Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm sorry.  I haven't had the time to do any fun coupon runs this week.  I did get a few things at walgreens- but no picture (sorry) and yesterday I went to Kroger and was just too worn out to do anything but grab the necessities.  Necessities being frozen pizza and creamer for my coffee.

Working for a once a year event makes for a super crazy time around a few weeks before said event.

I promise to post something interesting soon.  Interesting being great deals on frozen pizza and creamer for my coffee.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My shopping list

After looking through the sale papers, here is my shopping list of things I would like to pick up this week:

 mens Dove Deodorant $.99 (I have $1 off coupons) $FREE  (you might check the DOVE website to see if there are any coupons left there for print!  There were some on one of the couponing sites last week, but I just checked and all the prints are gone)
 Clean and Clear Body Wash spend $15 get $5 Extra Bucks (I have b1g1 coupons)  I will buy 4 ($20ish), my coupons will take 2 off (-$10), I'll spend $10 and get $5 back.  Not anyting I would normally buy but there is an orange flavored one that Allyson has been BEGGING for and I told her I'd watch for a sale.  I'm afraid this might be the best price I'm gonna see for a while, but I will end up spending $5 total (the regular price of one) and get four bottles.  Might make a nice filler item in an upcoming teenager birthday gift?
Plus I noticed their Blink Tears are $7.99 with a $7.99 reward.  I don't use this product, but you could pick it up first and roll those rewards into something else if it is something you use!

Folgers coffee $2.79 (there were $1 coupons a few weeks ago or there is still one for print at $1.79
Stayfree Pads $2.99- get a $2.99 reward $FREE (print a $1 off coupon and turn this into a $1 money maker!)
Splenda (to go with my coffee) $2.99 for 100 packs.  There were $3 off coupons in the paper within the last few weeks.  Don't have the insert coupons- go here and print your own $2 off the w/fiber variety. PLUS- if you buy 3 boxes of Splenda at Walgreens through mid may you get a $4 register reward.  I'll buy 3, use 3 $3 coupons and get my reward.  $4 money maker- plus I get to stock up on splenda (which I use for EVERYTHING!)

There are some decent prices this week- but nothing I'm going to run in for.  My week is too crazy to try and pack in another shopping trip for a cheap pepperidge farm cake ($2- use your $.75 coupons) or cream of mushroom soup ($1- I think that there were $.40 coupons that will double).

Sorry to post this lame old 'wish list' instead of an actual shopping trip.  With Easter and all I just kind of took the whole day off to play LIFE with the kids, cook a nice Easter dinner and enjoy a big lazy family day : )

Saturday, April 23, 2011

FREE Popcorn at Marsh

Act II popcorn is on sale for $1.  I used a $.50 coupon that doubled to $1.  Free.  And to think we were down to just 1 bag of boyscout popcorn left!  Perfect Timing. (I might be remembering wrong, but I think that coupon might expire 4/24- so if you have it, go today or tomorrow!)

Also this week- Marsh has Kraft Cheese for $1.99 bag.  I used the $1 off 2- made them $1.50 a bag (not fabulous- but we were out of shredded cheddar).

I tried like heck to find a way to make the Edy's sale- spend $12 get a $4 coupon for your next shopping trip- work, but with everything at regular shelf price and not a single coupon,  I couldn't do it.  Dan I was hoping for some inexpensive ice cream treats!  Maybe next time.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Couponing for Community

I've written about this before- I'll write about it again- but today I am gonna write about it too.

Use some coupons- get some extra- give it away.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Today I'm joining a group of women who are trying to do something big and I just want to share it with you.

Couponing for Community is a grassroots effort of bloggers nationwide who realized that we have the power and the resources to make a united impact for good.  Their focus is to encourage folks to GIVE (all the time- but especially) during the week of May 8-14, 2011.  You can follow their facebook here.

So there you go- use a few extra coupons, pick up a few extra sale items, donate them anywhere.  It will make a difference.  It's how we can all utilize God's Economy to make someone elses life easier. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just in time for those baskets full of sugar!

I'm a bit too wiped and busy for a lot of shopping this week.  BUT I wanted to let you know that you can get FREE kids Aquafresh toothpaste and kid toothbrushes at CVS this week.

Last sunday's coupons included a $1 off aquafresh kids toothpaste and $1 off aquafresh kids toothbrushes.  Both are on sale at CVS for $1 each this week through Saturday.  What a nice addition to easter baskets- considering they typically are packed with candy!

Same toothpaste- including the baby training formula for those under 24 months- are on sale at Walgreens starting today for $1.99 each.  If you use your $1 coupon from the sunday paper PLUS the $1 coupon in their April walgreens coupon book (located at the front of the store with the sale papers), it's free there too.

