick up three thinking of you cards to put in your cabinet!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shopping this week 11/4/12

Carmex- spend 6 get $3EB.  This probably isn't the best deal ever, but we were out and I am ADDICTED to carmex chapstick!
4 @ $1.69 each= $6.76
-4 $.50 mq's= $4.76
Get back $3 EB (extra care bucks), made them $.44 each.  Works for me.

iTunes $25 card, get $5 EB. I didn't buy this, but it is a good deal for a christmas gift.

Spoiled Nail Pail (wet n wild) $6.99- get $3 EB
I found a $1 wet n wild mq, woo hoo!  Paid $5.99, got $3, that is an awesome gift for $3!

Digiorno Pizza- personal size- B1G1 free.  At my store they were $3.99.
I used $1 mq- paid $3 for 2, just $1.50 each.  These are great for emergency lunches!

Bic Silky Touch disposable razors B1G1 50% off
I found bonus packs with 4 extra razors!
$5.99 for first one
$2.99 for second one
-$10.19! mq for b1g1 free (it auto deducted $10.19- which made this deal so very very sweet!  wished I had more than 1 coupon!)
$1.19 money maker!

Blue Diamond almonds- b1g1 free
$3.79 for 2 cans
-$.75/2 mq
Made them just $1.52 per can

Certain crest tooth pastes are $2.99, b1 get $2 RR (register reward)
-$.75 mq
Makes it just $.24 for toothpaste- my store was out

Jet Dry b1g1  At my store they were $3.99- so just $2 a bottle.  Not a stock up price for me, but we were out so it was a good price!

My store had their halloween 75% off!!!!  You might check yours out, mine had several sets of ear buds and little speakers that plug into an mp3 or ipod that were included making them $1.24-$2.24 each!
Even better:

Blue Diamond Pumpkin Pie Almonds were 75% off- making them $.99 a can.
They were still ringing up b1g1 free!  Plus I used a mq!
$.99 for 2 cans
-$.75 mq
$.12 per can- wow!

I must say I'm still not getting the hang of the balance rewards points. The first few weeks I was totally racking them up quickly!  In fact, I have over 76,000.  But then it stopped.  I miss the register rewards....really bad.  I'm hoping that they still have the Jingle Cash this year, a girl can hope right?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Working dat rebate man!

CVS 10/28/12

Today I was focused on getting to my $50 for the $15 P&G Rebate.

Covergirl is buy 1 get 1 50% at CVS, bingo.

Covergirl Wetslicks fruit spritzers gloss- $7.29
2nd one at 50% off- $3.64

I bought 6- $32.79 before coupons

I used 3 $5/2 covergirl mq's which took off $15.
I paid $17.79 plus tax cash and I earned back a $10 ECB (wyb $30 in certain P&G items- limit 1 per card).

Because the $10 is limited to 1 per card, I drug my moms card out and I bought:

3 Herbal Essence Shampoos $2.99 each
3 Herbal Essence Mouse $2.99 each
2 covergirl lipgloss (1 @ $6.99 and 1 @ $3.49 at 50% off)
2 Dawn dishsoap $.99

$30.40 before coupons

I used 3 b1 herbal essence shampoos, g1 styler free (auto deducted $6.99 for the first 2 q's and $3.86 for the 3rd- woo hoo!)
Also used $5/2 covergirl mq's and 2 $.50 dawn mq's
I paid $6.53 plus tax and earned back a $10 ECB (wyb $30 in certain P&G items)

So all total I paid $24.32 (plus tax) for over $60 in merchandise, which is good.
But I still have 2 $10 CVS Extra Care Bucks, so $20 like cash.  Which makes what I paid kind of like $4.32.

PLUS- I purchased enough to qualify for the spend $50 get a $15 rebate!!!!  So I will end up MAKING $10 and I get to keep all of the shampoo, dishsoap, and lipgloss (which I am poking away for stocking stuffers!)

Yes- it takes time and effort to shop this way.  But for me it is totally worth it!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Couponing this week

So- last week we were on vacation.  In Orlando Florida.  It was awesome (no-there are no coupons for disney world tickets).

While there- my daughter received her monthly 'visitor'.  The one that I didn't pack any supplies for.  Man that burned- knowing I have an entire shelf in my closet that has at least 5 or 6 packages of these 'items' and still having to go to the drug store to buy some.  Same with the shampoo I forgot to pack.  Man I forgot that shampoo is like $4 a bottle.  Ick.

Before we left, I spent some time (and by SOME I mean like 7 hours) catching up my coupons.  I hadn't clipped or sorted in like 6 weeks.  Most of what was in my binder was expired and I had a stack of coupon inserts to sort and clip that would make the most extreme couponer cry.  But I was a woman on a mission and I got it done.  And of course I packed wheezer along for vacation, and we used coupons at several restaruants and buying necessities while there.  We did a light grocery trip when we arrived for the few items we wanted in our condo- I managed to carve $15 off that grocery bill.  When you're a couponer, you are never very far from your binder!

Just to mention it- this week (through Weds here in central indiana) there is a buy 5 get $5 sale at Kroger.  There are some serious deals to be had!  But the best one?  Betty Crocker boxed potatoes and mac & cheese are on sale for $1 and included in the sale!  I also used $.75/2 coupons so I ended up paying $3.50 for 5 boxes of mashed potatoes and earning the $5 reward.  Even without coupons they are free!  The regular aisle shelves were wiped clean, but I found a special sale display at the front of the store (where they showcase that weeks sale items) and I was able to find the potatoes.  But not a single box of that mac & cheese- boo!  Although, I will warn you, the system will not print more than 4 $5 reward coupons per order.  So if you have more than 20 of the sale items, ring a seperate transaction!

Friday, October 12, 2012


If we were not leaving on vacation this week- I might have skipped drugstore shopping all together.  Nothing really noteworthy that we need, in my opinion.

However, I have been slacking on my shopping for my cubbards are pretty bare- and unless we are going to snack on razors and shampoo on our trip, I had to get some stuff.

Walgreens has a super great coupon in their October coupon book that takes of $2 wyb 2 Keeber Cheese It and a few others.  Rice Crispy Treats too.  These items are on sale 2/$5, so with the coupon it makes them 2/$3 which is an alright price.  Especially since I know if we try and buy snacks at a gas station I'll pay $1 for an individual.  I'm not stocking up- just got a few for the trip.

I would like to say that I'm at over 70,000 points at walgreens on their new customer card.  Once I hit 80,000 that is $100 in store credit ($50 for 40,000) and I am looking forward to picking up some christmas presents with that craziness!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting paid to wash your hair!

I know I've been hit or miss lately here- in fact if anyone is even reading this I will be surprised.

And yet I post this regardless because DUDE- more free shampoo!

I thought this week was kind of lackluster for sales, but I happened to stumble across something that was awesome.

4 pantene shampoos @ $4 each
4 pantene conditioners @ $4 each
Total= $32

-b1g1 mq from 9/16 smart source (auto deducted $6.99)
-b1g1 mq from 9/16 smart source (auto deducted $6.99)
-b1g1 mq from 9/16 smart source (auto deducted $6.99)
-b1g1 mq from 9/16 smart source (auto deducted $6.99)
-$1/2 mq from 9/30 p&g
-$1/2 mq from 9/30 p&g (because you are paying for 4 of the 8 above, you can use a coupon on those 4 items)

Total cash paid $4.28 for 8 bottles of hair care.

But heres the kicker, I earned $10 extra bucks for spending $30 on proctor & gamble sale items!


Woo Hoo!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Who me?

Yeah- I'm still here.  Things have just been a bit hectic, that's all.  I have still done a little shopping, and I even have photos on my phone from last weeks deals that I won't bore you with now.  As for this week, I didn't make it to Walgreens yet, but I did stop in at CVS:

Gillette Venus Razor- $7.29
-$4 mq
Paid $3.29, got back $5 EB (limit 1)- $1.71 money maker.

Olive Oil on sale for $3.99
-$1 mq
Paid just $2.99 for olive oil!!!!

Thermacare heat wrap- 1 count  On sale for $3.79 or something similar- and you get back the same price in EB- FREE!  My store was out, but I will track one down some time this week.

There are also beginning to be lots of great sales on candy for Halloween.  There are always good deals this time of year, Hershey has one at CVS where if you spend $10 you get $3 EB.  If you mix in some $1/2 coupons in there, you can get your candy for around $1 a bag.  I know I already have committed to donate to 2 room parties and 2 after school parties...........good time to pick up some cheap candy to send!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Walgreens 9/10/12

I'm not on fire about any of the sales this week.  But I did stop at walgreens this morning to get cheap kleenex.  It won't be long before the school is begging for donations of tissues- and I want to be prepared!

