Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Did you know that it is printed in most stores coupon policies that they will accept one store coupon along with one manufacturers coupon for one product?  How does one find store coupons?  Great question.

Sometimes CVS will mail some.  Or if you scan your CVS card at that little red kiosk just inside the door it will print some out.  Usually these are for things I don't need- but I still scan it every time because you never know.  I got those free m&m's that one time- and how can you go wrong with free chocolate?

Kroger also sometimes mails coupons- but most are manufacturers.  Still okay with me.

Target is my favorite place to stack.  If you go to the target website and scroll all the way down to the bottom and look at the little tiny words along the bottom edge- there is one labeled coupons.  Always click that.

Most of the coupons they have there are Target coupons (occassionally one will print as a manufacturers coupon- but still, who cares?)  There are health and beauty products, grocery stuff, clothing, medicines, most everything.  And you just pick the ones you want to print.  And you are allowed to print two of each coupon.

Here's how a stack works.

There is one this week for GE REVEAL lightbulbs.  $1 off.  Plus I had a manufacturers coupon that was in the Sunday paper a couple of weeks ago, $1 off.  Most would assume that these are the $9 lightbulbs, right? Wrong. They are on sale this week- a four pack for $2.  Use one of each coupon- completely free light bulbs.  Who doesn't need lightbulbs?

Also- Jet Dry.  That stupid stuff you have to have in order for your dishwasher to dry right.  And it can be pricey.  This week it is on sale this week through 1/29 for $2.59 $2.99 oops- just came from Target and ours is aparently not on sale, but I still bought 4 bottles for $.74 each.  Not a bad price by itself.  But there is a target coupon for $1.50 off per bottle.  Plus a couple of weeks ago there were manufacturers coupons for $.75 off per bottle.  That makes this $.34 per bottle!  Stack em up dude!

Target also offers mobile phone coupons that you download onto your smart phone and then you just show it to the cashier.  I don't have a smart phone- so I have no idea how this really works.  But I've heard stories.......

I read a blog occassionally (who am I kidding- every day really) at  Each day she posts some great price cut, coupon deal, gift card promo or whatnot that happen at Target.  I for one basically live at Target.  I love it there.  So I enjoy her effort to match coupons to sales for me.  Then she does the thinking, and I do the saving!

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