Monday, January 24, 2011

CVS 1-23-11

This week is the coke deal.  Buy 5 coke 12 packs for $15 and get a $5 CVS buck back.  Hot Dog!

I bought 5 diet coke 12 packs- $15
2 Xtra Laundry Soap (they got left out of the picture- boo) $1.49 each
1 Crest mouth wash- $3.99
1 Lipton onion mix $.92
1 Airheads- $1.29 (not on sale- and no coupon- needed for science project.  It hurt)

Now for the good part- coupons
-$2 (2 $1 coupons off of the Xtra laundry soap)
-$2 Crest mouth wash coupon
-$20 in extra care bucks from last week

I paid $1.47 out of pocket.

I got back $5 extra care bucks for the cokes and $3.99 extra care bucks for the mouthwash.  Notice that the mouthwash was $3.99- but I had a $2 coupon- so I paid $1.99 and got back $3.99.  Boo-Yah!

A note on the laundry soap- if you have any coupons for it, this is a good time to pick some up.  Even if you can't or don't want to use it- it is great for the food bank.  I've used it, it's not bad laundry detergent.

Also- my cvs has lots of food items on a clearance rack (hence the onion soup).  It appears to be their holiday food overage- flour, onion soup, cranberry sauce, etc.  You might take a moment to look around at your cvs- most of it was 1/2 off of the original price.

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