Thursday, January 13, 2011

I got people

I don't want to startle anyone- but I have a following.

Yes in deedy.

See, I was in Target a few weeks ago- me wheezer and emily- and a lady walked past the aisle and came back.  She walked right up to me and asked if I was 'one of them extreme couponers'.

Uh- no?  Those people are crazy.  Insane.  Obserd.  I'm just a regular couponer- with a big big book of coupons and a constant urge to check the sale papers for any deals I may have missed.

Couponers have a bad rap.  I coupon with integrity.  I match the coupon to the product exactly- always make sure to buy the right quanities, follow the stores coupon policies- I just try and match the manufacturers coupons to the stores sales and promotions to get the most bang for all of our bucks.  Buy purchasing product, I rotate their stock- they move product and reorder- the manufacturer ships more- stores get their money for manufacturers coupons back from the manufacturer- and on and on and on. Couponing is good people.

So why did I cringe when she asked.  I don't know- I guess I don't want to be considered a crook- which I am not.  I'm just frugal and enjoy 'the hunt'. 

Anyway- she mentioned she was engaged, watched that new coupon show and needed to know how to do it.  And wanted me to teach her.  Right then.  There is no system.  I wrote down a few of my favorite coupon blogs for her- ones that list out all the special sales to coupon matches per store and said she could start by purchasing 1-2 extra papers on Sundays to build up her coupons and then just start watching sale papers for things she uses.  She was so cute- like a little coupon baby. 

Fast foward to Kroger this week.  Emily, wheezer and I were shopping for that soap deal I told you about when I hear 'there she is'.  I look up and she says 'I thought that was you- stay right there!'.  A minute later she came back with her fiance, she wanted to introduce him to me.  He said he watches my show.  I explained, again, that I was not on that show- I'm just a lady who uses coupons.  As they looked into my cart filled with body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, and handsoap I felt a tad embarrassed.  Like I was caught in the act or something.  She asked what deals I was getting and then hit her fiance on the back and said 'see- $.13 handsoap!'

Emily gladly pointed out to them that I am a crazy coupon lady.  She's so proud of me, at least that's what I tell myself.

When leaving the store I smiled, because I have a posse.  I'll be available for autographs this afternoon at Target.  I hear that there are some holiday goldfish crackers on sale that I don't want to miss out on.  And possibly their 75% off toy sale (nice time to pick up a couple gifts for those kid birthday parties).

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Sharon said...

Wow -- it makes me feel so good to know that I have finally achieved success ... yessir, I've managed to sprout an honest to goodness extreme coupon lady with her own show!!! Honey, be good enough to let mom know the channel and thanks for my 'laughed til tears came' moment of the day:)

Love you.....Mom