Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Check out the pasta sale!

I went into Kroger with a small list of things I wanted to get while on sale.  And I found a few more items I'd missed that I was glad to stuble upon.
 I'm going to just list the prices after the save $5 on 10 sale- each of these is after the $.50 off per item:
Ronzoni pastas- $.49 (used $1 off 2 coupons- free!)
Ronzoni garden veggi pastas- $.49 (used $1 off 1 coupons- made $.51 per box!)
Red Gold Tomatoes- $.49 (used 2 $.50 off two coupons- doubled to $1- free!)
Post Fruity pebble cereal bars $1.99 (used $.75 coupons)
Ritz Crackerfuls $1.99 (used $1 off 2 coupon)
Carl Budding ham (ally loves it) $.59 per pack (used $.75 off four)
Bologna $1.49 (no coupon)
Tons of yogurts- Dannon light and fit, Danimals drinkables and crush cups, Danimino- All $1.55 (used $1 coupons on each one- paid $.55 per 4-6 pack!)
Yokoshimo (sp?) ramen noodles $1.09 (used 2 $.50 coupons that doubled to $1)
I had a few other items that I bought like velveeta, 3 packs of capris suns, etc.  My total spent was $31.40.  Total coupons was $32.45 plus $25 off with the buy 10 save $5 sale.
CVS and Walgreens-
At CVS I missed the Axe sale when I went on Sunday.  Body wash and scrubby things $3.79- spend $15 get $5 extra bucks.  Used two b1g1- spent $7.58- got $5 back.  Nice for giftbaskets for my overgrown nephews.  What's really nice?  The cashier entered the coupons as the REGULAR price of $5.79 instead of the sale price- so I basically made money buying these.
CVS still- Kelloggs cereals $1.88, used $1 off two coupons.  Skintimate shaving gel- $3.49, used $.55 coupon, got $2.50 back extra bucks.
Walgreens- Tangled DVD $17.99, used $5 coupon and some rewards, plus got a color wonder $10 set for free.  Some more free snickers eggs.  Fruity Pebbles $1.99- I promised Sam after emily polished off the last box.  2 more colgate- 2/$6, used 2 $1.50 coupons, got back $4 rewards.

Total out of pocket for everything in all three stores today was less than $46 after coupons and some rewards I used.  Plus I got back $9.50 cvs extra care bucks and $4 walgreens cash.  And I get to keep all that stuff!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday shopping 3/27

CVS- Total Spent $3.94
1 Mt. Dew 12pack- $3.34
4 Pledge @ $3 each- $12
(pledge coupons: 2 b1g1 coupons -$6 and 2 $1 of coupons -$2)
4 Listerine on sale for $1 each (last weeks sale)- $4
(listerine coupons- 2 $2 off 2, -$4)
4 M&M's easter eggs- $.88 each- $3.52
(mars coupons- 2 $2 off 2 coupons, adjusted down to -$3.52
1 gallon deans milk $2.99
(deans milk- save $1 on 1 gallon -$1)
Also used $6.99 extra buck from the zyrtec deal last week.
My total was $3.94 and I got a $4 extra care buck back for buying 4 pledge items (which made them free).

Walgreens $6.81 ($3.53 of that was sales tax)

3 Scott 6 roll paper towels $5 each- $15
(coupons- walgreens april coupon book save $1 per package -$3 and $1 manu coupons -$3, makes them just $3 per 6 pack)
Colgate toothpaste $3 each- $6
(coupons- 2 $1 off coupons -$2)
Mentos Gum- on sale for $.99 each , $5.94
(coupons- 6 $.35 off coupons -$2.10)
Dial mens lotion $.99
(save $1 on any dial lotion- adjusted down to -$.99)
4 bags of Hershey candy $2.50 each- $10
(coupons- save -$1 on 3 bags)
36 snickers eggs at $.29 each- $10.44 (they had 6 more boxes on the shelf- I did not feel bad buying a whole box- these will be donated to a children's ministry, my sisters kids easter baskets and in care packages)
(coupons- 10 save $1/2 Mars products -$10)- you got it- $.44 for 36 snickers eggs.  If you've got the coupon from the paper last week- you buy 7 snickers eggs to get above the $2 and use your coupons and use 2 of them and you'll get all 7 for less than a nickel.
4 packs extra gum from clearance rack, $.32 each , $1.28 total
(coupons- 2 $.50 off two packs of extra gum, -$1)
Used 2 $10 register rewards (last weeks Tena deal I rolled my rewards into) and a $5 register reward (last weeks Almay deal)
My total was $6.81.
I got back a $4 register reward for the toothpaste and a $5 register reward for buying $10 in hersheys candy.  HOWEVER- the ad stated it would be a regular register reward- but it printed as $5 off your next hersheys purchase.  The manager said it must have been a misprint in the ad.  Yeah, must be.  Now that I have four bags of hersheys- do I really want $5 more?  But with egg hunts, parties and such I suppose it will all get put to use.