$8  2 4pack bundles of Kleenex at $4 each
$2  2 Suave shampoo/conditioners $1 each
$3.98  2 Jingos crackers at $1.99 each

$13.98 pre coupon total

-$2   2 $1 off multi pack kleenex Walgreens september coupon booklet
-$1  2 $.50 mq's multi pack kleenex
-$2  2 $1 mq's jingos crackers
-$5 RR from last week
-$3 RR from last week

New total- $.98 + $.70 sales tax= $1.68 paid

Received back $2 RR wyb 2 Suave (free!) and $2 RR wyb 7 boxes of Kleenex (8 boxes in 2 multipacks apparently counts!)- $4 total.

Just in case you missed it- that makes the Kleenes $.38 per box.  Totally worth stocking up on.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

FREE Bologna!

You're gonna want to go buy this!

This week- beginning today 9/6 for the central Indiana region- Meijer has their 12oz Oscar Meyer bologna for $1 (5/$5).

Kraft is still running this promotion where if you buy 10 participating products, you get a $10 catalina coupon at check out for your next shopping order.  And Oscar Meyer bologna, 12 oz is one of the products.

I just ran to meijer and bought 10 to make sure it worked- AND IT DID!  I bought 10, paid $10, and got a $10 coupon back.  Even better, I had bought 10 items last week during the sale and had a $10 coupon already.  I used it, and it rolled! (which means I could use the coupon and still get another one back).

I know 10 packages of bologna is a bit much- but I put 8 of them in the freezer and without a doubt we will use them up!  Or I will pass a few packages along to some friends!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Drug store shoppin 9/4

What I really wanted was the buy 2 Biore get a $5 RR with my b1g1 coupon- but of course I waited until Tuesday and they were long gone.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Zevia in stock and at my store- and there was TONS!  I didn't feel bad at all using my 4 $3 coupons (these were from early in the summer- but you can print one here).  They are on sale for $3.33- sugar free sweetened with stevia, and pretty tasty I might add.

Spices are on sale for $.67 each this week- which includes pure vanilla extract!!!  Great time to pick up any spices you might need (and stock up on vanilla for holiday baking!)

Gillette Fusion- buy one get $2 EB
$2.39 price
-$1 Gillette shave prep mq
Paid $1.39- got $2 EB back (money maker!

Yep- that's really all I bought this week. But I did notice that Target reset all of their coupons, so I've got some printing and shopping to do there : )

Friday, August 31, 2012

No coupons to clip this weekend!

The secret to being an effective couponer is organization.  And man, have I been a mess.

I hadn't clipped or organized coupons since the beginning of JULY!  Some couponers roll like this.  They just keep track of them by date and can quickly pull the insert when they find a sale they want to shop and clip out what they need for that one trip.  Me?  I like to go ahead and trim all products we do/might use and organize them in my binder.  Then when I'm shopping and find a product/sale I like I have the coupons with me. 

Except I hadn't been doing that. 

I know I have paid more for lots of things that we needed because I didn't have my coupons clipped. 

So yesterday I spent a few hours and I got it done.  I clipped and organized probably 30 coupon inserts (4 from each week).  And then I cleaned out all of the expireds from my binder.

And now I am ready to roll.

Even better?  There are NO coupon inserts this weekend.  So for a whole week more I will be completely caught up. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DOUBLE CVS Quarterly Bucks!

I just read over at The Krazy Coupon Lady that you can go here and register to get double the quarterly extra care bucks at CVS back for the last quarter of the year!  Typically, I don't get a huge quarterly reward back because it excludes extra care buck deals (and lets face it- as a couponer those make up a lot of my purchases!).  But it has been as much as $8-$10 before, and you can't go wrong there!

I just went and registered my card- you should too!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CVS 8/27/12

$8.29 Venus razor -$4 mq (7/29 p&g), -$2 cvs magic coupon machine q and got back $5 extra care bucks (MONEY MAKER!)
$27.96 Biore Cleanser ($6.99 X 4)
$27.96 Biore nose strips ($6.99 X 4)
-$27.96 mq's- 4 b1nose strip g1 cleanser free (8/12 SS)
$3.96 Dawn Dish Soap (4 @ $.99 each- not in picture)
-$2:  4 $.50 mq's (7/29 p&g)
Earned 2 $10 Shell Gas Cards wyb $30 in product for certain items X 2 (Biore & Dawn qualified)
$3.98 2 Stayfree @ $1.99 each
-$4: 2 $2 Stayfree mq's (8/26 ss or rp)
-$4/$20 purchase magic coupon machine q

Total before coupons- $72.15
Total after coupons $28.21.  I used $19 in extra care bucks from last week so I spent about $10 out of pocket and I got back 2 $10 gas cards and a $5 EB for the razor.  PLUS- since I have the beauty club added to my extra care card (it's free- you should do this, just ask the cashier to add it) I have qualified for $74 in my club account on beauty spending- which means I'll get a $5 EB in the next few days (earn $5 for every $50 you spend on beauty items...including shampoos, soaps and razors).

Friday, August 24, 2012

CVS 8/23

$5 2 cheerios 2/$5
$6.49 Revlon lipgloss
$6.49 Revlon lipgloss
$6.49 Revlon lipgloss
$6.49 Crest prohealth mouthwash
$5.79 Crest prohealth mouthwash

$36.75 total before coupons

-$1/2 cheerios mq
-$1 any cheerios cvs magic coupon machine (printed last week)
-$1 revlon mq
-$1 revlon mq
-$1 revlon mq
-$3 revlon cvs magic coupon machine
-$3 revlon cvs magic coupon machine
-$3 revlon cvs magic coupon machine
-$2  Crest prohealth cvs magic coupon machine
-$5 buy 1 big crest prohealth get 1 small crest prohealth free ($5 maximum)
-$10 extra care bucks
-$2 extra care bucks
-$1 extra care bucks
-$1.93 left on a giftcard from a previous promotion
 $2.98 total paid out of pocket
I received back 3 $4 EB for the revlon lipgloss ($12), $5 EB for the crest mouth wash (when you buy $10) and $2 EB wyb 2 cheerios.  That is $19 total!
If I would have had no cvs extra care bucks, my total would have been $17.91, which is still less than the EBs I received back!

What could have made this deal even sweeter would be if I had printed the 25% off coupon that CVS emailed me- it would have deducted another $3.07 from the mouthwash (because they were regular shelf price- the coupon won't deduct anything from sale prices).  As it is, I paid $.28 for both bottles, where I could have had it be a money maker.  Oh well. 

I received a $4 off $20 CVS q in my email, so I need to make sure I head back and put it to good use!  But it's good through Sunday, so I will probably wait until then.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Saving Money on Gift Cards

Live local?  Have a Marsh Supermarket?  Listen up.

Last week and this week- Marsh is running a promotion where if you buy $50 in participating gift cards, you get a $10 My Marsh Money certificate.  In the ad it shows Kohls, Aeropostale, Red Lobster and JC Penney.  I asked at customer service and she said any of them.  I bought $50 in Shell gas cards, and it didn't print.  So perhaps it really is just the ones in the ad.

But still!!!  If you have a little extra cash now, you could prebuy your gift cards to do Christmas shopping and save $10 for every $50 you buy in groceries!  Keep in mind, you need to ring each $50 up seperately in order to earn the $10- but no big deal, right?

I also bought $50 in Kohls because I have some shopping to do this week.  PLUS- I went to and registered my email address and they emailed me a $10 off $10 purchase certificate for signing up AND a 15% off my next purchase coupon.....and they can be used together.  So I'm going to be able to make that $50 stretch really far!

Dan and I don't have hundreds to sink into gift cards, so that $100 is really about it for me.  But it is worth considereing- after all free food is free food, right?

Monday, August 13, 2012

A coupon worth printing

Right now you can head over to the Toys R Us facebook page and print this coupon for $5 off a purchase- no minimum purchase required.  There are some exclusions of certain brands- but it seems like a great time to pick up a few stocking stuffers!  (I printed 3 copies!)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shopping 8/6/12

$4.19 Stayfree
$4.19 Stayfree
-$3 wyb 2 stayfree CVS magic coupon machine q
-$2 stayfree mq
-$2 stayfree mq
I was glad to buy these for $.70 per package.  A few weeks back when the mq came out, cvs and walgreens had them for $2 a package, but they were long gone and I failed to get a rain check.  So getting the cvs coupon at least made a good way to use them and get some inexpensive 'necessities'.
$4  2 nature valley protein bars @ $2 each
$6 3 Fiber One bars at $2 each
-$1  2 nature valley protein bars mq's @ $.50 each
-$1.80  3 fiber one mq's @ $.60 each
$18.38 before coupons
$8.58 after coupons
Got back $3 extra care buck wyb $10 in cereal bars.  That made the cereal bars $.84 a box- which is a great deal in my opinion.  These are too nice for lunch boxes and for a quick snack thats easy to grab!

