Friday, January 28, 2011

My Kroger finds

 This weeks Kroger purchases-  $54.65.  My receipt said I saved over 71% after all discounts.
I don't think this is a particularly mind blowing week.  Had I just purchased the items that were on super sale- it would have been.  But then you add in the necessities like some fresh produce, meat (hiding behind the pasta) and whatnot and 'poof' doesn't look so good.  Plus I spent some cash at Sam's club the night before stocking the freezer with some meat as well.
 But there are a few pretty exciting finds this week when you factor in the buy 10 items save $5 sale.
Rotel tomatoes with chiles- for instance- are $.92.  But if you work the buy 10 thing- you get them for $.42 per can.  Two weeks ago there was a save $.30 per can coupon- doubles at Kroger- $.18 overage per can that I bought with a coupon.  For the first two anyway.  Apparently Krogers coupon policy is that they will double the first two of a like coupon- the others are at face value.  Still- only $.12 per can.  I only had five coupons.

Hunts tomotoes are included in the sale too.  $.99 per can- $.49 after the savings thing- same paper two weeks ago was a save $.45 on three cans coupon.  First two doubled to $.90- so I paid $.19 per can for chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomatoes with onions for chili and meatloaf.  I see spaghetti in our future?

Found some cheesy french's onions on clearance for $1.99 per can.  Used my $.75 coupons.  Not a big deal- but will make for some rockin chicken later this week!
Kraft singles cheese.  On sale for $1.99- save another $.50 with the sale.  Used a $.75 coupon- made them $.75 per package of cheese.  I bought five- because I had five coupons.  That is a good deal- and since it's not like real cheese and loaded with preservatives I'm sure, it will keep for a while.  But who doesn't love a good grilled cheese sandwich?

Krusteaz cookie mixes were on sale for $1.99 per box.  After $.50 sale savings- $1.49  per box.  A month or so ago there was one of those little blinkie machines with $1 off per box coupons.  I tucked a few into my binder for a sale just as this.  That made them $.49 per box!  You can't buy the chocolate chips to home make them for that.

Kelloggs cereals were $2.67- part of the buy 10 sale- $2.17.  I had a coupon for buy 3 get $1 off plus a coupon for save $1 on fresh produce when you buy any Kelloggs cereal.  Plus that new cinnabon cereal has a try me for free rebate form inside the box.  Not sure if I will mess with it for $2- but I just might.

Del Monte veggies are $.99- but part of the sale so only $.49 per can after the savings.  I stocked up a bit- but wished I had a coupon to sweeten it a bit.  It's hard not to be a bit greedy with the coupons once you get accustomed to them.

New York Bagel Chips had a thing on their facebook a few weeks ago to print a coupon for a free bag (two prints per customer)- so I got two bags on this trip for free.  Plus I used two of those Captain Morgans Rum coupons I blogged about before to get $2 off per bag of my doritos.  That made them $.16 each.

I am by no means the best at couponing.  But I do think I am stretching our dollars farther than I thought I could, and that is fun to me.  However- my cupboards are not used to the quanity of merchandise I am bringing home and I am running out of places to stuff it.  I had to move my wine glasses from their normal cabinet and they took over the spot where the sippy cups used to live, and I finally threw away the sippy cups.  Dan said he was okay with getting rid of the dining room table and setting up shelves in there for our food stockpile and we discussed building living room furniture out of toilet paper, paper towels and maxi pads- but I think he might have been joking.  But we'll see what he says after he sees the beautiful end table I just created out of canned tomatoes and cookie mixes.

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