Monday, January 31, 2011

6 X 4= $$$$$$$$$$$

Yesterday's paper in our region had four (count them) FOUR coupon inserts!  I typically only buy 4 papers, but yesterday I bought 6.  I just KNOW there is some downhome goodness waiting for me in there!

For all six papers I paid$ 4.50 ($.75 each), now you KNOW I'm gonna save at least that much!  It really isn't worth my time to read all of the sale papers and match coupons up in order to get a great deal on one item. If I'm going to go to the trouble, I want to get a few at that great price.  That is the idea behind this 'stockpiling' thing I keep reading about.  Buy enough of one product at a super great sale price matched with a coupon to last for 3 months or so (that's about the cycle of the sales- from what I am reading).  So when I find something at a great price, I want enough coupons to get to purchase 4-6 of them.  That's why I buy so many dag gone papers.  If I'm gonna spend the time clippin', lets make it worthwhile, show we?

I did venture out shopping yesterday for just about a half hour- I will share- but not now.  Now I must get ready to drive one still sleeping child, her saxophone and her science experiement to school.

Four coupon inserts.  Wow!

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Kroger finds

 This weeks Kroger purchases-  $54.65.  My receipt said I saved over 71% after all discounts.
I don't think this is a particularly mind blowing week.  Had I just purchased the items that were on super sale- it would have been.  But then you add in the necessities like some fresh produce, meat (hiding behind the pasta) and whatnot and 'poof' doesn't look so good.  Plus I spent some cash at Sam's club the night before stocking the freezer with some meat as well.
 But there are a few pretty exciting finds this week when you factor in the buy 10 items save $5 sale.
Rotel tomatoes with chiles- for instance- are $.92.  But if you work the buy 10 thing- you get them for $.42 per can.  Two weeks ago there was a save $.30 per can coupon- doubles at Kroger- $.18 overage per can that I bought with a coupon.  For the first two anyway.  Apparently Krogers coupon policy is that they will double the first two of a like coupon- the others are at face value.  Still- only $.12 per can.  I only had five coupons.

Hunts tomotoes are included in the sale too.  $.99 per can- $.49 after the savings thing- same paper two weeks ago was a save $.45 on three cans coupon.  First two doubled to $.90- so I paid $.19 per can for chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomatoes with onions for chili and meatloaf.  I see spaghetti in our future?

Found some cheesy french's onions on clearance for $1.99 per can.  Used my $.75 coupons.  Not a big deal- but will make for some rockin chicken later this week!
Kraft singles cheese.  On sale for $1.99- save another $.50 with the sale.  Used a $.75 coupon- made them $.75 per package of cheese.  I bought five- because I had five coupons.  That is a good deal- and since it's not like real cheese and loaded with preservatives I'm sure, it will keep for a while.  But who doesn't love a good grilled cheese sandwich?

Krusteaz cookie mixes were on sale for $1.99 per box.  After $.50 sale savings- $1.49  per box.  A month or so ago there was one of those little blinkie machines with $1 off per box coupons.  I tucked a few into my binder for a sale just as this.  That made them $.49 per box!  You can't buy the chocolate chips to home make them for that.

Kelloggs cereals were $2.67- part of the buy 10 sale- $2.17.  I had a coupon for buy 3 get $1 off plus a coupon for save $1 on fresh produce when you buy any Kelloggs cereal.  Plus that new cinnabon cereal has a try me for free rebate form inside the box.  Not sure if I will mess with it for $2- but I just might.

Del Monte veggies are $.99- but part of the sale so only $.49 per can after the savings.  I stocked up a bit- but wished I had a coupon to sweeten it a bit.  It's hard not to be a bit greedy with the coupons once you get accustomed to them.

New York Bagel Chips had a thing on their facebook a few weeks ago to print a coupon for a free bag (two prints per customer)- so I got two bags on this trip for free.  Plus I used two of those Captain Morgans Rum coupons I blogged about before to get $2 off per bag of my doritos.  That made them $.16 each.

I am by no means the best at couponing.  But I do think I am stretching our dollars farther than I thought I could, and that is fun to me.  However- my cupboards are not used to the quanity of merchandise I am bringing home and I am running out of places to stuff it.  I had to move my wine glasses from their normal cabinet and they took over the spot where the sippy cups used to live, and I finally threw away the sippy cups.  Dan said he was okay with getting rid of the dining room table and setting up shelves in there for our food stockpile and we discussed building living room furniture out of toilet paper, paper towels and maxi pads- but I think he might have been joking.  But we'll see what he says after he sees the beautiful end table I just created out of canned tomatoes and cookie mixes.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crime doesn't pay

Neither does taking a child coupon shopping with you.