I'm going to go back and try the $30 in p&g items earn $10 EB.  There is a new $5 rebate when you buy $25 in p&g items, so I think I can work something great out.

This week I transferred a prescription over to walgreens.  They are running a promotion that when you do, they give you a $25 giftcard.  We have various prescriptions for asthma and allergies, plus I take a couple daily drugs- so I honestly thing I'm going to just transfer them all.  At $25 a pop, I'd say it's worth it!

$12  2 Lanacane sprays @ $6 each
$6.72  2 Glade sprays at $3.36 each
$3  2 W Perfection tampons at $1.50 each
$10 Renew Life 3 day diet cleanse
$3 2 chex snack mix @ $1.50 each (not in picture)

-$3 glade spray mq
-$3 glade spray mq
-$.50 chex mix mq
-$.50 chex mix mq

$34.72 before coupons
$27.72 after coupons
-$25 gift card
$2.72 paid
Earned a total of $28 in register rewards.  2 $6 for lanacane spray, 2 $1 for glade sprays, 2 $1.50 for tampons, 1 $10 for renew life, $1 wyb 2 chex mix.  Keep in mind, for the items I earned 2 register rewards on, I did 2 different transactions.

Great shopping week at Walgreens in my opinion.  Even if I would have paid cash- I would have earned more register rewards than I paid!

Monday, August 6, 2012

K-mart Birthday Club?

If you have kids- you MIGHT want to register them for the new K-mart birthday club.

It says that you will be emailed a $5 certificate around their birthday.  Which sounds like a deal to me. I don't shop at K-mart very often since they aren't close to me (about 1/2 hour away) but with their double $1 coupons each week (I think there is a limit of 5 with a $25 purchase?) and now a potential $5 per kid?  I might start going there- at least around the kids birthdays!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

An awesome Olay deal

I just can't seem to find the energy to hit the sales this week.  At least until I saw this opportunity and then off to CVS I went!

$23.96= 4 Oil of Olay body wash at $5.99 each
$14.96= 4 facial clothes at $3.74 each
$38.92 total

-$23.96- Used 4 buy 1 olay cleanser get 1 body wash free mq's (7/29 p&g coupon insert)
-$3 cvs coupon machine coupon $3 off $15 Olay products
-$3 cvs coupon machine coupon $3 off $15 beauty products

$8.96 paid.  Got back $5 Extra Care Buck wyb $25 in Olay products.

PLUS I am sending away for a $10 Rebate on $30 Olay products.

Which made this a $6 money maker!!!! 

Not to mention that I earned the full $38.92 credit toward my CVS Beauty Club Rewards (get a bonus $5 EB wyb $50 in beauty and personal care items).  If you haven't added this to your extra care card yet, it's as simple as just asking the cashier to add it on there.  You'll be surprised at how quickly you rack up that $50- usually for next to nothing if you coupon regularly!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This week at church, there was a plea in the bulletin for donations of toiletry items for a shipment they were doing to some area in our country that needed help (sad- I don't even remember where).  Mainly shampoo and soap were what they were needing at that point.


Last week I was able to pick up 8 bottles of Head and Shoulders shampoo for FREE at CVS (b1g1 50% off- less b1g1 free mq which took off the price of both!)  Plus a few weeks ago I stocked up on Suave when it was free at Walgreens.  And the free ivory soap with the great $1 mq's a few weeks back.

It just felt nice to sack up a huge paper grocery sack so full I was afraid it would rip and tear and just drop it off.  Lately the deals on groceries have been pretty slim (in my opinion)- but the health and beauty products have still been free most of the time.  It was great to be able to contribute so much for FREE!

I'm not sure if I will continue with this blog or not.  I used to really enjoy tracking my deals, and I was helping a co-worker who really needed to learn how to stretch her budget.  But now???  I'm not sure anyone is even reading it and I don't so much enjoy posting all my purchases as I used to.

Maybe?  Maybe not?  We'll see.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CVS 6/25/12

That up there is about $55 worth of product.

I paid $12.86 and earned a $10 Shell gas card.  Which makes it like $3 for the whole shebang.

Scan those CVS cards at the magic coupon machine ladies.  Nuff said.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My shopping week 6/4

This is the time of the year that I fall behind.  In everything.  I have to work at lot at my job- and so my stock of items that I save up comes in VERY handy!  I basically try and shop only for the necessities and get by with what we can due to lack of TIME!!!!

In fact- I have 5 weeks of coupon inserts sitting on the kitchen counter mocking me.  I have only dug through them for one coupon here and one coupon there to match a sale.  Will I ever have the time to catch them up before they expire????

This week I did sneak out to Walgreens- it's a pretty good sale week for a couple items and I didn't want to miss them.  Plus I had 2 $7 Register Rewards from last weeks first aide gel I wanted to roll (the first aide gel that my daughter accidentally threw away while on a parade float- her candy for the parade was in the bag and I forgot to take out the gel...........dang!) 

I did 4 transactions- which is out of the norm for me.  Typically I try to stick to 1 or 2 because I don't want to create waves.  But this week, waves I created.

$10 brain strong gummy vitamins
$2 Goody barrettes
-$7 RR
-$4 Brain Strong q (it was in a vitamin booklet that was right on the shelf next to the vitamins!  Look for it- it's a walgreens vitamins and supplements book loaded with coupons!)
Paid $1.84, got back $10 RR for vitamins ($4 money maker!) and $2 for barretts (FREE!)

Same as the first one

$2 Goody head bands
$10 Omega Smart Fish Oil Vitamins (there are coupons for this out there somewhere, but I didn't have them!)
-$10 RR from transaction #1
Paid $2.84, got back $10 RR for omega smart and $2 RR for headbands

Same as #3

All total I spent $9.36 cash out of pocket for $48 in product PLUS I have $28 in register rewards left over!!!!!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Had the brain strong gummies not been a money maker, I would have left them right there on the shelf.  That note on the front that says 'new great flavor' is a lie.  Unless you love a fishy aftertaste that lasts for hours.  They are not good at all, at least to my kids. I've heard of kids that like them.  I will throw them in a donation box, perhaps someone will be able to use them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Walgreens 5/20

Walgreens 5/20

$5.98   2 skinny cow multipack candy bars, $2.99 each
-$2/2 walgreens may coupon book
-$1.50/2 mq
$1.47   3 nestle 100 grand candy bars, $.49 each
-$.60/3 mq
$3.99 U by Kotex tampons (earn $3 RR- makes these FREE after coupons!)
-$1 mq
$6.98   2 Splenda $3.49 each
-$1 mq
-$1 mq
$9.98 2 Advil $4.99 each (earn $5 RR wyb 2- makes these $.50 each after coupons!)
-$2 mq (found on peel board at my doctors office, yay!)
-$2 mq
$3   2 mt dew 2 liters $1.50 each (no deal- but needed a filler and Dan needed his life juice)
-$2 RR from last week
-$2 RR from last week

$31.40 before coupons
-$15.10 in coupons
$16.30 out of pocket
Register Rewards earned- $5 wyb 2 advil and $3 wyb Kotex tampons

Not a super great week- but I was able to pick up a few things that we are out of and use- so I'm happy.  If you have not stocked up your shelves with free Tampons after all the sales the past few weeks on this brand of Kotex, I'm not sure why : )

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shopping week 5/6

I neglected to snap pictures again- but here is what was on my list this week.

3 General Mills Cereals- 3/$9, get $4 EB back (there are various mq's to match up to reduce even more)
Buy $50 in panera, itunes & spa gift cards get $10 EB.  Tricky- they are only in $15 incriments.
U by Kotex tampons/pads $3.99, get $3 EB
Snickers & Mars single $.75, get $.75
Childrens Allegra $9.99- used $5 mq from 5/6, earned $4.99 EB
Milk $2.99, get $1 EB
Physicians Formula is $5 off- but I passed after looking over my options (out of mq's and just not in the mood to shop for make up)
ALSO- scan your card at the magic coupon machine- this week you get a coupon to buy a 12 pack of diet cokes for $.99 when you spend $20!!!  Chances are, if you are there couponing, your precoupon total is above $20 anyway.
After all my coupons and extra care bucks I rolled- I spent about $4, plus I left with several EB for next week.  That total doesn't include the gift cards obviously.  I'm going to roll a $15 rebate from P&G and a few other little rebate checks I've received into those. 

Complete Multipurpose Solution $7.99, earn $7.99 RR
Lanacane Cream $5, earn $5 RR (they were out of this)
Dickensons Witch Hazel $4, earn $4 (this stuff has lots of great uses not only as cleanser but for first aid!)
Nutrigrain & Poptarts $2/5 earn $2 RR- used $1/2 mq's- made Nutrigrain $1 per box
Kettle Corn $1.99, used $1 mq
Hunts tomato sauce 3/$1- they were out of this too
I spent around $7 out of pocket this week.  But that might go up a bit because I'm going to go back to look for that lanacane creme and pick up a few more boxes of nutrigrain bars.

