Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shopping this week 11/4/12

Carmex- spend 6 get $3EB.  This probably isn't the best deal ever, but we were out and I am ADDICTED to carmex chapstick!
4 @ $1.69 each= $6.76
-4 $.50 mq's= $4.76
Get back $3 EB (extra care bucks), made them $.44 each.  Works for me.

iTunes $25 card, get $5 EB. I didn't buy this, but it is a good deal for a christmas gift.

Spoiled Nail Pail (wet n wild) $6.99- get $3 EB
I found a $1 wet n wild mq, woo hoo!  Paid $5.99, got $3, that is an awesome gift for $3!

Digiorno Pizza- personal size- B1G1 free.  At my store they were $3.99.
I used $1 mq- paid $3 for 2, just $1.50 each.  These are great for emergency lunches!

Bic Silky Touch disposable razors B1G1 50% off
I found bonus packs with 4 extra razors!
$5.99 for first one
$2.99 for second one
-$10.19! mq for b1g1 free (it auto deducted $10.19- which made this deal so very very sweet!  wished I had more than 1 coupon!)
$1.19 money maker!

Blue Diamond almonds- b1g1 free
$3.79 for 2 cans
-$.75/2 mq
Made them just $1.52 per can

Certain crest tooth pastes are $2.99, b1 get $2 RR (register reward)
-$.75 mq
Makes it just $.24 for toothpaste- my store was out

Jet Dry b1g1  At my store they were $3.99- so just $2 a bottle.  Not a stock up price for me, but we were out so it was a good price!

My store had their halloween 75% off!!!!  You might check yours out, mine had several sets of ear buds and little speakers that plug into an mp3 or ipod that were included making them $1.24-$2.24 each!
Even better:

Blue Diamond Pumpkin Pie Almonds were 75% off- making them $.99 a can.
They were still ringing up b1g1 free!  Plus I used a mq!
$.99 for 2 cans
-$.75 mq
$.12 per can- wow!

I must say I'm still not getting the hang of the balance rewards points. The first few weeks I was totally racking them up quickly!  In fact, I have over 76,000.  But then it stopped.  I miss the register rewards....really bad.  I'm hoping that they still have the Jingle Cash this year, a girl can hope right?

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