I don't know about you guys- but I have a pretty good stash of easter basket stuffed poked away already!  Bubble gum, toys, fake nails, chocolate, m&m eggs- now I just need to keep it all hidden!

Is it inappropriate for the bunny to fill the kids baskets with toothpaste, deodorant and maalox? (kidding- kind of)

Friday, March 25, 2011

I got people.......part 2

When you pack around a three ring binder that weighs five pounds full of coupons, you tend to meet people.

I get 'the looks' from folks who pretty much think I'm a whacko.  Or a college student.  They aren't sure why I'm packing a pregnant trapper keeper- and they keep their distance.

Then there are people who are curious.  They say things like- 'wow, you sure are organized' or 'boy I bet you save some money' or 'now that is impressive'.  I'm sure all of these really translate to 'nut job- aisle 8'- but really I'm not caring.

I LOVE to look in folks carts and pick out the items I have coupons for.  One day, while in line behind an older gentleman I just couldn't stand it.  He had 3 Ensure and 1 Sinex.  His total was over $30- and he was glad to pay it.  Before he did- I handed the cashier 3 coupons for $3 off Ensure and 1 coupon for $4 off Sinex.  $13 in coupons- his new total was less than $20.  He offered me 100 less years in purgatory and a friendly thank you- although I'm not sure he is authorized to offer purgatory reduction, the thought was nice.

Last night as I checked out, a young guy behind me said 'Boy I wish you could teach my girl to do that'.  My total was just over $5 after my coupons and I got a $5 reward back (just some more almay at Walgreens and a few more treats for easter baskets- I went in to do the Gillette deal, but I couldn't find my b1g1 coupons!  I must have left them on a shelf at some store thinking I'd never use them.  Dang).  In his hands, maxipads.  He was paying full price, and had no coupon.  Blasphemy.

I think me and wheezer might get some business cards made up.  You know- so that I could direct 'his girl' to my blog.  Although, I'm not very good at marking up the specific deals, links to coupons and exact dates of printed coupons.  But there are tons of folks who are.  Here are the ones I use:

Wild for Wags
Hip 2 Save
Totally Target
Couponing to Disney
Penny Pinchin Mom
I heart CVS
In good cents- this one's good for our local grocery deal match ups

So perhaps me and Wheezie will just stay posting our shopping trips for now.  It helps me keep track of what deals are really deals, and which ones aren't.  Plus I love it- which is strange I know.  Very strange. 

Nut Job- Aisle 8.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Give it away March

I sincerely love how couponing affords us the opportunity to really give to the food pantries way more than we could otherwise.  I hope to increase this over time as I find better sales and polish this couponing technique a bit- but for this month here is what we sent.  Except the kids.  I kept them.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whadja buy today?


Total spent- $21.59.  In addition I used $17 in walgreens register rewards from previous weeks.
I got back $39 in register rewards (2 $10 for the Tena pads, 1 $4 for the razor, and 3 $5 for the Almay makeup).  Not pictured that I also bought (which is included in the total) is a 12 pack of mt. dew and a pack of bagels.

The Almay is by far the biggest exciting thing in my opinion.  This week it is 20 or 30% off, PLUS, most of it is tagged that you get a $5 reward if you buy it.  The mascara was $5.59, the concealer was $6.29, they eyeliner was $5.59.  Plus a few weeks ago there were $2 off any almay coupons.  PLUS if you find the spring beauty coupon books at the make up counter, there is a $2 off any almay coupon in there as well.  These can in fact be stacked- one manu q and 1 walgreens beauty book q.  I had one of those, but the cashier took it so I only got to use it once (sometimes they just enter the codes from the coupon and you get to keep it).