Because you will end up buying things like this..........

 for full price, without a coupon.  I had coupons for the Bandaid brand mind you- which made it not quite as salty to buy the fancy variety.  But these are the ones he chose. 
I suppose the fact that I paid $2.96 for everything you see in this picture makes it okay that I got suckered into $3 bandaids.  Plus a visit to the snack stand for a drink for him. And a package of Keebler cookies.  Man- this kid sucks up coupon savings like a hoover vacume!

P.S.  Kroger has a buy 10 get $5 sale again this week- only this time it's not just frozen foods.  I'm going to head over there and see if any of the deals I am imagining in my head are as good as I think.  Last time they had this sale- I got paid to buy Rotel.  Rotel- it's not just for mixin in cheese (we created a few good recipes since we had like 20 cans of the stuff : )

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Did you know that it is printed in most stores coupon policies that they will accept one store coupon along with one manufacturers coupon for one product?  How does one find store coupons?  Great question.

Sometimes CVS will mail some.  Or if you scan your CVS card at that little red kiosk just inside the door it will print some out.  Usually these are for things I don't need- but I still scan it every time because you never know.  I got those free m&m's that one time- and how can you go wrong with free chocolate?

Kroger also sometimes mails coupons- but most are manufacturers.  Still okay with me.

Target is my favorite place to stack.  If you go to the target website and scroll all the way down to the bottom and look at the little tiny words along the bottom edge- there is one labeled coupons.  Always click that.

Most of the coupons they have there are Target coupons (occassionally one will print as a manufacturers coupon- but still, who cares?)  There are health and beauty products, grocery stuff, clothing, medicines, most everything.  And you just pick the ones you want to print.  And you are allowed to print two of each coupon.

Here's how a stack works.

There is one this week for GE REVEAL lightbulbs.  $1 off.  Plus I had a manufacturers coupon that was in the Sunday paper a couple of weeks ago, $1 off.  Most would assume that these are the $9 lightbulbs, right? Wrong. They are on sale this week- a four pack for $2.  Use one of each coupon- completely free light bulbs.  Who doesn't need lightbulbs?

Also- Jet Dry.  That stupid stuff you have to have in order for your dishwasher to dry right.  And it can be pricey.  This week it is on sale this week through 1/29 for $2.59 $2.99 oops- just came from Target and ours is aparently not on sale, but I still bought 4 bottles for $.74 each.  Not a bad price by itself.  But there is a target coupon for $1.50 off per bottle.  Plus a couple of weeks ago there were manufacturers coupons for $.75 off per bottle.  That makes this $.34 per bottle!  Stack em up dude!

Target also offers mobile phone coupons that you download onto your smart phone and then you just show it to the cashier.  I don't have a smart phone- so I have no idea how this really works.  But I've heard stories.......

I read a blog occassionally (who am I kidding- every day really) at  Each day she posts some great price cut, coupon deal, gift card promo or whatnot that happen at Target.  I for one basically live at Target.  I love it there.  So I enjoy her effort to match coupons to sales for me.  Then she does the thinking, and I do the saving!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cheap Chex Mix

The sales this week are lackluster to say the least.  But I did go out on Sunday to Walgreens to score some cheap chex mix.  Unfortunately- that was the last day for the register reward deal- so you won't be scoring any (sorry- I didn't go until late that night and no time to post it- come over and I'll share).

Walgreens had their chex mix 3 for $3.99.  Plus there is a save $.99 coupon in their january coupon book when you buy three.  I used 2 $.50 off each bag of the chocolate ones and 2 $.50 off 2 bags of the regular ones (-$2 total- keep up people).

$7.98  6 bags of chex mix
-$1.98 2 walgreens january discounts book
-$2 various coupons (see above)

$4 total for 6 bags- but heres the kicker- through Sunday 1/23 if you bought 5 bags you got a register reward for $3.50.  So that makes it $.50 for all 6 bags.  Worth the trip out- that stuff is nice to munch on.

Colgate pro clinical toothpaste (I love this stuff because it is gritty) is $3.49 with a $2.50 register reward.  Stack that with a manufacturer coupon (I had a $.75) and that made it $.25 a tube.  Not free- which is totally possible with toothpaste- but still a great deal.

In addition- Rice Crispie Treats are 2/$5- plus a $2 coupon off of 2 in that silly january coupon book at walgreens (really- why do they make it so stinking hard to use their specials- codes off of coupons in the ad and in the coupon book- killing me dude).  I had some $1/2 coupons on these- so that made them $1 a box.  And since Allyson was to create an animal cell out of edible stuff that night- these were perfect.  She used tootsie rolls for the middle important part- air heads for the shell of the middle important part- rice crispie treats for the big wide outer part around the middle ball- mike and ikes for the long celly things- and more rolled up balls of air heads for the other celly things.  Rolled in sprinkles to make it bumpy. Maybe I should have been paying better attention- I hope she at least labeled them right.

The kicker- they get to eat them later this week.  Yuck.

