Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crime doesn't pay

Neither does taking a child coupon shopping with you.

Because you will end up buying things like this..........

 for full price, without a coupon.  I had coupons for the Bandaid brand mind you- which made it not quite as salty to buy the fancy variety.  But these are the ones he chose. 
I suppose the fact that I paid $2.96 for everything you see in this picture makes it okay that I got suckered into $3 bandaids.  Plus a visit to the snack stand for a drink for him. And a package of Keebler cookies.  Man- this kid sucks up coupon savings like a hoover vacume!

P.S.  Kroger has a buy 10 get $5 sale again this week- only this time it's not just frozen foods.  I'm going to head over there and see if any of the deals I am imagining in my head are as good as I think.  Last time they had this sale- I got paid to buy Rotel.  Rotel- it's not just for mixin in cheese (we created a few good recipes since we had like 20 cans of the stuff : )

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