So- for instance- I bought the $5.59 mascara, and used a $2 coupon, so I paid $3.59 in cash and got a $5 register reward.  I MADE $1.41!  And if you use both coupons, you'll make $3.41.  And even if you have no coupons- it's a great deal to get good cosmetics for less than $1 each!

By the way- the Tena pads are not for me.  They are on sale for $9.99, and you get a $10 reward.  I printed a couple of the $2.50 off coupons and will give the pads to my mom.  I told her about the sale, but I'm sure she didn't get them and will miss out!  So I picked them up while I was there.

Today's sunday paper had a $1 off 2 mars easter items coupons.  That is good on the snickers eggs and the dove truffle eggs- that made the snickers free and the truffle eggs $.29 each.  Those blow up things are buy two get one free.  These are all being tucked away for easter surprises.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The coupon NINJA!

It is my personal recomendation that you don't shout this out and then 'chop' the cashiers head.   Just keep your cool and get your heiny to the car.  Although- yesterday I was pressed for time and still managed to trapse in and out of TWO grocery stores scarfing up not only a few necessary items but all the sale items I went in for.  HEIIIII- YA!


27 packages of Kraft cheese (some shredded, some blocked) and 3 packages of American Singles- on sale for $1.99.  Buy 10 save $3.00 ($.30 each) + spend $30 on select Kraft items get a $10 coupon off your next shopping trip.

30 cheeses at $1.99=59.70
Less buy 10 save $3 (x3)= -$9
Less 3 save $.55 on american singles= -$1.65
Less 13 save $1 off two Kraft blocks or shreds= -$13
Total out of pocket= $36.05
Plus I got back TWO $10 coupons off my next shopping trip- so I got $20 back. 
That makes each package around $.55 if you take off the $20 coupons- which you KNOW I'll use.
(why I didn't buy another block of cheese and use another $1 coupon is beyond me- oops)
Cheese freezes well- and we eat ALOT of it.  So this was a good deal for our house.

A couple other good purchases in my opinion at Marsh this week:
Cinnamon toast crunch cereal bars- $1.99 and I used $1 off coupons- paid $.99 each.
Dial pump soap- $1 and I used $.35 coupons that doubled- paid $.30 each.

Kroger is having their 'buy 10 of selected items get $5 instantly off your bill' sale.  So that is mainly what I went in for- plus crackers, eggs, bananas and meatballs.  I failed to stock up the last time meatballs were on sale- which means today I paid FULL PRICE for those bad boys- $3.89.  I did find a $.55 coupon in my binder though- so that comforted me a bit.  But the night was going to be crazy and I needed to put spaghetti sauce and meatballs in the crockpot if my family had any hope of eating.  So it was a $3.34 well spent.

Sunny D- $1.49 buy 10 items save another $.50 per item, so -$.50, plus I used a $.25 coupon that doubled- so the final cost was $.49 per bottle.

Post fruity pebble or cocoa pebble cereal bars- $2.49, less $.50 per item sale, plus $.75 coupon, final cost $1.24 per box.

Dannon Yogurt- $2, less $.50 per item sale, plus $.50 coupon that doubled- final cost $.50 per 4 pack.

Pasta Roni- 1.39 per box, less $.50 per item sale, plus buy 3 get 1 free coupon (-$1.39) that rang in as minus $2- means I paid $1.56 for four- making it just $.39 per box.

Pepperidge Farm Frozen Cakes- $2.79 per cake, less $.50 per item sale, plus $.75 coupon- final cost $1.54 each.  (these are great to poke in the freezer and have as a frantic last minute pitch in item!)

Franks red hot sweet chili sauce- boy have I been wanting to try this but refuse to pay over $3 per bottle!  On sale for $2.39, less $.50 per item sale- plus $.50 coupon that doubled- final cost $.89 each.

Capri Suns $1.93 less $.50 per item sale- (no coupons, gasp)- final cost $1.43 (we needed these for the office fridge).