Also- please note that anytime I break out the camera for photos most of my children hide their faces and scream noooooo.  Until I stack up crazy stuff on the counter for a photo- then they are in the background trying to be included.  What's up with that?

Monday, January 24, 2011

CVS 1-23-11

This week is the coke deal.  Buy 5 coke 12 packs for $15 and get a $5 CVS buck back.  Hot Dog!

I bought 5 diet coke 12 packs- $15
2 Xtra Laundry Soap (they got left out of the picture- boo) $1.49 each
1 Crest mouth wash- $3.99
1 Lipton onion mix $.92
1 Airheads- $1.29 (not on sale- and no coupon- needed for science project.  It hurt)

Now for the good part- coupons
-$2 (2 $1 coupons off of the Xtra laundry soap)
-$2 Crest mouth wash coupon
-$20 in extra care bucks from last week

I paid $1.47 out of pocket.

I got back $5 extra care bucks for the cokes and $3.99 extra care bucks for the mouthwash.  Notice that the mouthwash was $3.99- but I had a $2 coupon- so I paid $1.99 and got back $3.99.  Boo-Yah!

A note on the laundry soap- if you have any coupons for it, this is a good time to pick some up.  Even if you can't or don't want to use it- it is great for the food bank.  I've used it, it's not bad laundry detergent.

Also- my cvs has lots of food items on a clearance rack (hence the onion soup).  It appears to be their holiday food overage- flour, onion soup, cranberry sauce, etc.  You might take a moment to look around at your cvs- most of it was 1/2 off of the original price.

Friday, January 21, 2011

How I roll

This weeks CVS trip was nothing that made my skirt fly up.  But it was okay.

I didn't even take a photo.

Just close your eyes and envision 1 12pack Dr. Pepper, 3 12packs Mountain Dew, 3 big bottles of Gatorade (orange- in case you need to know) and 2 bags of lays potato chips (1 plain- 1 wavy, I was feeling a little crazy).

Total was $22 something.

I tried to use those coupons I spoke of yesterday for $2 off salty snacks and $2 off cola.  The cashier said she didn't carry those brands- you know, the 'salty snack' brand and the 'cola' brand.  Ugh.  She is the sweetest woman, but not the brightest thing I'm afraid.  No biggie- I'll save them for when I'm at Kroger since that is where they are from.

Used $10 cvs buck from last weeks pepsi promotion, $10 cvs buck from last weeks jet dry/finish dishsoap promotion and $.89 from last weeks snicker bar promotion.

My total cash out of pocket was $1.59.  PLUS I got back another $10 cvs buck from the pepsi promotion this week (spend $20 on pepsi & frito brands and get $10 back).  I like rolling extra bucks and walgreens cash into more eb's and wc's!!!

ALSO- I got the $5 beauty club cvs buck that I spoke of here.  So I'm saving that for next week too.  I hear that next week there is a spend $15 on coke products and get $5 cvs extra care bucks back.  Finally- a time to stock up on my diet cokes!  Dan's good to go for Mt. Dew for a while : )

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Always walk the alcohol aisle- apparently

I don't have any ideas on how to get cheap alcohol.  I'm not sure there are any.

And I don't really buy a lot of the stuff.  And when we do, I don't buy it at the grocery.  I'm not sure why.  In my head, you buy beer and wine at Sam's club and you buy liquor at a liquor store.  The end. But they do sell both at the grocery.

My point is- I have learned something this week.  When you are at your grocery, always take a moment to walk down the beer/alcohol isle.  Especially if you live here in Indiana.  Here's why, alcohol companies often distribute coupons and rebates- and in Indiana they don't require an alcohol purchase to go with it.

I was checking out at Kroger last week when I noticed something tied to the necks of some liquor on an endcap.  After checking out, I went over to investigate.
Save $2 on any cola purchase of $2.01 or more and save $2 off of any salty snack purchase of $2.01 or more.  Compliments of Capitan Morgans Rum.  No joking.  And it says right on the back No Alcohol Purchase Required.  Had I discovered these prior to checking out, I would have used them with my order and saved another $4 just for looking around before checking out.  But instead I am saving them for my next trip.  The one where I get some free chips and soda.

Often there are also rebate offers from alcohol companies.  I have never personally found these on the shelves in the grocery, but I have read about them.  Once I found a $5 one at Walgreens.  They are things like Save $20 when you spend $80 on groceries.  Usually they include things like when you buy a 12 pack of whatever alcohol in the same purchase.  But there is always a line in there about no alcohol purchase required in Indiana (and a few other states).  I ordered one off Ebay at Christmas time, I'll keep you updated as to if I actually get the rebate or not (I submitted it with my grocery receipt for $100 in groceries- how exciting if I actually get $20 back!)