I picked up a couple of each and now we're good to go for a while.  But no picture- sorry just too tired.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A little behind

I have my work 'cut' out for me this morning.  Last week there were two really good coupon inserts- and this week there were four!  Upon glancing through them- there are some great coupons.  So I can't just say to heck with it and pitch them all.  I'm gonna have to do the work.  Clean out wheezer (I can't live through another expired coupon glare from a self righteous cashier again any time soon) and get to clippin.

Within an hour or two it will be all caught up and my paper money will be ready to work it's magic.  I only wish that there were something stronger than iced tea in that glass to get me through it.

And no- I don't plan to wear the helmet.

Monday, April 18, 2011

No victory here

Somedays you take your list- find the items- find an unexpected deal- have all the right coupons.................and not a bit of it goes as planned.

I was so disappointed with my Walgreens shopping this week that I contemplated just retiring Wheezer all together.  (Wheezer is my coupon binder- in case you don't already know).  Two of the coupons I was using were expired by 1-2 days (which was a complete accident!) and then the cashier started treating me like a crook and even argued that I didn't buy an item that I actually did.  Two of my register rewards didn't print and the whole thing just turned out bad.  No more details on that- it was just not a good shopping day and I felt discouraged and frustrated and like it really isn't worth it at all.

I'm sure I'll snap out of it- but dag gone- bad day with the old coupons.  (COUPONERS ARE NOT CROOKS.  There- I just had to get that out of my system).

Target has a price cut on Nivea Womens (and mens) body wash.  Our local coupons included a $3 off mens wash- but if you go to you can print out your own $3 off one women's body wash.  Yup- that makes it just $.04 (plus tax) per bottle.
These make nice little thank you gifts when paired with a lotion and a shower buff. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Today I will share with you my thoughts on Extreme Couponing- both the practice and the show.

I love the show.  I find it interesting and inspiring, plus it is an obvious interest of mine so it's a natural fit.  I probably will watch it every time it is on.  More than once.

But every time I will probably roll my eyes and shake my head in disbelief.  Because really- why does a woman who is not even married, let alone have any children, doing with an entire shelving unit full of diapers?  And what is a man doing with an entire ROOM of toothpaste?  Why would you buy 23 bottles of Maalox just because they are $.49 each and you never use that product? 

There are things I buy that we don't use- IF- and only IF- I can 1.) make money on them OR 2.) give them to someone I know or love (or don't know at all) who can use them and I got them for free or cheap.  And by make money on them- I mean when I purchase them (I don't have a secret drug store that I run or anything).  Like when I buy $20 of an item and get a $10 reward- but I have $4 coupons on $5 items so that makes my out of pocket $4 cash and I get a $10 store coupon back.  See- I just came out $6 ahead.  Now I can buy something that I don't have a coupon for but we need (milk, eggs, meat, trashbags, you know) with my $10 reward and donate my items I bought that I can't use (medicines, certain cleaning products, etc.) to someone who can.  WE ALL WIN.

When do WE not win?  When folks have to buy as much as they can just to have it and then store it away on their shelves for no apparent reason.  I would like to think that those folks on the shows do donate items- because there is no possible way that they could actually use all of the stuff they have, especially before it expires.  I mean really- how long does a package of dental floss last?  So what would one person do with 40 packages all at one time?  Same with deodorant, toothpaste, cold medicine, salad dressing and on and on and on.

When you coupon, you have to draw a line.  It will take you like two weeks to realize that there are certain things (side eye to the toothpaste) that you can ALWAYS get for FREE.  But there really is only so much a family can use.  You have to find your own comfort level with how quickly you use a product and how much you really need to dedicate of your homes space to storing items.  Every cabinet in my bathroom and laundry room is loaded with extras.  Yes I have extra dish soap and dishwashing soap.  I have at least 8 bottles of laundry soap.  I do have 10 tubes of toothpaste and 10 packages of necessary womanly monthly items.  I have a whole basket in my closet of items for easter baskets and I won't be buying any pasta for the next 3 months.  Nor shampoo for that matter.  My kitchen cabinets are pretty full and I'm contemplating a new storage 'system' for one of my cabinets to better hold our groceries. 

But that is why I coupon.  So that when I find 'necessary' items for my home for free or dang near- I can pick them up and store them away and take that money right out of our pretty tight budget.  I have almost entirely removed all cleaning and personal care items from my list- because we have been able to get them for almost free or at an exceptionally good deal and now we have plenty for a good long while.  My grocery budget has dropped, at least by half, now that I have a handle on couponing. 