ALSO- I didn't buy any (yet) but I'm going back-
Philadelphia cooking cremes- on sale for $2.50, less save $.50 if you buy 10 items, plus use your $1.50 coupon from the paper a few weeks ago- makes these just $.50 each!  They are a nice item to use to try new quick recipes!

On everything you see in both pictures- plus a 10 pound bag of potatoes and 3 2 liters of sprite- my out of pocket total was $88.10- plus I got back those two $10 coupons off my next order.  That is after $38.10 in coupons, $24 in buy 10 save some cash sales, and regular old sale prices.  Not super huge- but I was excited to have gotten some good deals!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Target (said with a french accent)

I've said it 100 times, but gosh I love that store!  It's like my Cheers- where everyone knows my name and they are always glad I came.  Except that one cashier who huffs about my coupons- so I just avoid her lane.

Shopping trip 3/16/11.
Toaster Strudels are on sale for $1.87 each.  (6=$11.22)
Used 2 save $1.50 on any 3 pillsbury items target printable coupons -$3
Used 2 save $.75 on 3 toaster strudel manufaq coupons -$1.50
That made them $1.12 per box.   (or it would have.  I'm now looking at my receipt and the cashier only scanned one of the $1.50 coupons.  Dang!  I was distracted with Sam and not watching)

Excedrin- $3.79.  Used $3 target printable and $1 manufaq- made $.21 per bottle.
Gain Fabric Softener $4.34, used $3 manufac coupon- $1.34 (this could be free at Meijer- if you are brave enough to shop there.  Buy 2 @ $4 each- get a $3 coupon off your next order, use 2 $3 coupons and you come out $1 ahead.)
Orbit gum 3 packs- on sale for $2.  Used $.75 coupon printable from target- made it $.42 per pack.  The leprechaun is going to leave this green gum as a surprise for the kids.
Nabisco Crackers- on sale for $2.  Used $1 off 2 target printable and $1 off two manufaq- final cost only $1 per box! 
Starkist Tuna pouches on sale for $.89.  Used $1.50 off three manufaq coupons- made it just $.39 per pouch.  Apparently there was a regional target coupon in the redplum or something a few weeks ago that you can pair with this to make it better- but I didn't get it.  Still- $.39 per pack is okay by me.
Then I hit the clearance!  The stationairy section of my store was all a mess.  Carts of product everywhere, employees busily changing this and that- and most of the stuff they were clearancing was 75% off!
If you haven't done so- you can print coupons for $2 off one Pixos product (fun little girl make it kits by crayola) (hit your 'back' button and you can print it twice) which made that little stationairy kit just $.49!  Originally $9.99 marked down to $2.49.

Plus all of these party favors were 75% off- which will make some nice prize cabinet items at church.

I also picked up some origami and window cling book kits marked down to $2.49.  These make nice birthday gifts for one of the zillion parties we get invited to (not complaining- just sayin').

There seemed to be lots of clearance all over the store.  Take a minute and look around, you just might find something to poke away in your cabinets for a rainy day!


8 Right Guard Deodorants + 2 1/2 gallons of milk= $3.70.

I figured since I'd waited so long in the week to take my right guard b1g1 free coupons to Walgreens that the shelves would be cleared.  And at the first one I stopped at they were.  But at the second, I was able to put the magic b1g1 sale with the b1g1 coupon- and all I paid was tax.  Plus for my milk- because we just needed it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Free Kids Meals at O'Charleys

Just got an email from O'charleys.  It's kids week and you can print a coupon here for a free kids meal with each adult entree.

Guess I know where I'm voting for our eat out on Sunday!