Target seems to be a great deal place this week- but I just can't find the time to get over there.  I may still try, but I'm sure they are wiped clean of all Nivea chapstick and lotion by now!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Another P&G Rebate

I just wrapped up my $15 when you spend $50 Proctor & Gamble rebate from the last couple of months and low and behold, they are offering another one.  $10 when you spend $50.

Now- to the average person, you might think that getting $10 back on $50 in product is okay- but not worth going for.  But to a couponer, it's a slam dunk.  Because going right along with these rebates are super store deals.  For instance, on the $15 rebate- my total out of pocket for all $50 in product was LESS than $10 after coupons and store promotions.  So essentially I MADE $5 plus got to stock up on pads, tampons and make up.

Granted, I didn't get it all in one trip- but when an item included on the rebate was offered for free after rewards in a store (or super cheap), I'd pick it up and put my receipt with the rebate.  When I hit the $50 (which is calculated BEFORE coupons)- then I sent it in.  And I've already gotten my $15 prepaid visa card in the mail.

Marsh stores here locally are offering a $10 My Marsh Money when you spend $30 on certain P&G items, including pantene shampoo.

Now- shampoo on sale for $3.50 is no bargain.  There were days of my life that I would have thought so, but not any longer.  Here's how I worked it:

6 Pantene Shampoo $3.50 each= $21
2 Downy fabric softener $4.99 each= $9.98
-$1 downy mq
-$1 downy mq
-$12.45   3 b1g1 Pantene shampoo mq's (deducted $4.15 each instead of $3.50 sale price- yay!)

$16.53 total spent- earned a $10 My Marsh Money certificate for spending $30 before mq's
So my total spent is only $6.53- which is about the cost of the fabric softener I needed anyway.

I will use those 6 bottles of pantene shampoo toward the rebate.  In fact, I think I might go back and just do that same shopping scenario again (this time with paper towels instead of fabric softener) and then I'll be at $42 in product for the rebate.  I'll throw in the 2 Venus razors I picked up at CVS last week for $.49 each after CVS bucks (price each $7.49- so that will be almost another $15 toward the rebate) and go ahead and send it in.

The best part?  I will get back the money I did have to spend on the items- PLUS I get to keep all the items.  Guess who will NOT be spending $3.50 on shampoo when we run out next time?

Friday, May 4, 2012

4/29/12 Drugstores

Gosh- no pictures again this week.  Sorry.

Depend Silhouette 3 pack $4.49, used a $1.50 mq, got $3.50 RR ($.51 profit) (great donation item)
U by Kotex tampons $3.99, used a $1 mq, got $3 RR (free)
Planters Nabisco Belvita & Crystal Light buy  $15 get a $5 RR
4 crystal light $8, used 2 $1/2 mq's
1 Belvita $3, used $1 mq (dang I wish I had more coupons for these- they are soooo good!)
2 nabisco crackerfuls 2/$5, used 1 $1/2 mq- spent $12 on these items, got $5 back- makes them $1 each!

On a seperate transaction I bought 6 more boxes of crackerfulls peanut butter 2/$5- $15 total and used 6 $1 mq's- Paid $9 and got $5 RR.  Less than $1 a box and these are great for lunches for the kids!

That was it for Walgreens.

Colgate Max Clean Smart Foam Tooth Paste $2.99, used $.50 mq, $1 cvs magic coupon maching $1 of any toothpaste q, earned $2.49 CVS Bucks ($1 profit!)
3 special K fruit crisp bars 3/$10, used $1/2 mq- paid $9 got $3 CVS Extra bucks (makes them $2 per box- kind of pricey but we all really love them and they are sooooo much healthier than a poptart but that's what the kids compare them to)
Skinny cow candy bars buy 2 get 1 free- spend $20 on select Nestle get $5 ECB
18 Skinny Cow Bars- used 6 buy 2 get 1 free mq's- so with the sale I paid for 1 out of 3 ($6.67 total)
9 Nestle candy bars- buy 2 get 1 free- used 3 $.60/3 mq's- (4.14)
So for all 27 candy bars- I paid $10.81 and got a $5 ECB back, making it just $5.81 for all or $22 per candy bar.  The timing is PERFECT because I was putting together a care package for a deployed friend and a college student and you know they will both love candy!!!

I've since found out about a deal on Nivea handlotion- buy 2 get $5 ECB.  The 1.7 oz extended moisture is $4.79- buy w $9.58 and use 2 $2mq's from 4/29 redplum- pay $5.58 and get $5 ECB- makes them $.29 each!  I love to use nice lotions as gifts for office ladies and teachers at christmas- I will pick a couple up to put back for such an occasion!

I also got a few magic coupon machine coupons I want to check out, but I just didn't have time.

In other news- if you are local and have a Marsh- they have a spend $30 on select P&G items get a $10 My Marsh Bucks.  I'm thinking about stocking up on some paper towels and fabric softener.  I'll work out the details and let you know how I work it.  But first I have to go through and trim all the coupons from last Sunday's paper.  Yeah- I'm behind : )

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shopping week 4/22

It's been a hard week- but I did manage to get to CVS and pick up what I was wanting.

$12- 4 mt dew 12 packs $4 each (buy 3 get $2 ECB)
$2.50 Belvita cookies
-$1 mq
-$1 magic machine cvs q off belvita
$2.99 gallon milk (get $1 ECB)
$3.99 Kotex U tampons (get $2 ECB)
-$1 mq
$3.99 Always Radiant tampons (get $1 ECB)
-$2 mq (from box of previous)
$6 revlon lipgloss
-$1 mq
$6 revlon lipgloss (earn $4 ECB wyb $10 revlon)
-$1 mq
-$5 magic machine cvs q wyb 2 revlon
$2.97 3 american greeting cards $.99 each (earn $3 ECB wyb 3)
$6.29 Physicians Formula concealer (earn $7 ECB wyb 1)
-$3 magic coupon machine cvs q wyb any physicians formula

$47.63 total (without tax)
-$15 product coupons
-$17 ECB from last week

$15.63 cash spent (without tax)
$20 in ECB for next week

I still haven't been to Walgreens- and may just skip it this week.  But I still have $17 in items to purchase to finish out my Proctor and Gamble rebate that has to be dated by 4/28/12- so I know I will have to go somewhere in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shopping 4/15 week

This is gonna be a quick summary without pictures- but I for one was happy with the sales at the drugstores this week:


Goody hair ties & scrunchies $1.99, earn a $1 RR
Pepsi Next 16 oz bottle $.99, earn a $.99 RR  FREE
Purex b12g1 $5.99, $1 mq's- made it just $2 a bottle
Simalasan allergy relieve nasal spray $6, earn a $6 RR  FREE
Nasal Ease Allergy Reliever $9, earn a $9 RR  FREE
(certain areas of the country got $5 mq's for this making it a money maker- we don't live in one of them)
(but I'll take any allergy meds I can get for free- 4 out of 5 in our house have allergies)
Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste $2, $1 mq's and $1 wags book store q's, FREE

I transferred a prescription and earned a $25 giftcard ( you can too!) so all total I spent $25.18 in 3 transactions (had to have 3 sodas for my 3 kids- I couldn't bear the arguing), but after my free gift card I spent just $.18!!!!!  PLUS I left with $19.97 in RR for next week.

Starburst or Skittles 4/$2, earn a $1 ECB wyb 4 (makes them $.25 each)
Kraft homestyle mac & cheese 2/$6, $1 mq's, earn a $3 ECB wyb 2 (makes them $1 each)
Colgate Total Advanced $2.99, $1 mq's, earn a $2 ECB    FREE
Depend Real Fit $3.99, $1.00 mq's, $2 cvs q's (from their website), earn a $2 ECB    $1 Money Maker
Tampax Radiant Tampons $7.49, $1 mq's, earn a $2 ECB (makes them $4.49- using toward rebate)
Neosporin Daily Moisture body wash $10.49, $3 mq, earn a $5 ECB (makes it $2.49- we have some serious excema in this house yall)
Physicians formula tinted moisturizer $13.49- I was a lucky one last week and got a $15 off any Physicians Formula skin care q from the red magic machine- woo hoo!

I spent a total of $5.49 after all coupons and extra care bucks I rolls from last week- total savings of $53.23.  Plus I earned $17 in ECB for next week.

Used tons of target q's along with manufacturer q's and saved a ton of cash----
(you can print 2 of each target q at if you aren't doing this, you should be)
4 Method dish soap $2.69, $1 tq and $1 mq- $.69 each
2 Mossimo girls tank tops $6, used a $3 tq- $3 each
2 Merona womans tank tops $6, used a $3 tq- $3 each
Lifesavers gummies bag $1.89, $.75 tq and $1 mq- $.14
2 Belvita breakfast cookies $2.99, $1 tq and $1 mq- $.99 (these are yummy!)
2 Gold Peak iced tea $1, $.75 mq- $.25 each
2 Indoor flood light bulbs 2 pack $13, $2 tq and $1 mq- $10 per 2 pack
Tums refreshermints $2.36, $.75 tq and $1.50 mq- $.11
Plus various other items we needed like fabric softener, etc.