And by 'have a handle' I mean that I don't feel it necessary to run out and buy every deal.  I trim coupons for items we use, and stock up on them when I find them cheap or free.  When we have enough of someothing (3 months supply is a good guideline) I either don't buy anymore, or I buy more and help my sister (single mom of three kids) with bags of stuff each month AND send bags of stuff to the food pantry.  Both of which make me feel good and help others.

There are at least 2 weeks a month that I only have to buy necessary perishables (milk, eggs, bread, fruit, some meat) when I grocery shop- along with whatever 'deals' that store has for the week.  Then I make our menu based off of what we have on hand.  And yes- I have purposely googled for recipes to make with Grands Biscuits and ground beef- because we had plenty of both.  But it works for us.  It works for me.

I suppose I should shut up and put my soapbox away- if that is what I am doing- but I do think that it is one thing to coupon to save money and be generous...........but a whole nother thing just to pack away your stuff like some prize.  Because that stuff will rot away and get gross.  Not much of a prize.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I know, I know.  I said I would NEVER go back there again, even if they were giving food away.  But then they started actually GIVING food away, and I couldn't help myself. 

Reader Sarah (ha!  I crack myself up- like I have 3000 people reading my blog or something- just go with it anyway).  Ahem.  Reader Sarah notified me of a good deal at Meijer this week.

Buy 4 of certain Nabisco items, get 1lb of strawberries free.  There was a display in my store right next to the strawberries- and it was loaded with the qualifying items- one of which was boxes of jell-o.

Not sure about what traditions you have in your house- but in mine we make Jell-o eggs at easter.  We just do.  So that being said- this was a PERFECT time to get my necessary easter wiggly sugary goodness as well as some free strawberries!

 Total spent $2.20
I think the sign said this offer is good through 4/24?  But I'm not certain.  Sorry.
Heads up- if you want to get more than 1 free lb of strawberries- you have to ring each them up seperate.  Which I totally did.  Total was $6.60 for 12 boxes of jell-o and 3 lb of strawberries.  Not sure if there are any Jell-o coupons floating around, I didn't have any if there was.  Still a heck of a deal.

(thanks Sarah!) (even if you did make me go back in that store) (by the way- they didn't disappoint, it took me like FOREVER to check out because one of the other items I bought rang up the wrong price- but the cashier was happy to ring up three orders for me with the jello thing, so I guess that makes up for it)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What I'm gonna buy this week- Drug Store Edition


Snickers eggs $.29 (I'll buy seven and use 2 $1 off 2 mars items coupons- they will be dang near free)
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner bogo (I'll use 1 $1 off 2 coupons- I think this will be cheap?)
Hot Wheels bogo (hello? easter baskets)
Carefree Pantiliners $.99 (I'll use the $.50 coupon- pay $.49) Get $.99 register reward
Luster White Toothpaste $4.99 (I'll use the $1 or $1.50 coupon) get $4 register reward
I also have a $5 off hersheys items that expires today- so I'm going to use that up for more easter basket candy

4 Airwick Freshmatic starter kits $6 each (I'll use 4 $4 off coupons- pay $8 total) get $4 cvs bucks
Russel Stovers chocolate egg (can't remember the price, less than $1) get 100% cvs bucks (limit 1)
Bubbles $1.99, get $1.99 cvs bucks
CVS brand batteries AA and AAA bogo

No giant exciting things that I see yet- but something always pops up later in the week anyway, right?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lack of shopping

I haven't been out much this week- other than what I've posted.  Today or tomorrow I have to go actual grocery grocery shopping- ick.  We need meat, butter, eggs, bread, milk, produce.  You know- the basics.

In preparation for that shopping trip- I finally sorted and clipped my coupons from the sunday paper last night.  Each week I spend about 1 hour clipping and filing my 4-8 coupon inserts from the paper.  I say that is not bad.  First I sort them all out so that all 4-8 of each page are stacked together and then I clip out the coupons I want.  I do not trim them all- that is a waste of my energy.  If it is a product that we don't use- I don't trim it.  If it is a high value and we might consider using it- I might trim it.  If it is anything we do use- trim trim trim.  Easy peasy.

Then I lovingly tuck them all into their own little sleeve inside of Wheezer (my coupon binder) and I pull the expired ones as I go.  I've contemplated making this a penatly chore for the kids- like when they forget to do their homework or need a punishment.  But really- I could NEVER trust them with my Wheezer : )  But threatening them with it is really working wonders.

This week- I am doing my shopping at Marsh.  Mainly because I have all those $5 rewards from last week- and I like their meat and produce.  I ended up with $40 total in rewards.  Yes- that means I bought 80 of their sale items, but mainly that was gatorade so quit your judgin.