Didn't I mention that I'm a rebater too???  Well, I am.  Didn't used to be, but it kind of goes hand in hand with the coupon thing.  So yeah, I do both.  Just yesterday I got a $10 check from Keebler when I bought 10 packages of cookies and crackers at Marsh at Christmas.  They were on sale b1g1, and I used coupons on each package, plus coupons for things like 'get $2 in deli meat when you buy toasteds crackers'.  Long story longer- I purchased 6 boxes of crackers, 4 packages of cookies, 1 pound of apples and 1 pound of sliced deli meat and my total at the checkout was $13 and change.  I submitted for the $10 rebate- and received it.  So really I got all of that for just over $3.  Wowzers.  Yes it took some time, and some paperwork, but I'm not above that and it worked out for me.  Yay!

Monday, January 17, 2011

How I named my blog.......

Quick- grab your coupons and get to walgreens!
New Homestyle Kraft Mac & Cheese is on sale 3 for $5 this week.  Not a bad price.

There is a $1 off of 2 packages coupon in the walgreens coupon book at the front of the store.  Sweetens it a bit.

Sunday's 1/16 Smartsource coupon insert had a $1 off of 1 package coupon in it!  Poof!  Turn your pennies into pasta!

6 packages of mac & cheese= $10
Less walgreens $1/2 coupon -$3
Less 6 manufacturer $1/1 coupons -$6

Grand total= $1 for 6 packages......$.17 per package!!!!!  Just like magic- only with coupons instead of rabbits and wands.

Sinus Season

If you see coupons in the sunday insert for Sinex- always always always clip them.  I'm not sure why- but usually within a few weeks of high dollar sinex coupons being printed- Walgreens runs some crazy sale on the stuff and you will wish you had trimmed those babies.

This week- for instance- Sinex and dayquill stuff are on sale for $5.  Buy $20 worth and you get a $10 register reward.  But if you have the $4 off 1 Sinex coupons from the end of December proctor & gamble coupon insert- it means you buy 4 for $20- save $16 in coupons- pay $4 total and get a $10 register reward.


I did it twice- I couldn't help it.  They had tons of the stuff- and I had 8 coupons.  I paid $8 and got $20 back.  But now- who knows if you can give over the counter medicines to the food pantry???  Maybe I could host a Sinex giveaway???  (with some Maalox and a little maxi pads and cat treats for good measure?)

My other deal at Walgreens this week was the mens razor.  It was on sale for $9.99 and you get $5 in register rewards.  I had a $4 coupon.  So all total that made the razors $.99.

I paid for all my stuff with register rewards from last week-my total cash I had to actually pay was $10.95.  That was for 2 gillette mens razors, 8 sinex, 2 bryers ice cream half gallons (emily's birthday- they were buy one get one) and 8 packages of that strawberry shortcake gum (for treat bags at emilys upcoming party on sale 2 for $1).  And I got back $30 in register rewards- 2 $10 for the sinex and 2 $5 for the razors.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A litte trip out

 For the most part- I try really hard not to go to walmart.  That store gets under my nerves. The people get under my nerves.  Their lack of check out stands gets under my nerves.  The people driving up and down the parking aisles the wrong direction gets on my......we'll- you get the point.  But I had read about a super deal on cereal and I wanted to go.  Bummer for me I could only find two bags of the $1 give me a try malt o meal cereal.  There were coupons in last weeks (or maybe the week before ) for $2 off 2 bags- which would make these completely free.  Anyway- I purchased everything above - my total before coupons was $37.39 and after coupons was $11.37.  At least we aren't out of eggs anymore.  Plus I stocked up on some soap. (the soap was $2.49 per two pack and I had $2 coupons of ANY oil of olay bar purchase- wow!)
Then there is this.  While at Target I decided to check out a sale I had heard about- and low and behold it was true.  Last sunday's paper had $1.50 off any crunch n clean cat treats and $2 off any crunch n clean dog treats.  They were on sale for $1.49 for the cat and $2.49 for the dog.  The cat treats were free with the coupon.  The dog treats were $.49.  You might be saying- 'but mynde you don't have a cat'.  I know- but at this rate I might just have to get one : )   I did pick some of the cat variety up- my sister has a cat and not a bunch of extra cash so I will pass them along to her.

And who knows- I might try them in a new casserole recipe?  (jeez- just kidding!)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walgreens- take 2!

After I got a chance to get a bit more organized and finish going through my coupons from last Sunday 1/9/11- I couldn't take it and I went back to Walgreens.
 First transaction- 2 packaged stayfree maxi pads $6.49 each
5 Maalox $6.79 each (have been wanting to get some of this for mom to try- and buying five was cheaper than 1- stay with me and keep reading)
2 smart start $2.50 each

Coupons used: 1 walgreens stayfree save $3 per package -$6
1 buy one get one stayfree free -$6.00 (1/9/11 coupons)
1 save $1 on 1 stayfree -$1 (because there are two packages- you can use 2 coupons) (this coupon I printed from smartsource or something- this was the missing ingredient that others were posting about- this makes them FREE)
5 save $5 on maalox -$25 (1/9/11 coupons)
1 save $1 on 2 boxes of kelloggs -$1 (got from some kelloggs brochure in the grocery store)
Total before coupons-         $51.93, after coupons $12.93
Plus I received $2 walgreens register rewards for buying 2 kelloggs cereals and $10 for buying $30 in maalox.  The Maalox after coupons for all 5 bottles was $8.95- so if you consider I got $10 back I actually made $1.05, for something I wanted to buy anyway???

