Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marsh 11/28

I haven't gotten excited about Marsh in forever.

But starting tomorrow- if you buy $30 in certain Proctor & Gamble products you can earn $1 off per gallon of gas at speedway!!!!

Do the math with me here people.  Spend $30, save $1 on up to 15 gallons of gas- it's like paying $15 for $30 in stuff cause you know you're buying gas anyway, right?  PLUS- there is still a $15 rebate when you buy $50 in certain Proctor and Gamble products available!  The things I see that would work for the rebate are the Secret and the Olay.

Here are the things we use that I might consider (I'm within $20 of the rebate- so I might make sure to get $20 of secret- $3.50 for secret is not a good deal, but mixed in with this promo and the rebate it is):

Secret 2/$7
Iams dog food $17.99
Tide for $5.99
Olay body wash 2/$7 (?? I think that's right)

In the recent past, Marsh changed their policy to be that the dollar amount required is AFTER coupons.  I can't tell if that is the case on this promo or not- but either way, if you use coupons just make sure you are at $30 afterward.

Looking for other things to round out your rebate?  CVS has lots and lots of included items this week buy $30 get $10 EB.  Plus the $30 at CVS is before your coupons, so you can keep your out of pocket lower than that.  Plus there is a Venus razor with some high EB's on it that you could use on the rebate- makes your out of pocket around $2 but you'd get $7ish credit on the rebate.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holy Freebies Batman!

I woke up at 4am Sunday.  I just couldn't sleep any longer.  Not with a 24 hour CVS just a few miles away and a shopping list three pages long.

Total before coupons:  $83.52

Total after coupons: $57.06

Extra Care Bucks Earned:  $64.65

Woo Hoo!

I have an item on Ally's Christmas List at CVS- and now I've got extra care bucks to buy it with!  Plus the Thanksgiving Day ad is pretty good- I'm going to roll some of these into those.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

CVS 11/18 WOO HOO!

It seems that CVS is doing their black friday ad this Sunday!  Woo Hoo!  It's a 4 day ad that runs Sun-Weds and there is another ad that comes after that for the actual Black Friday- but man I can't imagine it getting much better than Sunday.

You can head over here and see the ad for yourself (she lists the weeks down the right side), But all in all in comes to about $50 worth of sale prices that will earn you back $50 in EB bucks.  Totally free stuff yall.  I haven't had a chance to do any coupon matching, but I am positive I have coupons for some of the stuff which means I'm going to make a little money!  I plan to be there when they open Sunday, the kids will be glad cause that means we're going to the later service at church.

Shopping 11/14/12

There wasn't much that made me giddy this week.  I did manage to drag myself into CVS for a couple tubes of free colgate, I got an email with a free bottle of Advil so I got that.  A quick stop at Walgreens yesterday proved to be worth it this week though.

$2.75 Colgate
$2.75 Colgate
-.75 mq
-.75 mq
Paid $4 plus tax, got back $4 RR

$2.99 scunci hair barrettes
$2 eagle brand milk
$1.69 Revlon emery boards
$.84 Revlon emery boards (b1g1 50% off)
-$.50 eagle brand milk mq
$7.02 paid (not earth shaking, I know)
BUT- for buying 2 Revlon tools, I earned 2000 walgreens points- that will equate to $2 when I redeem them.  So I paid $2.53 for both and got $2 back.  But wait, it gets better.

Each time I bought 2 Revlon nail tools, I got a catalina coupon.  It seems that it prints $2 off your next purchase of 2 Revlon nail items........then the next time it prints $4 off your next purchase of 2 Revlon nail items.  See- instantly this became a money maker!

So then I bought 2 more nail files- $2.53.  Used the $2 mq, paid $.53, earned $2 in reward points and this time I got a $4/2 mq.  So I bought some of the nail buffers and a nicer file.  Paid less than $1 after the $4/2 mq, earned $2 in reward points, and I got a $2/2 mq.  So I bought 2 more emery boards, paid $.53 got my 2000 points, and yep.........a $4/2 mq printed. 

I could have stayed there all day, but I didn't.  I gave the coupon to the cashier who was young and wishing she knew how to get her points over 7000 and I gave her the recipe to get her ball rolling.  A girl only needs so many emery boards, right?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Money Making John Freida!

I love it when a little unexpected deal pops up at the end of the week!  Remember, you'll have to do this today or tomorrow (11/10) since the sale ends Saturday.

The advertised deal is for the large bottles, but the smaller trial size bottles are activating the ECB too!  I found these on the top shelf in the shampoo aisle above where the full size bottles are for $1.49!

2 John Frieda Frizz Ease trial size (I got one shampoo and one conditioner) $1.49 ea=$2.98
Got back $5 ECB wyb 2 John Frieda- woo hoo!

Also- the American Greeting Card promo this week says earn $3 ECB when you buy 3 $2.49 or higher cards, but I bought 3 $.99 cards and it printed.  So while you are there- pick up three thinking of you cards to put in your cabinet!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shopping this week 11/4/12

Carmex- spend 6 get $3EB.  This probably isn't the best deal ever, but we were out and I am ADDICTED to carmex chapstick!
4 @ $1.69 each= $6.76
-4 $.50 mq's= $4.76
Get back $3 EB (extra care bucks), made them $.44 each.  Works for me.

iTunes $25 card, get $5 EB. I didn't buy this, but it is a good deal for a christmas gift.

Spoiled Nail Pail (wet n wild) $6.99- get $3 EB
I found a $1 wet n wild mq, woo hoo!  Paid $5.99, got $3, that is an awesome gift for $3!

Digiorno Pizza- personal size- B1G1 free.  At my store they were $3.99.
I used $1 mq- paid $3 for 2, just $1.50 each.  These are great for emergency lunches!

Bic Silky Touch disposable razors B1G1 50% off
I found bonus packs with 4 extra razors!
$5.99 for first one
$2.99 for second one
-$10.19! mq for b1g1 free (it auto deducted $10.19- which made this deal so very very sweet!  wished I had more than 1 coupon!)
$1.19 money maker!

Blue Diamond almonds- b1g1 free
$3.79 for 2 cans
-$.75/2 mq
Made them just $1.52 per can

Certain crest tooth pastes are $2.99, b1 get $2 RR (register reward)
-$.75 mq
Makes it just $.24 for toothpaste- my store was out

Jet Dry b1g1  At my store they were $3.99- so just $2 a bottle.  Not a stock up price for me, but we were out so it was a good price!

My store had their halloween 75% off!!!!  You might check yours out, mine had several sets of ear buds and little speakers that plug into an mp3 or ipod that were included making them $1.24-$2.24 each!
Even better:

Blue Diamond Pumpkin Pie Almonds were 75% off- making them $.99 a can.
They were still ringing up b1g1 free!  Plus I used a mq!
$.99 for 2 cans
-$.75 mq
$.12 per can- wow!

I must say I'm still not getting the hang of the balance rewards points. The first few weeks I was totally racking them up quickly!  In fact, I have over 76,000.  But then it stopped.  I miss the register rewards....really bad.  I'm hoping that they still have the Jingle Cash this year, a girl can hope right?