Drugstore shopping 3/13

My sunday shopping purchases:
Walgreens- Dial lotion on sale for $4.99.  Used $2 coupon (in the paper a few weeks ago) and got back $3 register reward.  I paid nothing.
Irish Spring Deodorant- on sale 2 for $6.  Used 2 $1 printable coupons from coupons.com or similar- paid $4, got back $4 register reward.  I paid nothing.
Venus Pro Skin Razor- same deal as last week yay!  On sale for $7.99.  Use $5 coupon.  Paid $2.99, got back $4 register reward.  I was paid $1 to buy this.
CVS:  These items were included in the photo above too- but I had to post this one with Emily giving it a big thumbs up.
I must say that my whole family stopped at CVS after going out for our weekly Sunday dinner out.  The kids were kind of loud, and I had drank a HUGE margharita- so I just wasn't thinking straight. 
But then I found the Method free and clear laundry soap that had been on clearance for $4.50 marked down to just $2.25 per bottle and I started dancing around the aisles.  The reason I pack around Wheezer (my trusty binder o' coupons) everywhere I go is precisely this reason.  I had $2 off coupons!!!  And they were with me!!  And not expired!!  Same with the Old Spice mens body wash.  Clearanced for $1.25 per bottle, I had a $1 coupon.
So- 5 bottles of method laundry soap (just two squirts per load- this stuff is nice!) $11.25 (normally $8.99 per bottle)- $1.25 total after $10 in coupons!
Old Spice mens body wash just $.25 after $1 coupon.
2 Gain Dish Soap on sale for $.97.  This is the downfall to shopping while tipsy.  I misread the coupon, it was for $1 off gain laundry soap.  So I put them back in wheezer and planned to put these back on the shelve, but I paid for them by accident.  I have like 13 bottles of dish soap that I got for nothing under the sink- and I just paid $2 for 2 more.  Oh well.
4 12packs of diet coke (not in my picture) on 'sale' for $4.34 each.  Last week at CVS I found a tear off pad for $1.50 off per 12 pack on coke products.  I stuck 4 in my binder just in case.  Plus I ordered a free 12 pack coupon from my mycokerewards account.  So heres how this worked.
4 12 packs- $17.36
-6.00 in $1.50 coupons (one each)
-4.34 free 12 pack coupon
-5 cvs register reward when you buy $15 in coke products
That makes this $2.02 for all four.  Technically I paid $7.02 and got a reward for $5 off my next purchase- but that is still a great price.  Plus I have some bucks to roll next week too.

When you consider that I paid with $6 in register rewards from last week- it makes it even sweeter!  My total at CVS was $8.39 after all my coupons- and I got $5 back for next week.

Sorry this is so wordy- I might have been a wee bit excited about my CVS deals.

Today I'm gonna try to swing by Walgreens and see if I can find any of that free deodorant!


Buy One Get One Free coupons rock for the obvious reasons.  But there are two more reasons that you might not know about.

Reason #1:  Kroger this week has Seapak seafood b1g1 free.  You buy one coconut shrimp for $8.99 and get one free.  PLUS- because you have two items, you can use a coupon on EACH of them.  So use your $1 off coupons and that takes the total down to $6.99- which is just $3.50 per box of jumbo coconut shrimp.  Buy a cheaper variety and it is even less.

Reason #2:  If a store runs a B1G1 free promotion, then you can in fact buy 2- pay for none and get them both for free.  You might be thinking this never happens, but it is happening right now.  In yesterdays RedPlum coupons (from the paper) there was a Buy 1 Right Guard Deodorant, get one free.  They are on sale at Walgreens this week buy one get one free.  When you combine your coupon with their sale, you will get both for free.

I didn't pick any of these up because I hadn't gone through my coupons yet.  I bet when I get there today they will be hard to find- but check anyway.  Walgreens stocks their shelves regularly so it would be worth looking.  Even if you don't use this brand of deodorant- this is a nice donation item.  Someone might find it a blessing to have a personal need item at the food pantry so that they can use that $2 for something else they need at the store that week.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sometimes you have to go actual 'grocery shopping' shopping

It has been about a year since I got back into the coupon saddle.  In my previous coupon life, I bought just one newspaper a week, clipped coupons for items that we used and when I was at the store buying my list of items- I tried to match the coupons I had to what I was buying.  The more kids we had, the less this was possible for me.  And eventually I surrendered to just shopping the sales and using coupons on diapers.

Now my strategy is similar- only on a grander scale.  I've thrown in a few coupon blogs that I follow to find items we use for free or that I make money on to put toward other necessities.  I have a small stockpile of personal care items that makes me happy.  I shop multiple different stores each week to get the best deals at each.  And I buy 4-10 newspapers per week, depending on what coupons are in them.  (and instead of a small accordian 'normal' coupon holder- I carry Wheezer around like my baby.)