Sometimes I get all confused and twisted around, but because I got back what I paid almost, I think it was okay.  Plus I have ceral and pads and maalox.  I will find a home for the maalox.

On to the next transaction.  I had to do two because the stayfree save $3 per package is a limit of 3 per transaction.

2 stayfree $6.49 each
5 boxes of nature valley granola bars on sale for $2 each
2 bic triumph pens 1.99 each
1 jar of vitamins (not in picture) $5
Coupons used:
2 save $.75 on 2 boxes nature valley -$1.50
1 save $.50 on 1 nature valley- $-.50
2 save $2 on new triumph pens printed from internet last week (adjusted down to 1.99) -$3.98
1 walgreens save $3 on stayfree adjusted for 2 packs -$6
1 buy one stay free get one -$6
1 save $1 on stayfree -$1

Total before coupons $31.96, after coupons $12.98
Received $5 walgreens register reward from vitamins and $3.50 for buying 5 nature valley. 
That means, if you count the $3.50 I got back, that I paid $.90 for each box of granola bars.  I have three children people- they eat some snacks and these are perfect! 

So I spent $25.91 and left with all that stuff plus $20.50 in walgreens register rewards to use on another visit. 

I got people

I don't want to startle anyone- but I have a following.

Yes in deedy.

See, I was in Target a few weeks ago- me wheezer and emily- and a lady walked past the aisle and came back.  She walked right up to me and asked if I was 'one of them extreme couponers'.

Uh- no?  Those people are crazy.  Insane.  Obserd.  I'm just a regular couponer- with a big big book of coupons and a constant urge to check the sale papers for any deals I may have missed.

Couponers have a bad rap.  I coupon with integrity.  I match the coupon to the product exactly- always make sure to buy the right quanities, follow the stores coupon policies- I just try and match the manufacturers coupons to the stores sales and promotions to get the most bang for all of our bucks.  Buy purchasing product, I rotate their stock- they move product and reorder- the manufacturer ships more- stores get their money for manufacturers coupons back from the manufacturer- and on and on and on. Couponing is good people.

So why did I cringe when she asked.  I don't know- I guess I don't want to be considered a crook- which I am not.  I'm just frugal and enjoy 'the hunt'. 

Anyway- she mentioned she was engaged, watched that new coupon show and needed to know how to do it.  And wanted me to teach her.  Right then.  There is no system.  I wrote down a few of my favorite coupon blogs for her- ones that list out all the special sales to coupon matches per store and said she could start by purchasing 1-2 extra papers on Sundays to build up her coupons and then just start watching sale papers for things she uses.  She was so cute- like a little coupon baby. 

Fast foward to Kroger this week.  Emily, wheezer and I were shopping for that soap deal I told you about when I hear 'there she is'.  I look up and she says 'I thought that was you- stay right there!'.  A minute later she came back with her fiance, she wanted to introduce him to me.  He said he watches my show.  I explained, again, that I was not on that show- I'm just a lady who uses coupons.  As they looked into my cart filled with body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, and handsoap I felt a tad embarrassed.  Like I was caught in the act or something.  She asked what deals I was getting and then hit her fiance on the back and said 'see- $.13 handsoap!'

Emily gladly pointed out to them that I am a crazy coupon lady.  She's so proud of me, at least that's what I tell myself.

When leaving the store I smiled, because I have a posse.  I'll be available for autographs this afternoon at Target.  I hear that there are some holiday goldfish crackers on sale that I don't want to miss out on.  And possibly their 75% off toy sale (nice time to pick up a couple gifts for those kid birthday parties).

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Walgreens and CVS 1-9-11

 First up- walgreens.  They have chewable gummi kids vitamins this week for $5- and you get a $5 register reward.  So they are basically free.  If you use these for your kids- now is the time to make a few stops in this week and grab a few bottles.  How can you go wrong with free vitamins???  And paired with the buy 1 get 1 free stayfree coupon in Sunday's paper- there is a good deal for pads this week too.

Most of what I thought was going to be great this week didn't pan out.  Which happens.  But I still did fairly well- in my opinion.