Total I spent $49.06 and I saved $47.50 in coupons alone!!!!  In addition, I saved $32.47 in sale prices which includes a few 90% off easter items.

March Spending totals

I never have posted my March spending.  Mainly because I totally didn't hit my goal of $350.

And I have felt guilty about it.

But this morning I got to thinking, and I'm over that guilt.  The reality is that some months there are good sales and things to stock up on- extra birthdays and Easter baskets to be filled- and the totals are up a bit higher than they should be.  It just is what it is.

My totals for March were:

$586.17 spent
$1113.42 saved through store sales and coupons
65% savings

That spent amount is everything except gas and going out to eat.  It's our clothing (if any was purchased), our dog food, our groceries, our birthday gifts, our easter basket candies and toys, our deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, butter, milk and coffee.  It's all of it.

So I think that being able to save 65% on average is not bad- pretty good in fact.  It takes a lot of time and effort to save 90-100% on various items in order to bring that average savings up for items that hardly ever, if ever, have coupons (meat, milk, produce, etc.).  And yes- I went $200 over my goal, I was surprised as well at how much I spent.  But March spread out over 5 weeks this year and who cares anyway right?

On to April.  Which is now half over!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gotta love that

Last night, two of my children began talking to me and their opening line was "Hey mom, we're outta........".  THAT is why I love this couponing- somehow it saves me time when I am the most short on it.  Instead of having to make a list and stopping at the store today, I just grabbed an extra shampoo and toothpaste from the shelf and we were back in business.

Personal Care items are by far the easiest and most common things to pick up for free or dang near.  Therefore there are extras of almost everything at our fingertips.  Deodorant, shampoo, shaving cream, razors, pads, tampons............
Dear heavens I can't believe I am opening this up for the entire world to see.  But THAT is the super awesome shelf I bought when the local CVS closed and I have rearranged my bedroom closet to house it.  I moved all of our personal care type items there and I (occassionally) go in to just look at it.

It makes me happy.  Of course not all of that was purchased at once, the key to a happy stockpile is to build it slowly.  When a sale hits, pick up 2 or 3 of whatever it is.  Then all of a sudden you are shopping for shelving units.  Either way it works for me.

 A few weeks ago when my entire family was over it was nice to take my neices and nephews into 'my closet' and let them take whatever it was they needed.  And I still had PLENTY left over when they were done.

I've fallen a bit off my weekly couponing.  Lack luster sales and not much time have stripped me of the energy to hit the stores.  But soon I will catch up my coupon clipping and be back at it.

Pinkie promise.  The convenience is too much of a benefit to give up.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

You can't go wrong!

I didn't buy anything at Walgreens this week.  I know- right? Just nothing I saw that I wanted to run in for.

But Marsh has a pretty good deal going- so if you are local and have Marsh Supermarkets- you might want to stock up on your baking goods.  Lots of items are included in their spend $10 get a $4 My Marsh coupon (good on your next shopping order).  Here's what I bought (three transactions- you can only earn 1 my marsh coupon per order)

$6.99 200 splenda packet
$1.99 Betty Crocker icing
$1.25 Betty Crocker cake mix
-$.75 mq wyb BC cake mix and icing
-$2 mq splenda
$7.48, earned a $4 my marsh coupon

$2.58 gold medal flour
$7.35 6 betty crocker brownie mix b1 at $2.45 get 1 free
$.75 jello pudding
-$.75 mq wyb 2 BC brownie mix
-$.75 mq wyb 2 BC brownie mix
-$.75 mq wyb 2 BC brownie mix
$8.43, earned a $4 my marsh coupon

$3 2 Kraft Mini Marshmallows at $1.50 each (we're making rice crispy treats)
$7.50 10 jellos at $.75 each (we're making jello eggs)
-$1 mq save $.50 wyb 2 jello (doubled)
-$1 mq save $.50 wyb 2 jello (doubled)
-$1 mq save $.50 wyb 2 jello (doubled)
-$1 mq save $.50 wyb 2 jello (doubled)
-$1 mq save $.50 wyb 2 jello (doubled)
-$1 mq save $.50 wyb 2 kraft marshmallows (doubled)
$4.50- earned a $4 my marsh coupon

Yes- it is a lot of trouble to ring three orders.  I try to go at not busy times, make sure no one is in line behind me, and ask the cashier if it is okay before doing so.  This week- it is worth it.  Also included is sugar, powerdered and brown sugar and a few other items.  You might check it out!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CVS 4-2-12

$18.31 (plus tax) cash spent- earned $20.99 in extra care bucks plus submitted for a $10 rebate- BOOYA!

Lately I have been feeling a little down, especially about sale shopping and couponing.  So it felt great to actually get a good deal and feel happy about it!

$6- 2 m&m's 2/$6
-$1 magic coupn machine cvs coupon wyb 2 m&m's
-$1 mq wyb 2 m&m's
$3 dove chocolate
$5.99 revlon nail polish
-$3 magic coupon machine cvs coupon wyb dove & revlon nail polish
$2 4 milky way bunnys $.50 each
-$.25 magic coupon machine cvs coupon wyb 2 mars bunnies
-$2 2 $1 mq's wyb 2 mars easter items
$8.99 Complete contact lens solution
$18.99 zyrtec
-$4 zyrtec mq
$6.99 allegra
-$6.99 allegra mq (adjusted down from $7)
-$5 magic coupon machine cvs coupon wyb $25 in allergy meds
$7.96- 4 kelloggs corn flakes at $1.99 each
-$4 mq wyb 4 kelloggs cereals (printed from internet- gone)
$7.96- 4 rice crispies at $1.99 each
-$4 mq wyb 4 kelloggs cereals (printed from internet- gone)
$1.49 Paas easter egg kit
$9.19 schick hydro power razor (rain check from 2 weeks ago)
-$4 schick mq
$8.99 Revlon lipgloss
-$3 magic coupon machine cvs coupon wyb any revlon make up
-$2 revlon face product mq
-$2 magic coupon machine cvs coupon wyb $10 in easter stuff (printing this week- go get yours!)
-$4 extra care buck from last week
-$3 extra care buck from last week
-$10 extra care buck (from my winter spending- printed that day- yay!)
-$10 cvs gift card from new prescription last week (used meijer coupon- they matched it)(I'm counting this as a coupon)

Total before coupons- $87.55
Total after coupons- $18.31  plus tax
Extra care bucks earned, $20.99- $8.99 for contact solution, $7 wyb $15 in revlon makeup, $2 wyb 2 m&m's, $4 schick razor (rain check from 2 weeks ago).

PLUS- there is a $10 rebate wyb 10 boxes of certain Kelloggs cereals.  I submitted one similar to this last Fall- and they are doing it again!  The nice thing about this rebate is they don't require the receipts, only the UPC's from the boxes- which is easy peasy to keep track of.  I wasn't going to go for it since there aren't a lot of cereals my kids actually eat on the list- but when I got these 8 boxes for $1 each and I already had 2 smart start in the cabinet- I decided it was worth it.  I will keep a box of each of these and throw the rest into the food bank box.  (rice crispy treats and corn flake crusted chicken are in our future!!!!)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Walgreens- finally

Just as I suspected, the Tampax and Always were all gone.  I stopped in earlier in the week and they were out, but I know they restock on Thursday.  Guess I should have drug my sorry self in there yesterday.

But I did manage to get everything else on my list:
Total Spent $10.44- earned $8 in register rewards

$8.97- 3X$2.99 Nice trashbags (w/in at coupon)
-$3 ($1 off Nice trashbags- Marsh coupon book)
$3.49 kotex pads
$3.49 kotex tampons
-$2 (2-$1 mq's)
$10 2 Got2B hair products
-$3 mq (only had 1- shoot!)
$6 2 colgate 2/$6
-$2 (2 -$1 mq's)
$1.99 Nice snack bags (no special deal or coupon- just needed them)
$18.47- 32 various Mars easter singles (m&m bunny mix, milky way bunnies, snickers eggs)
-$14 (14 $1/2 mars mq's- must have mis counted, could have used 4 more- still $4.47 for all those is great and they will make some great give baskets for my neices and nephews!!!)
-$10 register reward from last week
-$3 register reward from the kotex (she rang them up first in their own transaction because they have been having problems with it- so I just rolled it into this transaction)
-$9.82 15% friends and family sale on 3/30/12- wooo hoooo!
Total cash paid $10.44, got back $5 RR wyb 2 Got2B and $3 RR wyb 2 colgate

Jello and Strawberries!

