Sunday, January 9, 2011

Walgreens and CVS 1-9-11

 First up- walgreens.  They have chewable gummi kids vitamins this week for $5- and you get a $5 register reward.  So they are basically free.  If you use these for your kids- now is the time to make a few stops in this week and grab a few bottles.  How can you go wrong with free vitamins???  And paired with the buy 1 get 1 free stayfree coupon in Sunday's paper- there is a good deal for pads this week too.

Most of what I thought was going to be great this week didn't pan out.  Which happens.  But I still did fairly well- in my opinion.

1 12pack of diet coke (not pictured) $3.34 This is not a coupon item, nor a register reward.  Strictly a necessity for me to function.  The end.
2 kelloggs smart start cereal. $2.50 each, buy 2/$5 get a $2 Register Reward.  This is the BEST cereal.  It is all of our preference, even when the kids have the choice of some sugar fruity marshmallow something or other. 
2 stayfree maxi pads $6.49 each.  Less $3 walgreens ad coupon (deducted $6 total) and used the buy 1 get 1 free coupon from today's coupons in the paper (deducted $6 maximum) so my total for two packages was $.98.  I keep reading about couponers making money on this deal- perhaps ours are priced higher?  Either way- I'm THRILLED with $.49 per package (with two gals in the house who have our montly gift).  I will stop in and get some more at this price before the sale runs out.

I used a $9 RR from last week and a $5 RR from last week- my total out of pocket was $1.39.  Plus I got a $5 RR (vitamins) and a $2 RR (kelloggs cereal) that I will use next week.

CVS- not pictured are 6 12 packs of mountain dew.  These are Dan's lifeblood.  And this week they are 6 for $20 and you get a $10 CVS buck back.  So obviously I had to get him some.  He'll buy it regardless- may as well do it on the cheap!

6 12 packs of mountain dew- $20
6 tubes of Loreal lipgloss marked 75% off- $2.82 each (used 3 $5 off 2 Loreal product coupons) which made them $.32 each.  PLUS there is a cvs beauty club deal (if you are not a member- just tell the cashier you want to be and she'll scan something or other and add it to your card) where if you spend $50 on makeup- you get a $5 reward.  Last month- the dollar amount was before the sale- so if that works this month each one of these will count at the full price of $11+ each- so I'll earn a $5 reward next time I go in.  I'll let you know!)
2 Finish dish detergent $3 each
1 Jet Dry $3 each
4 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners $3 each
1 Indianapolis Star Newspaper (they were out of the local paper with all the coupons) $1.75

-$5 CVS coupon when you spend $30 (emailed to me)
-$1 off 2 lysol toilet cleaners
-$1 off 2 lysol toilet cleaners
-$2.25 finish coupon
-$1 finish coupon (I'm out of the $2.25 now)
-$5 off 2 Loreal
-$5 off 2 Loreal
-$5 off 2 Loreal
-$5 extra care bucks from last week
-$3 extra care bucks from last week

Total was $ back $23 in extra care bucks.

I got back $10 CVS bucks for the mountain dew, $10 CVS bucks for spending $20 on Finish and Lysol products, and $3 for buying $10 in Loreal products.

So I have $23 in CVS bucks for next weeks sales to boot.  I've heard that there are folks who are buying 7 Finish dishwashing soaps at $3 each ($21), using 7 -$2.25 coupons (-$15.75)- paying $5.25 out of pocket and getting $10 in extra care bucks back- so they are actually making money.  I used up most of my $2.25's at walgreens last week.  Got my dish soap for free, but could have waited and maybe made a little.  Oh well- free is good for me.  Plus- my CVS would never have 7 of anything- they are a smaller store and don't stock that much product.

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