1 12pack of diet coke (not pictured) $3.34 This is not a coupon item, nor a register reward.  Strictly a necessity for me to function.  The end.
2 kelloggs smart start cereal. $2.50 each, buy 2/$5 get a $2 Register Reward.  This is the BEST cereal.  It is all of our preference, even when the kids have the choice of some sugar fruity marshmallow something or other. 
2 stayfree maxi pads $6.49 each.  Less $3 walgreens ad coupon (deducted $6 total) and used the buy 1 get 1 free coupon from today's coupons in the paper (deducted $6 maximum) so my total for two packages was $.98.  I keep reading about couponers making money on this deal- perhaps ours are priced higher?  Either way- I'm THRILLED with $.49 per package (with two gals in the house who have our montly gift).  I will stop in and get some more at this price before the sale runs out.

I used a $9 RR from last week and a $5 RR from last week- my total out of pocket was $1.39.  Plus I got a $5 RR (vitamins) and a $2 RR (kelloggs cereal) that I will use next week.

CVS- not pictured are 6 12 packs of mountain dew.  These are Dan's lifeblood.  And this week they are 6 for $20 and you get a $10 CVS buck back.  So obviously I had to get him some.  He'll buy it regardless- may as well do it on the cheap!

6 12 packs of mountain dew- $20
6 tubes of Loreal lipgloss marked 75% off- $2.82 each (used 3 $5 off 2 Loreal product coupons) which made them $.32 each.  PLUS there is a cvs beauty club deal (if you are not a member- just tell the cashier you want to be and she'll scan something or other and add it to your card) where if you spend $50 on makeup- you get a $5 reward.  Last month- the dollar amount was before the sale- so if that works this month each one of these will count at the full price of $11+ each- so I'll earn a $5 reward next time I go in.  I'll let you know!)
2 Finish dish detergent $3 each
1 Jet Dry $3 each
4 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners $3 each
1 Indianapolis Star Newspaper (they were out of the local paper with all the coupons) $1.75

-$5 CVS coupon when you spend $30 (emailed to me)
-$1 off 2 lysol toilet cleaners
-$1 off 2 lysol toilet cleaners
-$2.25 finish coupon
-$1 finish coupon (I'm out of the $2.25 now)
-$5 off 2 Loreal
-$5 off 2 Loreal
-$5 off 2 Loreal
-$5 extra care bucks from last week
-$3 extra care bucks from last week

Total was $ back $23 in extra care bucks.

I got back $10 CVS bucks for the mountain dew, $10 CVS bucks for spending $20 on Finish and Lysol products, and $3 for buying $10 in Loreal products.

So I have $23 in CVS bucks for next weeks sales to boot.  I've heard that there are folks who are buying 7 Finish dishwashing soaps at $3 each ($21), using 7 -$2.25 coupons (-$15.75)- paying $5.25 out of pocket and getting $10 in extra care bucks back- so they are actually making money.  I used up most of my $2.25's at walgreens last week.  Got my dish soap for free, but could have waited and maybe made a little.  Oh well- free is good for me.  Plus- my CVS would never have 7 of anything- they are a smaller store and don't stock that much product.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My shopping trip 1-7-10 (target & kroger)

My thoughts in starting this blog are that I LOVE to coupon.  I really do enjoy shopping and buying things.  So putting those two together really works for me.
And it is a win win since it is necessary to buy things like shampoo, toothpaste, cream, butter, cheese and toilet paper.  I just enjoy hunting around to get them as inexpensive as possible.

I also adore the chance to take something out of a store for next to nothing- if not nothing- and then share it.  We have been able to donate BAGS of stuff to our local food pantry and family members.  Where as before we may have been able to contribute a few items a month- when paying full price. 
Now- for the same amount of money (if not less) I can send 2-3 bags of stuff.  Really useful stuff like dish soap, laundry soap, toothpaste, cereal, pasta, cookie mixes (is that technically useful?? I say yes.)

So that is where I am- and why.  Here is where I was last night. 
Kroger and Target.
 I didn't photograph everything I purchased, because that just isn't necessary.  I just snapped this to give you an overview of most of what I was shopping for and share a few really exceptional deals I found at Kroger this week.
Sam's birthday dinner with family is tomorrow- he requested tacos and quesadillas.
At Target I picked up 3 Orgega taco shells $1.25 each and 1 Orgega taco sauce $1.  I used the target printable coupons (go to and look at the bottom- click on the coupons tab- you can print your own coupons for use at target for stuff you are buying anyway!) $1 off 2 ortega, which took off $2.
$2.75 for 36 taco shells and taco sauce- not free but a great deal.
I also got the stuff to make his cake- 2 mixes and 2 frostings- $5.32 less $1.50 coupons= $3.82 for his giant monster truck birthday cake that I can NOT WAIT to create tonight!
While there I picked up four travel size tide detergents- $.97 each and used four $1 off any tide coupons from the 1/9 proctor and gamble coupon insert.  I actually got $.12 to use toward my other stuff and the detergent for free.
Can't use Tide myself- but that's a good foodbank item- who wouldn't love a free load of laundry soap?
 Most of what is pictured is from Kroger.  Their sale this week didn't immediately impress me- but then I realized I had some great coupons on old spice stuff.  And when matched with their sale it is quite impressive.  But first- see that bag of navy beans?  Not on sale- and no coupon.  That is the ONLY item purchased that was either not on sale or had no coupon.  I just needed them.  They were a whole $.99.
The proctor and gamble buy four get $4 off is pretty exciting this week at Krogers.
I had four 'buy an old spice deodorant get a full size body wash free' coupons.
I bought four old spice deodorants $2.29 each=$9.16
And four body wash $3.27 each=$13.08
Received 2 $4 credits for the buy 4 get 4= -$8
Used four free body wash coupons= -$13.08
Used two buy 2 old spice deodorants get $1 off coupons= -$2
My total for these eight items was $-.84.  That's right- I MADE $.84 for buying good useful items for my home.