This week at Meijer if you buy 4 jello puddings or gelatin, you get a free pound of strawberries.  I'm planning to make jello eggs this week- you know I'm going to do this at least twice!!!!

Also- if you have not checked into the toy deals at Target this week, you might want to head over to and check it out.  When you combine the Hasbro manufacturers coupons (from the paper sunday or printed from their website) with the Target store toy coupons PLUS those great coupons in their circular on Sunday- you've got some super cheap easter basket items.  I know I was able to pick up some fun things for the kids!!!

I still have yet to do my walgreens or cvs shopping this week.  I know.  I plan to try and get there before the week is over- although I'm certain the cheap tampons and mayonaise are long gone.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Couponing slump

I can't get excited this week.  Money making chocolate, $1 tampons (possibly money making if used on the rebate), free hair product, $.69 kool aide jammers, cheap easter basket toys at Target.............doesn't seem to make a difference.  I can't get my act together. 

I'm behind on clipping and organizing.

I haven't been able to find any newspapers to purchase for two weeks.

Every stores shelves seem to be wiped clean of anything that is on sale.

It's discouraging, and I'm getting frustrated. 

I've never been one to wipe out a shelf.  Very rarely to I purchase an 'extreme' amount of anything (two weeks ago I bought over 40 milky way bunnies for 'free' for room party bag stuffers, that felt a bit extreme- but there were still 3 cases on the shelf).  I buy for my family, my sisters family and I donate to food pantries.  Not truckloads of stuff.  A bag or so every couple weeks.

But with so many people now utilizing coupons and the sales to save money- it seems like I can not ever find anything on my list.  And this week it is feeling pretty crumby.

Ever have those weeks??

Monday, March 19, 2012

2 zhu zhu armors $1 each
2 cover girl eye shadows $3.99 each (will use in the P&G rebate)
1 cover girl eyeliner $4.29 (will use in the P&G rebate)
3 Nutrition $4.50 each
1 kit kat $1.25
1 powerade $1
3 hershey candy $3 each
2 M&M's $3 each
$45.02 total before coupons
- $3 (3 $1 covergirl mq's)
-$3 (3 $1 nutrition mq's)
-$2 wyb 3 hershey mq
-$2 (2 $1 cvs coupon machine hershey q's)
-$1.50 wyb 2 m&m's mq
-$1 cvs coupon machine wyb 2 m&m's
$35.52 after coupons plus I used some last weeks EB's and the balance of a gift card, I paid $16.52.
I earned back $5 EB's from the nutrition, $3 wyb $10 covergirl, $1 wyb 2 M&M's, $1 wyb 2 Hersheys.

$10 Berry Colon Cleanse
$12 4 mountain dew 12 packs
I used a $10 RR from the coke deal last week, paid $12 plus tax.  I got back a $10 RR from the colon cleanse.  I wanted to buy the Neosporin wash trial pack and submit for the full rebate which turns into a $5 money maker after using a $5 mq- but they were out.  This would be a great way to roll some RR back into cash- I'll have to look for it at another store.  Plus- I've been wanting Ally to try this wash as her skin is so irritable and itchy!

In case you are wondering- I have gone over my $350 goal for this month already.  There have been some great sales and I just haven't wanted to pass them by!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grocery Sales

This week there are a couple of great deals at the grocery stores (for my family anyway).  Keep in mind, I do not do a full line up of all great deals- I'm just going to list what really worked for me this week.  (If you want a full line up for the Indianapolis area- I suggested on the header you can find each grocery store and their sale match ups).

Got2B hair products on sale for $3- if you didn't use all your $3 off 1 mq's at the last walgreens sale you can pick them up and pay tax only!!!!

Chi Chi's salsa and tortillas $1.50.  Spend $10 and get $2.50 in my marsh bucks.  Use the $.50/1 mq's that double and you've got a great deal.  I bought 4 tortillas & 3 salsas ($10.50) and used 7 mq's (-$7) and paid $3.50 out of pocket and earned a $2.50 marsh q back. 

Small containers (2pack) of Lloyds BBQ pork/beef/chicken are $2.50 each- earn a $2.50 my marsh buck when you spend $10.  BONUS- I found $1 mq peelies on them.  So I bought 4, used 4 mq's, paid $6 and got back $2.50 marsh q.  It was like paying $3.50 for 4 2packs.  Each little pack is only enough for one sandwich- but with the coupons I thought this was a good deal since Dan packs his lunch every day.  I wouldn't have bought them had they not had peelies.

Wholly Guacamole- if you 'like' them on facebook there is a $1.50 off 1 coupon you can print right now.  It's on sale for $2.50 and part of the spend $10 get $2.50 promotion- great deal.

Keep in mind- I had to ring my order in 3 transaction because you can only earn 1 my marsh buck per order.

Meijer:  I haven't even had time to read through their ad yet.  Any good deals to be had?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yeah- I'm still shopping

I know- I've been hit or miss here lately.  But I am still trying to pick up the deals as I see them each week.

CVS- 3/12
$9- 3 Cadbury Eggs $3 each
$2 jolly rancher jelly beans
$5.99 zyrtec (EVERYONE in my house uses this but me)
$15- 5 $3 diet cokes
$31.99 total before coupons
-$2 wyb 3 cadbury eggs mq
-$4 any zyrtec mq
-$1 wyb 2 diet coke mq from cvs website
-$1 wyb 2 diet coke mq from cvs website
$23.99 total
Received back $5 ECB wyb $15 cokes, $3 ECB wyb $10 certain easter candy, $5.99 ECB zyrtec ($4 money maker!) It's like I paid just $10 for all that!
Plus- at my CVS- they had TONS of the Zhu Zhu accessories and cases and they ALL rang up for $1 each!  I bought a couple as a surprise for the kids- maybe for their easter baskets!

Walgreens 3/12:
$4.78- 4 $2.39 Right Guard Deodorant b1g1free (on clearance!!!)
$2.60- 2 ivory b1g1 1/2 off
$5 - 10 snickers eggs at 2/$1
$20- 6 cases of diet coke
$32.38 total before coupons
-$3 wyb 2 right guard printable mq (adjusted down to $2.39)
-$3 wyb 2 right guard printable mq (adjusted down to $2.39)
-$.35 ivory mq
-$.35 ivory mq
-$5- 5 $1/2 Mars easter mq
-$3- 3 $1/2 diet coke mq (found on a tearpad at Marsh)
$18.90 total paid
Received back $10 RR wyb $20 in coke/nestle and $4 RR why 4 rightguard products.  It's like I paid $4.90 for all that after my register rewards!

That coke deal is a great one!  I'm thinking of possibly doing it one more time this week and stocking up.  I generally try to not use a lot of canned pop at home- but these would be great to have on hand for camping and vacations!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meijer Cheese- Dang I almost missed it!

I'm not sure why I didn't read the sale paper better last week- I almost missed one heck of a deal at Meijer.  Today is the last day for their sale here in Central Indiana- so if you want to try and take advantage of it- you gotta hurry!
Total money out of pocket $35.20.
That is 8 bags of shredded cheese, two sliced cheese, 2 cracker cheese, 4 of the new chicken coating cheeses, 4 cream cheese, 5 of the new kraft indugence cream cheeses, 3 cooking creams and 7 packs of gum. 

And the kicker?  I have $20 in coupons for my next shopping order.

When you buy 5 kraft cheeses, you save $3 instantly.  Limit one per transaction.  Therefore, I rang up 5 orders (yes it took forever and no I didn't hog a lane- I kept moving to the back of the line).  Each time it would not only deduct the $3, it would spit out a $4 off my next shopping order thanks from Kraft.


In addition, I used $27.60 in manufacturer coupons.  Heck of a sale.  Glad I discovered it before I missed it, we were out of cheese!!!

Oh- and the gum?  It's on sale for $1 a pack, I used up all my save $1 on 1 pack mq's from a couple weeks ago- who can resist free gum!

Friday, March 2, 2012

February- that's a wrap!

For the first time ever, I have tracked every single penny I spent on anything in a store as well as each coupon and sale price.  I downloaded a coupon savings tracking form from another blog (sorry- I don't remember where) and I started in January.  But that month I only entered things that I bought with coupons.  For instance, if I went regular grocery shopping and didn't use many coupons- I didn't enter it.

In February I did.  Every single thing I bought- I entered.  Birthday gifts, groceries, stock up on personal care items, drinks, all of it.  I must say- I am surprised by what I found. 

I spent $480.83 the entire month.  I thought that the total would have been much lower.  We are still spending nearly the same amount of money per week on grocery & personal care items as we used to- except now I am buying probably double to triple what I used to get for the same money.  So there is something to be said for that- we are much better stocked than we EVER used to be.  But still, I want to get that number down.