I still really only trim coupons for items we use though.  Or items I have seen go on super sale and be money makers in the past.  Or things we would try if the price was right.

Because we are building up a nice little stockpile of particular items- I allow our pantry to kind of determine our meals.  However, this week- unless I could come up with something that would use spaghetti sauce, deodorant and toothpaste- I had to go regular grocery shopping.

I have yet to perfect being able to grab a few super sale items with my regular shopping.  I frequently return home from a shopping trip with bags and bags of stuff that I spent just a few dollars on only to find out that we are out of milk, cheese, eggs and bread.  And I wonder why when I was in the store (after store after store) that day it didn't occur to me to get the necessities too?

Anyway- yesterday I had to go regular grocery shopping.  There were not any huge sales- just regular ones.  Although I kept seeing 'cartload sales' and 'participating item' tags- but I still don't know what that meant.

So I shopped.  Got produce, meat, cheese, yogurts, juices, veggies, pastas, frozen fish (this is the time to buy some frozen fish by the way! Lent brings big sales on Gordon's and Seapak).  I still used my coupons for the items we were buying.  And I obviously stuck to sale items.  I let Sam pick out a box of fruit snacks- and agreed to buy the full price kelloggs brand (even though it hurt.  really bad). 

My total before my Kroger card- $220.98
My total after my Kroger card- $156.19
My total after coupons- $121.25

Like $45 in coupons.  Paper money I call them.  $45 for stuff I was buying anyway.  Nothing that deserves photographs or item price breakdowns- but not too shabby.

And now we have actual food for a few weeks- and I can get back to buying free deodorant and razors.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back to Walgreens

I know, I know.  Walgreens again?

When I went on Sunday they were out of the ladies razors, so I stopped in again last night and low and behold they had more out!  See- Allyson has started shaving as well, so cheap razors are a good thing in our house. 
The razors were on sale for $7.99- but you get a $4 reward back.  I knew I had a $2 coupon, so a buck for a razor was worth stopping back in.

But I was super stoked to find that the coupon I actually had was $5 off!  That means I paid $2.99 and got back a $4 register reward!  Yippee!  These coupons were in the paper a couple of weeks ago- maybe the proctor and gamble insert? 

I also was able to print two more of the KISS nail product coupons (redplum or coupons.com?)for $2 off- these little girl fake nails were 50% off (they change color in the sun) making them $2.49- less my coupon- $.49 each.  I'm saving them for easter baskets.  The girls think these are fun, for like 3.5 minutes, until they get in the way and they take them back off.

Pedicare.  If you have children, you want to go to walgreens this week and buy some of this.  With or without the printable coupon, it is a good deal.  Infants Pediacare is $5.99 and the childrens ages 2-11 is $6.99- and there is a coupon in the walgreens ad for $5 off of one.  I bought 4- the cashier scanned the coupon, it took off $20.  Go to coupons.com and print a $2 off 1 pediacare product (under healthcare on the left) and you get either one of these for free.  (Make a dollar toward your other items if you buy the infants, no babies in your house- pass it along to a new mom, that's what I'm gonna do heads up sarah).

I know I will be relieved to have some fever reducer on hand when I wake up to a sick kiddo in the middle of the night someday.  And then when their fever comes down we can put on our false nails and shave.  It's a win win!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Walgreens is giving away more stuff!

I can't believe that I used to never shop at Walgreens.  I didn't believe that they really had any good deals at all.  I just didn't see it.

This week here are my top favorites!
Tide Stain release (laundry booster) $3.99.  Buy $10 get $3 register rewards.  Used 3 $3 off coupons from last weekends proctor and gamble inserts.  So it was $12, less $9 in coupons- paid $3, got back $3.

Always new panti liners- $2.99.  Used $1 off coupons- got back $2 register rewards.

KISS fake nails and accessories are 50% off.  There are $2 off coupons at coupons.com (I think)- so these little nail polish pen things were $5.99- on sale for $2.99- I paid $.99 (these are going in the girls easter baskets).