Also- there was a buy one Aussie or Herbal Essences item get a free styler coupon in that same proctor and gamble insert last week.  They are part of the sale.
I bought two shampoos at $2.99 each= $5.98
And two mousse at $2.94 each=5.88
Receive $4 off for the buy 4 get four= -$4
Used two free product coupons= -$5.88
My total was $1.94 for two shampoos and two mousse.  You can't buy the off name brand product for that.

An exciting find at my store (and I think it was just store specific as it was not in the ad) was pillsbury small tubes of cinnamon rolls and cresants for $.50 each.  Each tube has 5 in it.  Not a big deal by itself.  But when I used the $.40 cents off 2 coupons I had (which at Kroger coupons under $.50 double) that made them $.10 a roll.  Wow!  There are lots of recipes we like that use cresant rolls- and they just got added to the menu this week!

Sargento string cheese packs- normally $5ish (but so nice to have something prewrapped and ready for grabbing that is not loaded with sugar).  On sale for $2.99.  Used a $.50 coupon- $2 for a whole package of cheese- not free but definantly cheap!

Softsoap pump soaps.  On sale for $.88.  Used the $.35 coupons from a couple weeks ago (doubled to $.70).  $.18 for bathroom soap!  I bought six for less than I used to pay for one. 

That's it really for my super exciting finds.  There was a $.50 off Secret deodorant coupon in that same insert I was hoping to make use of- buy my Kroger was out of all the Secrets (dang couponers!).  They were on sale for $2.29, buy 4 get $4 off- making them $1.29- use the $.50 coupon (doubles to $1)- $.29 Secret deodorant.  Maybe you can find it at your store- it's a good deal.

At Kroger my total after my shoppers card and before coupons was over $119- after my coupons and the 3 $4 rewards- my total cash out of pocket was $64.30.  I had over $40 in coupons.  That total also included a $13 bag of dog food.  So I'm not sure that really counts.  Or does it? 

They really are just like cash in my opinion.  Only they are tiny pieces of paper that are scattered around our entire world- free for the taking!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CVS- 1/3/10, again

The CVS I posted about previously did not have any of the cereal bars that were on sale this week.  But I had resided that was okay- UNTIL I got a $5 off a $25 purchase in my email that day that was only good that day.

Decision made- I was going back out.

I didn't take a picture of my loot- so just invision it all placed on my kitchen counter with some random kid poking their head up behind it, okay?

2 milky way candy bars $.50 each, $1 (-$.50 off two milky ways coupon)
2 Kudos cereal bars $2.50 each, $5
1 planters nutrition bars $2.50 (-$1 coupon)
1 south beach diet bars $2.50 (these are the BOMB- I wish they had more than 1 box left!)
3 nutrigrain cereal bars $3.33 each- $10
1 conair curling iron $7.99

-$5 off $25 CVS coupon
-$6.50 extra care bucks from purchase last month
-$7 extra care bucks from earlier in the day
-$8.99 extra care bucks from earlier in the day (was really $10 but the cashier adjusted it down before I realized what she did- I would have rather added a $1 item to my order and got the full bang for those bucks but whatever)

Total was $.34.  THIRTY FOUR CENTS!

PLUS I got back a $4 cvs buck for the 4/$10 cereal bars, a $4 cvs buck for the 3/$10 cereal bars and a $5 extra buck for buying a conair hair appliance.

So I spent less than $1- left with 7 boxes of cereal bars and a curling iron AND $11 in extra care bucks to spend next time.  That kind of makes up for my crappy walgreens shopping experience.  It would have only been better had I been able to snag one of those $2 off a south beach diet bars coupons that FLEW off the internet almost as soon as they landed. 

There was also a 75% off christmas section filled with christmas toys- which I refrained from so yay me!  I would prefer to save my extra care bucks and roll them into some new extra care bucks earning offer next week.  That way the savings keep piling up.  But 75% off toys- that was a toughie.

Argh maties- Me first published shopping post- YAY ME!