I spent $480.83.  I saved $504.72 with store sale prices and $675.48 with coupons, for a total of $1180.20 in total savings.  That means I saved about 71% on average of anything I purchased.  I have no complaints about that- I think its pretty darn good.

But this month- I'm hoping to spend no more than $350.  I'll be anxious to see if we can do it, especially with getting ready for vacation and a family dinner at my house.  Here goes nothing!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Good Golley I luv me some coupons!

Marsh put select Kelloggs cereals on sale this week for 50% off.  I was lucky to have printed the $5/5 boxes coupon a week or so ago.  That means I got 5 boxes of applejacks, fruit loops and corn pops for just $.76 per box!!!!

On to the drug stores.

I didn't take a picture.  Yesterday I was wrangling Allyson who was home sick with scarlet fever and I just didn't have an ounce of energy left.  I mean, you've seen how scattered I've been on this here blog.  My time has been abducted by aliens I'm afraid.


#1 transaction-
$8 On the Go Drink Mix vitamin C supplement
$2.49 huggies wipes
-$.50 huggies mq
-$2 RR last week
$8.72 total (with tax)- got back $8 on the go RR and $2 huggies RR (this is regional and I expect it not to last long on the wipes since it makes them free- but yay I got one!)

#2 transaction-
$26, 6 diet coke 12 packs (may as well stock up)
$0, 2 tiny 8packs of coke cans (free when you buy 3 12 packs)
-$4.33 free 12 pack coke mq (bought with my coke rewards points)
-$4.33 free 12 pack coke mq (bought with my coke rewards points)
-$8 RR from #1 transaction
-$2 RR from #1 transaction
-$2 RR from last week
$7.16 total (with tax)- got back $10 RR wyb $20 in coke or nestle items

Total cash out of pocket $15.88 for over $40 in product and I have a $10 RR left over for next week.

$7.49 scott 12 pack tp
$7.49 scott 12 pack tp
$7.49 scott 12 pack tp
$5.49 scott 6 roll paper towels
$5.49 scott 6 roll paper towels
$3.79 therma care lower back 1 ct.
$4.99 colgate pro toothbrush
$4.99 colgate pro toothbrush
-$5 Scotts mq's (5 at $1 each)
-$.75 colgate mq
-$.75 colgate mq
-$1 cvs buck
-$20 giftcard (I had a $20 pharmacy coupon from Meijer and my CVS pharmacy honors them.  Thanks to scarlet fever girl I had a prescription I was there filling).
$22.96 total (with tax)- I got back 2 $4 cvs bucks for the tooth brushes (she had to manually print the second one- you want to watch that) and $3.79 cvs buck for thermacare PLUS I got a $10 gift card for buying $30 in the Scott products. That's $21.79 I have left over for next week, almost exactly what I paid!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Marsh Sale starting 2/16/12

When I read through the Marsh circular for this week- I just knew I had to get over there!

Total cash out of pocket for everything in the picture was $29.07Plus I earned 2 $4 rewards ($8 total) for my next shopping trip.  I actually earned 3, but I used one on one of my transactions today.  In that picture is 6 boxes of cereal bars, 16 cups of yoplait greek yogurt, 2 gogurts, 8 boxes of fruit snacks, 16 chocolate bars (putting them in the freezer for upcoming smores season!), 6 hamburger helpers, 6 double packs of instant mashes potatoes, two poptarts and two kelloggs krave cereals.  Oh- and Sam.  He's in the picture too : )

All total between the store sale prices, promotions and manufacturers coupons, I saved $116.88- plus I still have the left over $8 for next time that I earned (buy 8 of certain items, get $4- the yoplait greek yogurts were part of that deal at $1 each!  Bought 8- used 4 $.50/2 mq's that doubled to $1- paid $4 and earned $4- FREE!) (Keep in mind- I did three transactions with the items in that promotion because I wasn't sure if I could earn more than one in each order).

I was kind of hoping that the GM cereal sale (buy for instantly save $4) included some of the new cheerio flavors that we have been getting high value q's on, or the new frosted toast crunch- but that is a no go on both.

I didn't have any q's for the hot dogs, but buy 1 get 1 at $2.29 per pack (makes them $1.15 each) is a good deal in the winter months.  PLUS- don't forget to go to the Marsh Website and print your coupon for a free flat bread (I found them in the deli/gourmet cheese area) when you spend $50.  Just be sure to hand over that coupon FIRST if you are using coupons, because if your coupons drop you below fifty and they try to scan it last, then it won't go through.

Good shopping day for some great items- none of which are super healthy, but will serve as great desperate dinners or treats for lunch boxes!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My shopping 2/13/12

I didn't post a single shopping trip last week.  I went shopping- picked up some of the free snickers valentines and a few other things- but all in all it just wasn't a super exciting shopping week.  Which worked for me- I just didn't have it to give.

Yesterday I hit both cvs and walgreens.  Again- this week is not too impressive- except the free Got 2 B hair product, SCORE!

Walgreens:  $4.58 
 $6.58 Hefty zip bags $3.29, b1g1 free
-$2 2 $1/2 mq's (made them $1.15 per box, great price!)
$11.98 Got 2 B hair products $5.99, b1g1 free
-$12 4 $3 mq's from sundays paper (yay!)
$4 St. Joseph Aspirin (paid in 2 seperate transactions)
Paid $8.56
Received back 2 $2 register rewards wyb st. joseph aspirin

CVS: $.50 profit
$9.99 One Touch blood glucose monitor
-$10 one touch mq
$5.50 2 colgates at $2.75 each
-$2 2 $1 colgate mq's
$7.96 4 speedstick deodorants at $1.99 each
-$7.96 2 b1g1 free mq's- should have deducted $1.99 but automatically rang at $3.99 (the full price) (2nd one adjusted down $.02)
Paid $3.49
Received back $4 register reward ($2 wyb colgate- limit of 2 per card)

I have a girlfriend (you know who you are) that uses coupons, even stores them in a binder, but says she has never been able to get any items for free.  This just might be your week girl!

Friday, February 3, 2012

CVS again

I went back to CVS for some stuff I missed.  CVS seems to be where it is at this week!

#1 transaction
3 schick womens shaving cream $4 each
-3 $.55 mq's
$10.35 (I used some cvs bucks- but lets pretend I didn't- kay?)
Earned $12 in CVS bucks ($4 for each shaving creme)

#2 transaction
1 Physicians formula organic mascara $10.49
-$2 mq peelie that was on the package (score!)
-$8 CVS bucks from transaction #1
$.49 plus tax
Earned $7 in CVS bucks (physicians formula wyb $10)

#3 transaction
3 Mountain Dew 3/$10 (you know- for my dan the man)
1 pack of gum $1 (needed something else to use all my cvs bucks-too bad I already got my free cadbury egg!)
$.00 plus tax
Earned $4 in CVS bucks

So- for $33.49 in merchandise I paid $10.84 out of pocket (in theory- but I did roll some CVS bucks) AND still have $4 CVS bucks for next time!!!!!  I was going in to buy the mountain dew anyway- because my husband drinks it all the time.  So basically I got the rest of the stuff for free in addition to what I was planning to spend in the first place.

Man I love coupons.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How'd my Marsh pan out?

You remember the My Marsh promotion this week?  Spend $25 on certain P&G items (proctor and gamble) get a $10 coupon for next weeks shopping???  AWESOME!

Transaction #1:
2 Tide 2X $5.99 each
4 Pantene Shampoo and Conditioners $2.99 each
1 Old Spice mens bodywash/shampoo $3
$26.94 total
-$2 Tide
-$2 Tide
-$3 wyb 2 pantene
-$3 wyb 2 pantene
-$2 old spice body wash

Total $14.94 plus tax ($16.83 total).  And I earned a $10 my marsh coupon off my next shopping trip. 

Transaction #2:
3 Tide 2X laundry detergent $5.99 each
3 Old Spice mens bodywash/shampoo combo $3 each
$26.97 total
-$2 tide
-$2 tide
-$2 tide
-$2 old spice body wash
-$2 old spice body wash
-$2 old spice body wash

$14.97 before tax ($16.86 with tax) and I earned another $10 reward for next week.

What I really needed was the laundry soap.  But had I just bought the 5 laundry soaps I would have spent $20 after my mq's and earned a $10 reward for next week.  As it was, I stocked up on a few things that we weren't so low on, spent $30 out of pocket and earned $20 for next week.  Basically- both scenarios were $10 out of pocket to me (after the rewards).  THAT is what I think is key to couponing.  Knowing how to utilize the 'buy XX earn XX' sales and combining them with coupons to save big time.  My 'old self' would have said 'that's silly to spend $25 on something when all I need is one $6 laundry soap- see I just saved $19'.  But my 'new self' knows that having cheap items that we use anyway stocked up saves us a ton of money in the long run.  And it eliminates the 'oh no we've run out of laundry detergent' panic- because in my house there is ALWAYS more : )

Monday, January 30, 2012

CVS- who doesn't LOVE free chocolate?