Marsh sales I'm pumped about this week:

Crystal Lite is Buy 2 get 1 free.  Last sundays paper had a buy 2 get 1 free.  That means, I will buy 1 and get 2 free, I think.  I assume it is back to regular price- around $5 or so- which will make it $1.66 per package.  Last week it was part of the buy 10 sale at $2.99.  After all coupons and catalinas, it came out to about a buck a package.  I did buy 3 packages, but didn't realize what a good deal it was until AFTER I was home- and I soooo didn't want to go back.  But since then I have been drinking quite a bit of the tea variety and dang it's good.  I will get some more this week.

Purex Laundry soap $1.99- will use my $1 manu q's.

Jello Temptations $1.99- will use my $1 printable q's ( don't remember)  There were also $.60 in last sundays paper.

Marzetti Salad Dressing- buy 1 get 1 free.  I will use 2 $.50 coupons from sundays paper, each will double to $1 so I will save $2 off the price of one and get two containers.  And man marzetti makes some good salad dressing!

Freshlike Veggies $5 for 5.  I'm pretty sure there is a $.50 off two coupon???  Or a $.75 off three???  Either way- it's a pretty good stock up price considering I need to use up those reward catalinas this week anyway.

I'm sure I'll post my final grocery shop- but it won't be too exciting.  Just the basics this week I suppose.

Even Krogers ad wasn't very good.  Meijer is doing their buy 10 get the 11th free- but I didn't see a whole lot of items offered in the sale that I have any coupon matches for.  Which is good- because I really try not to go there.  But I have been getting my sunday papers there ($.50 for the hancock reporter which has BOTH redplum and smartsource inserts)- so I could pick up a few deals if I wanted to. 

Wow- thanks for reading this long drawn out post.  As a bonus- I will throw you a bone (ha!)

Dollar General has their Pedigree Dentastix buy 1 at $2 get 1 free.  There were $1 off 1 coupons in an insert a few weeks back- so you use two and you get both packages for free.  I did stop and buy two packages- although Lew typically doesn't enjoy these type of treats.  We'll see what he thinks of free dental hygiene snacks.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cheap M&M's and Purex Crystals at Target

Just wanted to share what I found yesterday.  And by found- I mean through blogs and then going to the store to double check.  Not by like actually searching the store, or actually finding the product.  Except the m&m's- I found and purchased those.  Anyway.

Big bags of M&M's are on sale for $2.66- buy two get one free.

Buy 3 bags of pretzel M&M's (3@ $2.66= $7.98
-$2.66 (free bag)
-$3 (3 $1 coupons from smartsource or redplum in March- good only on the pretzel variety)
Final total $2.32, $.77 per bag
I haven't tried baking these into cookies- but I'm thinking I might give it a whirl.

Purex Softener Crystals

Temporary price cut to $2.99
Use $2 manufacturer coupon (smartsource or redplum last month- need it?  look on ebay, you can typically buy 10-20 of a higher value coupon for around $2)
Go to and print the $1 off one target coupon.
When stacked- that makes this free. 
If you can find it.  Our shelves at my store were wiped clean.  Hopefully they'll get some more in so that I can get a couple bottles of this.  Not only have I been curious to try it- Free is in my budget.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CVS $2.79!

Yes- just $2.79 for all that.  Plus I got back $11 in extra care bucks ($5 for toothpaste, $3 for body wash, $3 for doritos).  I did also use $13.50 in extra care bucks from my quarterly earnings and previous purchases.

I'm sure everyone reading this (both of you) (hi mom!) have a CVS card.  You have to have one of these to get the sale prices so at some point we've all signed up.

But have you registered it at  If you haven't- do so.  Now.  (up in the corner of the site where it says extra care savings- click on that)

When you first register it they typically give you a $4 off $20 purchase (emailed).  And then they will occassionally email you $5 off $25 coupons that are only good for a few days.  I hadn't planned to go to CVS- but when I got that $5 coupon I knew I had to.  When you pair that kind of coupon with their sales, my manufacturers coupons plus the extra bucks you can earn that week- it is always a money maker if you work it right.  Because the $25 you spend, is before your coupons- just hand over your printed CVS dollars off coupon FIRST.