I don't know why the pirate talk.  Just accept it this time please.
Word on the blog street this week was that the sales were 'eh'.  I disagree.

Although not a huge fabulous sale week- my newspaper had 5, count them FIVE, coupons inserts and I noticed some pretty good deals going on at the drugstores, although the grocery ads were really lackluster.  I just had to head out and see if there was anything left to be purchased.
 Above you will see my CVS purchase (and a paint set, and my youngest hard at work painting a wooden train, several crumbs and a pizza hut to go cup).  Let me break down my spending......
I had it rang up in two transactions so that I could roll one of the extra care bucks into the other.  The cashiers never mind doing this.

1st Transaction:
3 extra gum packs (3 for $2)
2 chocolate oranges (75% off for .87 each- I thought I had a $1 coupon off of two but it was a different brand and I completely blew that- but still bought them because who doesn't LOVE a chocolate orange?)
1 bag christmas m&m's (75% off for .99- not on my shopping list but when I scanned my CVS card at the entry it printed a coupon for $1 off any bag of m&m's- so I couldn't resist, -$1 coupon)
1 excedrin pm $4.99 (-$3.50 coupon)
1 excedrin back and pain $4.79 (-$1 coupon)
1 excedrin migrain $5.29 (-$5.29 free product coupon- these were available to anyone who requested on in December)
1 excedrin extra strength $5.49 (-$5.49 free product coupon)
-$1 extra buck left from last month
-$6.50 extra bucks quarterly earnings for Oct-Dec (printed when I entered the store)

Total after coupons- $2.83
New extra care bucks earned- $1 for gum, $10 for buying $20 in excedrin

2nd Transaction:
2 revlon deluxe nail trimmers $3.29 each
5 Ultra Wisk Laundry Soap (-$10, 5 $2 coupons)
-$1 extra buck from gum
-$10 extra buck from excedrin

Total after coupons- $12.79
New extra care bucks earned- $7 for buying 2 revlon tools and $10 for buying $25 in Wisk

Trip total- spent $15.62 cash out of pocket- still have $17 in extra care bucks left for my next trip.

Not bad if I do say so myself.

And here is my Walgreens purchase- and my crazy Allyson in the back there.  I think I could have worked this out a little smarter than I did- but regardless here is what I bought.

5 Finish Dishwasher soaps- $3.49 each ($17.45) -$11.25 coupons ($5 at $2.25 each)= $6.20 for all 5
Plus I earned 5 $1.50 walgreens cash coupons good on a next purchase.
2 Nivea mens shaving stuff for $3.99 each- no coupons (strange) but I earned 2 $3 coupons for a future purchase.
1 Childrens oscillocosomething or another homeopathic flu stuff $8.99 -$2 coupon- paid $6.99.  Earned a $9 coupon for a future purchase. (strangely enough allyson is home sick with the flu today- kind of glad I have this on hand now)
Splenda $2.99 (no coupons left- bummer) No cash back either.  This is just something I use and needed- so I basically bought the mens shaving stuff and than paid for my splenda with the cash I earned.
 Anywho- I had to ring up the dishsoaps in five transactions because you could only earn the $1.50 coupon one time per transaction.  But no one was in line, so I did it.

Total Spent cash out of pocket $23.55 and left store with $20.50 in walgreens cash good on future purchases.
Too much out of pocket- again I should have planned better but I was worn from the holidays I suppose.
At least I got some cheap dish washing soap?  Plus I have $20.50 to work with next week to roll into whatever walgreens cash deals they offer then.

Welcome..........I think

A dear friend of mine hooked me on blogging two or so years ago.

I never understood even what it was or why people would do it.  And now I do.  Totally do.

And now I have two.  One is where I keep my personal stuff.  Stories from my days, stories about my kids, just basic life stuff that I really enjoy writing and sharing.  It's the one that I'm sure my children will show to their therapists when they grow up.

And then there is this one.  I will use this one to document my crazy couponess.  Couponing is a hobby that I absolutely love, and saves us money.  So no harm done.  It is my form of hunting.  Trying to decide which coupons to clip and save, watching for sales, scanning clearance racks, reading about rebates and special offers.  And then 'going for the kill'.  It's a lot like poker- you got to know when to hold 'em and when to spend 'em.  And yes I say spend them- because they are like cash.  They directly replace cash I have to take from our families budget and help us to obtain the items we need and use- and sometimes just want.

This is NOT a 'list every deal out there, come here first to find out what coupons are coming, don't spend a dime without consulting me first' blog.  This is just my fun spot to share what I have bought or found a good deal on.  And to fuel my fire to continue on the crazy coupon cycle.

Without further delay- I introduce...........

She is my coupon organizer- and my constant companion.  I carrier her with me into most every store and she gets to ride in the baby seat in the cart.  Every good couponer has some way to organize their clipped beauties- this is mine.

Welcome to my world.