Mushrooms $.50 per can and knee highs $.25 each.  I used these as fillers.  At Walgreens, you can only use one manufacturers coupon per item.  So in order to roll last weeks register rewards to this weeks purchases (which I was already using a coupon on each item), I had to add some 'fillers' in order to do that.  It's taken me a while to figure this little detail out, but I think I've gotten an understanding on it (finally).

Trash bags were $4.99 after their in book coupon, and I used a $.55 manufacturers q- not a huge big deal but we were out of trashbags so I was glad to get a semi sale price.

Half and Half.  I forgot to take it out of the picture.  Completely paid full price for it- without a coupon.

Other items I noticed on good deal but didn't buy:

They do have their Coffee Mate Creamers b1g1 free- so if you use that it is a pretty good deal when you pair it with the $1 off 2 coupon.  That makes it $1.49 for two of them.

Also- Tampax tampons are $2.99.  Use the $2 off 1 coupons from last week and they are just $.99 per package.

Pediacare products- there is a $5 off 1 coupon in the sales flier.  The Infant fever reducer was $5.99 at my store.  Kids fever reducer was $6.99.  There was also a printable $3 off 2 coupon a few weeks ago (no longer available) that makes this deal even better- if you are in need of any for your medicine cabinet.

Pampers Diapers 2 for $20- get $3 RR.  Pair this with the infant care pampers coupon (walgreens coupon) for $2 off per pack (-$4) plus 2 pampers coupons from last weekend $2 off per pack (-$4), that makes diapers $4.50 per package.

Obviously I don't list out every single sale item here on my blog.  Take a minute each week and look through the sale fliers, see what fits for you and if you trimmed the coupons when they printed.  Matching up the sales to the coupons is where you save the money.  Then throw in some 'free' items with register rewards and it is all just gravy!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Target 3/3/11- $3.22 total.

6 Propel vitamin waters $.79 each- less 3 $1 coupons good when you buy 2 ($.29 each)
2 up & up panti liners $.89 each- less 2 $.75 target web coupons ($.14 each)
Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cereal $2.50 each- less 2 $1 manufacturer q's and 2 $1 target web coupons ($.50 each) (this is a peanut cereal- it will go to my sister or the food bank- but who can pass up $.50 cereal?)
2 Excedrin $3.74 each- less 2 $1 manufacturer q's and 2 $3 target web coupons (+$.26 each)

I don't suppose it's anything really blog worthy- but I just thought I would show at least the awesome stack on excedrin- because if your house is like mine, you've got a HUGE headache most of the time. (smile)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two stores- some small savings

I am not joking- there just doesn't seem to be anything this week that is making me want to shop.  And that is not normal.  I'm just having a ho hum, hum drum kind of a week I suppose.  Things are pretty busy, so I suppose that is where my energy is going.

Today I finally forced myself to go to Walgreens and Kroger. 

 3 splenda with fiber $2.99 each (who decided people who use splenda need fiber anyway?)
2 anti aging vitamins $10 each (couldn't hurt- right?)
2 baby magic baby wash $3 each
3 schick razors $8.99 each
All total- $61.94. 
I used 3 $2 coupons on the splenda and 3 $2 coupons on the razors.  I also used a whole lot of walgreens cash coupons.
Because I didn't have the energy to sort out the transactions to utilize my walgreens cash better- I did end up spending just over $30 in actual cash in the three transactions.  I could have so totally done this better and been able to use more of the dollars off coupons- but whatever.  You know- add in some fillers, get to use more coupons, less cash out, roll walgreens cash into next transaction.  I just didn't have it today.

I did get back $44 in walgreens cash though (2 $10 from the vitamins, 2 $3 from the baby wash and 3 $6 from the razors).  So that makes my laziness okay.  I got back more than I spent.

Activia yogurts are $1.88, land o lakes spreadable butters are $1 and Philly Cooking Creme is $2.49.
I used $1 coupons on the activia, $.40 coupons (that double) on the butter and $1.50 on the cooking creme.  I know I could have waited for a better savings on the cooking creme- but I was kind of anxious to try it.

See what I mean?  I just don't have anything that is too aweful exciting to report.  Here's hoping next weeks grocery ads pack more sizzle.

But I still have yet to get to Target, I'll hope to do that one day.  Maybe there is something there that will light my fire.