Here's a transaction idea that you could have done:

Complete multi purpose Contact Solution $8.99
2 crest mouth wash or tooth paste $6.98 ($3.49 each)
Gum Eeze thru flossers $2 (my store was out-boo!)
1 gold bond body wash $5.88
1 Werthers carmels $1.50
Total $25.35
-$5 off $25
-$1 complete multi purpose solution (4/3 paper)
-$2 (2 $1 coupons) off crest tooth paste (p&g coupon book)
-$2 gold bond body wash (4/3 paper)
-$.75 werthers (sunday paper a few weeks ago)

Total out of pocket $14.60
PLUS you will get an $8.99 extra buck for the contact solution, a $5 extra buck for the tooth paste ($2.50 per tube- limit 2), a $3 extra buck for the body wash, and a $2 extra buck for the flossers.  You will get back $18.99 in extra care bucks to use next week!!!!

There are tons of different ways to use that emailed coupon to make money- this week if you spend $30 on select proctor & gamble items- you get $10 EB, or if you spend $20 on maalox you get $10 EB.  You just have to look at the manu faq coupons you have and pair your purchase with stuff you will use that will earn you money.

PLUS- make sure you have signed up to be a beauty club member.  Just tell the cashier- she will scan your card and some other card she has and then for ever $50 in beauty products (and I believe lotions, body washes, shampoos and such count too!) you get an extra $5 extra care buck.  Yesterday I got my $6.50 for quarterly extra care bucks- but I also go a $5 beauty club extra care buck.  It adds up.  If you've been reading for long, you can see that I don't spend much actual cash at CVS-but I typically leave with bags of stuff!

There is always something offering 100% extra bucks at CVS.  Take a minute each week to see if it is a product your family will use and start rolling your extra care bucks each week!

Monday, April 4, 2011

FREE Purex at Walgreens!

Walgreens has their Purex laundry soap for $1.99 this week.  Pairing that with the $1 off coupon makes for a great deal.  But wait!  Go here and sign up for a free sample and you will be given the choice to print a $2 off 1 bottle coupon instead.  Making your soap this week completely free!  Yay!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Marsh 4/2/11- GATORADE BABY!

Marsh is having another buy 10 save $5 PLUS you get a $5 off your next weeks grocery bill for every 10 you buy!  Now- I'm not listing every single deal you can get this week- just the ones that worked for my family.  Remember, you don't have to buy 10 of the same item- just 10 of the sale items.  I typically split my cart into two sections and put all the sale items in the front.  Then, when I'm done, I can count them to make sure I have even 10's to get the $5 off.  This week, I used the gatorade as my filler to round out my numbers.

Gatorade large bottles- $1.09.  Buy 10, save $.50 each, $.59- plus get $5 for next week, it's like paying $.09 per bottle!  Softball starts tomorrow for my three children- you know I bought cases of this stuff- right?  At the snackbar they charge $2 per bottle for the smaller ones- and even if you buy your own cases you are paying $.60 or so for the smaller bottles.  This week- If you buy 10 bottles of this alone- your total would be $5.90 plus you get a $5 coupon off next weeks groceries!

Green Giant Select veggies (these steam right in the bag- perfect for a quick side with dinner) $1.49, $.99 if you have 10 items, $.49 if you count next weeks coupon.  I used $.60 off three coupons.

Velveeta $4.49- $3.99 if you have 10 items, $3.49 if you count next weeks coupon.  PLUS there were coupons for $1.50 off ground beef if you bought velveeta- which I was buying anyway!  I didn't have a coupon for the velveeta though- boo!

Jello 3 and 6 packs- $2.49, $1.99 if you buy 10 items, $1.49 if you count next weeks coupon, plus I printed $1 off coupons from  Made them $.49 per package!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2.49, $1.99 if you buy 10 items, $1.49 if you count next weeks coupon, I used a $1 off 2 coupon, made it $.99 per box.

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.99, $1.49 wyb 10 items, $.99 if you count next weeks coupon, I used a $.50 off 2 that doubled to $1. Made them $.49 per box.

Betty Crocker Brownies $1.49, $.99 wyb 10 items, $.49 if you count next weeks coupon, I used $.50 coupon that doubled to $1- I made $.49 per box (or got them free depending on how you look at it)

Marsh vanilla wafers/graham crackers- $1.99, $1.49 wyb 10, $.99 if you count next weeks coupon.

Other stuff not in the buy 10 sale but a good deal in my opinion:

Emerald Nuts-  buy 1 get 1- $6.69 each for cashews.  Bought 2, $6.69.  Used 2 $1 off coupons (you can use a coupon on the free one)- $4.69 for 2 cans of whole cashews, just $2.35 per can!  These were a treat, so I'm not sure if this is a good price or not.

Mini carrots- $1 per bag!

This week I spent $33.87 (on the items pictures plus that includes my carrots, nuts and 23 bottles of gatorade).  And I got back $20 in reward coupons to use on next weeks groceries.  Sorry this is so wordy- I need to refine my how to post a grocery deal blogging strategy.