Friday, April 8, 2011

Lack of shopping

I haven't been out much this week- other than what I've posted.  Today or tomorrow I have to go actual grocery grocery shopping- ick.  We need meat, butter, eggs, bread, milk, produce.  You know- the basics.

In preparation for that shopping trip- I finally sorted and clipped my coupons from the sunday paper last night.  Each week I spend about 1 hour clipping and filing my 4-8 coupon inserts from the paper.  I say that is not bad.  First I sort them all out so that all 4-8 of each page are stacked together and then I clip out the coupons I want.  I do not trim them all- that is a waste of my energy.  If it is a product that we don't use- I don't trim it.  If it is a high value and we might consider using it- I might trim it.  If it is anything we do use- trim trim trim.  Easy peasy.

Then I lovingly tuck them all into their own little sleeve inside of Wheezer (my coupon binder) and I pull the expired ones as I go.  I've contemplated making this a penatly chore for the kids- like when they forget to do their homework or need a punishment.  But really- I could NEVER trust them with my Wheezer : )  But threatening them with it is really working wonders.

This week- I am doing my shopping at Marsh.  Mainly because I have all those $5 rewards from last week- and I like their meat and produce.  I ended up with $40 total in rewards.  Yes- that means I bought 80 of their sale items, but mainly that was gatorade so quit your judgin.

Marsh sales I'm pumped about this week:

Crystal Lite is Buy 2 get 1 free.  Last sundays paper had a buy 2 get 1 free.  That means, I will buy 1 and get 2 free, I think.  I assume it is back to regular price- around $5 or so- which will make it $1.66 per package.  Last week it was part of the buy 10 sale at $2.99.  After all coupons and catalinas, it came out to about a buck a package.  I did buy 3 packages, but didn't realize what a good deal it was until AFTER I was home- and I soooo didn't want to go back.  But since then I have been drinking quite a bit of the tea variety and dang it's good.  I will get some more this week.

Purex Laundry soap $1.99- will use my $1 manu q's.

Jello Temptations $1.99- will use my $1 printable q's ( don't remember)  There were also $.60 in last sundays paper.

Marzetti Salad Dressing- buy 1 get 1 free.  I will use 2 $.50 coupons from sundays paper, each will double to $1 so I will save $2 off the price of one and get two containers.  And man marzetti makes some good salad dressing!

Freshlike Veggies $5 for 5.  I'm pretty sure there is a $.50 off two coupon???  Or a $.75 off three???  Either way- it's a pretty good stock up price considering I need to use up those reward catalinas this week anyway.

I'm sure I'll post my final grocery shop- but it won't be too exciting.  Just the basics this week I suppose.

Even Krogers ad wasn't very good.  Meijer is doing their buy 10 get the 11th free- but I didn't see a whole lot of items offered in the sale that I have any coupon matches for.  Which is good- because I really try not to go there.  But I have been getting my sunday papers there ($.50 for the hancock reporter which has BOTH redplum and smartsource inserts)- so I could pick up a few deals if I wanted to. 

Wow- thanks for reading this long drawn out post.  As a bonus- I will throw you a bone (ha!)

Dollar General has their Pedigree Dentastix buy 1 at $2 get 1 free.  There were $1 off 1 coupons in an insert a few weeks back- so you use two and you get both packages for free.  I did stop and buy two packages- although Lew typically doesn't enjoy these type of treats.  We'll see what he thinks of free dental hygiene snacks.

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