6 lady speed stick deodorants $1.99 each
1 Centrum Pro Nutrients $9.99
2 Hersheys Hugs $5.98
1 Cadbury Egg $.87
2 gallons of milk $2.99 each
$34.76 at the sale prices.

My coupons-
-$5.97 3 b1g1free lady speed stick mq's (from 1/29 paper) First 2 scanned through at $3.99- I pointed it out to the cashier but he said I got a 'bonus' and said he wasn't going to fix it.  So actually- it took off $9.97 total)
-$4 centrum pro nutrients cvs machine q from last week
-$5 centrum pro nutrients mq
-$1 off 2 hersheys valentine chocolate bags cvs machine q from last week
-$1 off 2 hersheys kisses mq
$7.81(doesn't include milk-I paid for it seperate)

ECB bucks earned- $6 wyb 12 of lady speed stick (made these totally free!), $2 wyb 2 hersheys bags, $1 wyb 1 cadbury egg (should have been $.87 but cashier had to print manually and he printed for $1). 

I used the $6 ECB I earned to pay for the 2 gallons of milk in a second transaction- paid nothing.  Earned another $2 in ECB ($1 per gallon, limit 2).

So out of pocket I spent $7.81 (actually I used ECB's from last week) and I left with  $5 in ECB left.
I will use the Centrum Pro Nutrients receipt and UPC toward the $10 rebate in yesterdays coupon inserts (I'm going to go back and buy 2 thermacare once I print the $3 mq's from the internet and that will make 3 items total).

Emily held that cadbury egg in her hot little hand that it was a mushy mess by the time we checked out.  We had to nestle it in with the milk to harden it back up so she could eat it!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

GREAT grocery ad week!

I spent some time yesterday going through the three grocery ads for my area (kroger, marsh, meijer) and I've got to say WOW!

Marsh is doing a Marsh Money promotion where when you spend $25 on selected P&G items, you get a $10 Marsh Money certificate to use next week.  Only one will be issued per transaction.

Old Spice Body Wash $3- for instance- if you had 9 of the $2/1 mq's, you could:
buy 7 ($27),
   - the 9 $2 mq's (-$18),
pay $9 total and get a $10 certificate for next week. 
I do not have 9, but I do have 5 so I know I'm going to be buying some of this! 

Other items were Pantene for $2.99- there is a $3/2 mq. You could:
buy 10 ($29.90)
   - 5 $3/2 mq's (-$15)
Pay $14.90 and get a $10 certificate for next week.  $4.90 for 10 bottles of shampoo/conditioner???? GREAT price!

Tide Detergent $5.99, there is a $2 mq
buy 4 detergent ($23.96) and 1 old spice body wash ($3)
   - 4 $2 tide mq's and 1 $2 old spice mq (-$10)
Pay $16.96 and get a $10 certificate for next week.

Other items included in the sale are Charmin, Crest, Bounty, Oil of Olay Regenerist, Prilosec OTC, Cascade, Pampers, Iams, Dawn and more (check your ad or the website at  Many different possibilities to stock up on items that you use anyway!

Meijer is having their buy 10  dollar items get the 11th free.  Kroger is doing their buy 10 save $5- but the only thing I saw there was hunts tomatoes.  So Meijer it is.......

Here's my plan (everythings cost is $1): (also- very rarely am I this organized, usually I am winging it at the store looking through my binder for q's as I go- but being at home with my tonsilectomy patient is providing some extra time this week : )

9 green giant frozen veggies
   -3 $.60/3 mq's (will double to $1, -$3)
4 cambells soups
   -2 $.40/2 mq's (will double to $.80, -$1.60)
8 grands biscuits
   -4 $.30/2 mq's (will double to $.60, -$2.40)
4 chex mix
   -2 $.50/2 mq's (will double to $1, -$2)
2 Goldfish Crackers (darn- no q's)
8 Chef Boyardee
   -2 $.50/4 mq's (will double to $1, -$2)
12 Del Monte Fruit Cups
   -6 $1/2 mq's (-$6)
10 Totinos Pizza Rolls
   -5 $.40/2 mq's (will double to $.80, -$4)
4 Wolfe Chili
   -4 $.40/1 mq's (will double to $.80, -$3.20)
9 snack pack pudding
   -3 $.45/3 mq's (will double to $.90, -$2.70)
2 Aunt Millies English muffins- no mq's, darn again!

$72 (72 items total)
-$6 (every 11th item is free- if I add 5 more items I'll get 1 more free thing- fresh salad and spinich bags are included in the sale, I may just grab 5 of those!)
$66 total- less $27.10 in mq's= $34.90 for all 72 items!!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shopping Week 1/22

Here's what is on my shopping list:


Kelloggs special K fruit bars 3/$10- receive $4 EB wyb 3-
-$1 mq wyb 3
Makes them 3/$5- they taste like a pop tart with just 100 calories

Revlon cosmetics & beauty tools- buy 2 get $7
Nail clippers are $3.19- you'll get 2 free plus make a little money
I bought a mascara and a nail clipper- used a $2mq and a $3 cvs coupon- I ended up with both free

Schick disposable razors spend $20 get $10EB
The packs at my store were $8.99- combine that with the b1g1 mq and you have some seriously cheap razors.  We are stocked so I ended up not buying any

Jolly Rancher Suckers ($2) and other Hershey items spend $15 get $5
Hello- valentines day????

Wisk b1g1- my store was $8.99 each.  If you use 2 $1 mq's, you would pay $6.99 for both.  Not a low enough price for me since I have several jugs left, but a good price if you are running low.

Cokes- 4/$10, included in the spend $30 get a $10 giftcard.  I might do this again this week.

Flurry Protein bar $1.99 with a $2 register reward.

Boost 2/$12- spend $20 and get a $5 register reward
Use $3 mq's.  I bought 4, $24.  Used 4 $3 mq's, brought total to $12.  Received $5 RR, paid $7 for 4 packs.  The kids like these and on days when they are eating poorly I like to offer them one.

Benefiber- spend $20 get $10.  The only varieties I see included are the $10 packages.  If you use this- then this is a deal as you will spend $20 on 2 packs- use a $5 or $7 mq wyb2 and receive $10 back.  Making it just $3-$5 for 2 bottles.  We don't use this- but if the smaller cans were included it could have been a money maker so I put it on my list to check.

My walgreens had all their holiday baking stuff (karo syrup $.76, white and brown sugar $.42, nestle chocolate chips $.88) on a clearance cart by the front door- great time to stock up a little since these items have super long expirations!

IN OTHER NEWS- I am making space in my closet for a set of shelves to put some of my 'stockpile'.  I have basically every cabinet in the house full and it's making me a bit insane.  As soon as I find the shelves I want I promise to post pictures- as this will provide confirmation to you all that I have lost my ever loving mind.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shopping Week 1/15


Coke 12 packs 4/$10 are part of the spend $30 get a $10 giftcard.  You are limited to buying 4 12 packs at a time, but you can stop in and buy 4 on 3 visits and then you will hit the $30 and get your $10 card.  It's like getting 12 12-packs for $20, $1.66 each.  I mixed up the 12 packs and the Nabisco Crackerfuls (2/$5, bought 6- used 2 $2 off 3 mq's).  I still need to go back for 2 more 12 packs to hit the $30 mark.

Brita Pitcher $14.99, earn $5 ECB.  Used the $4 mq from the 1/15 smart source, paid $11 and got $5 back.  Then I submitted for the $10 rebate- I made $4 buying it!
Also- the Axe Twist deodorant with the clear cap is ringing up on clearance for $2.49 each and qualify for the buy 3 get $4 ecb.  I bought 3= $7.47.  Used 3 $1 mq's= -$3.  Paid $4.47 got back $4 ecb.  It's like getting 3 deodorants for $.47 total.

Buy 3 american greeting cards earn $3 ecb.  I bought 3 $.99 cards to donate to a friend in the military.

South Beach Diet Snack and Meal bars- $5.99, earn a $6 register reward

Thermacare Singles- $2.49, earn a $2.50 register reward

Spend $15 on certain healthcare items, earn a $5 reward.  Included in this deal was the Flinstone gummy vitamins $11.99 and the AlkaSelzer Plus Cold $3.49.  I used a $2 mq on the vitamins and a $2 mq on the AlkaSeltzer.  I paid $11.48 and earned a $5 register reward, which made it $6.48 for both.  I only needed the vitamins- but buying both items made the entire transaction cheaper than just 1 bottle of the vitamins!

Also included is the Aleve in the arthritis bottles $3.79 (not pictured).  Buy 4 bottles, $15.16.  Use 2 $5/2 Aleve 40 ct. or larger mq's, pay $5.16 and earn a $5 register reward.  Who wouldn't throw some in your medicine cabinet at just $.04 per bottle?