Thursday, March 17, 2011

Target (said with a french accent)

I've said it 100 times, but gosh I love that store!  It's like my Cheers- where everyone knows my name and they are always glad I came.  Except that one cashier who huffs about my coupons- so I just avoid her lane.

Shopping trip 3/16/11.
Toaster Strudels are on sale for $1.87 each.  (6=$11.22)
Used 2 save $1.50 on any 3 pillsbury items target printable coupons -$3
Used 2 save $.75 on 3 toaster strudel manufaq coupons -$1.50
That made them $1.12 per box.   (or it would have.  I'm now looking at my receipt and the cashier only scanned one of the $1.50 coupons.  Dang!  I was distracted with Sam and not watching)

Excedrin- $3.79.  Used $3 target printable and $1 manufaq- made $.21 per bottle.
Gain Fabric Softener $4.34, used $3 manufac coupon- $1.34 (this could be free at Meijer- if you are brave enough to shop there.  Buy 2 @ $4 each- get a $3 coupon off your next order, use 2 $3 coupons and you come out $1 ahead.)
Orbit gum 3 packs- on sale for $2.  Used $.75 coupon printable from target- made it $.42 per pack.  The leprechaun is going to leave this green gum as a surprise for the kids.
Nabisco Crackers- on sale for $2.  Used $1 off 2 target printable and $1 off two manufaq- final cost only $1 per box! 
Starkist Tuna pouches on sale for $.89.  Used $1.50 off three manufaq coupons- made it just $.39 per pouch.  Apparently there was a regional target coupon in the redplum or something a few weeks ago that you can pair with this to make it better- but I didn't get it.  Still- $.39 per pack is okay by me.
Then I hit the clearance!  The stationairy section of my store was all a mess.  Carts of product everywhere, employees busily changing this and that- and most of the stuff they were clearancing was 75% off!
If you haven't done so- you can print coupons for $2 off one Pixos product (fun little girl make it kits by crayola) (hit your 'back' button and you can print it twice) which made that little stationairy kit just $.49!  Originally $9.99 marked down to $2.49.

Plus all of these party favors were 75% off- which will make some nice prize cabinet items at church.

I also picked up some origami and window cling book kits marked down to $2.49.  These make nice birthday gifts for one of the zillion parties we get invited to (not complaining- just sayin').

There seemed to be lots of clearance all over the store.  Take a minute and look around, you just might find something to poke away in your cabinets for a rainy day!

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