Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I know, I know.  I said I would NEVER go back there again, even if they were giving food away.  But then they started actually GIVING food away, and I couldn't help myself. 

Reader Sarah (ha!  I crack myself up- like I have 3000 people reading my blog or something- just go with it anyway).  Ahem.  Reader Sarah notified me of a good deal at Meijer this week.

Buy 4 of certain Nabisco items, get 1lb of strawberries free.  There was a display in my store right next to the strawberries- and it was loaded with the qualifying items- one of which was boxes of jell-o.

Not sure about what traditions you have in your house- but in mine we make Jell-o eggs at easter.  We just do.  So that being said- this was a PERFECT time to get my necessary easter wiggly sugary goodness as well as some free strawberries!

 Total spent $2.20
I think the sign said this offer is good through 4/24?  But I'm not certain.  Sorry.
Heads up- if you want to get more than 1 free lb of strawberries- you have to ring each them up seperate.  Which I totally did.  Total was $6.60 for 12 boxes of jell-o and 3 lb of strawberries.  Not sure if there are any Jell-o coupons floating around, I didn't have any if there was.  Still a heck of a deal.

(thanks Sarah!) (even if you did make me go back in that store) (by the way- they didn't disappoint, it took me like FOREVER to check out because one of the other items I bought rang up the wrong price- but the cashier was happy to ring up three orders for me with the jello thing, so I guess that makes up for it)

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