Monday, September 24, 2012

Who me?

Yeah- I'm still here.  Things have just been a bit hectic, that's all.  I have still done a little shopping, and I even have photos on my phone from last weeks deals that I won't bore you with now.  As for this week, I didn't make it to Walgreens yet, but I did stop in at CVS:

Gillette Venus Razor- $7.29
-$4 mq
Paid $3.29, got back $5 EB (limit 1)- $1.71 money maker.

Olive Oil on sale for $3.99
-$1 mq
Paid just $2.99 for olive oil!!!!

Thermacare heat wrap- 1 count  On sale for $3.79 or something similar- and you get back the same price in EB- FREE!  My store was out, but I will track one down some time this week.

There are also beginning to be lots of great sales on candy for Halloween.  There are always good deals this time of year, Hershey has one at CVS where if you spend $10 you get $3 EB.  If you mix in some $1/2 coupons in there, you can get your candy for around $1 a bag.  I know I already have committed to donate to 2 room parties and 2 after school parties...........good time to pick up some cheap candy to send!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Walgreens 9/10/12

I'm not on fire about any of the sales this week.  But I did stop at walgreens this morning to get cheap kleenex.  It won't be long before the school is begging for donations of tissues- and I want to be prepared!

$8  2 4pack bundles of Kleenex at $4 each
$2  2 Suave shampoo/conditioners $1 each
$3.98  2 Jingos crackers at $1.99 each

$13.98 pre coupon total

-$2   2 $1 off multi pack kleenex Walgreens september coupon booklet
-$1  2 $.50 mq's multi pack kleenex
-$2  2 $1 mq's jingos crackers
-$5 RR from last week
-$3 RR from last week

New total- $.98 + $.70 sales tax= $1.68 paid

Received back $2 RR wyb 2 Suave (free!) and $2 RR wyb 7 boxes of Kleenex (8 boxes in 2 multipacks apparently counts!)- $4 total.

Just in case you missed it- that makes the Kleenes $.38 per box.  Totally worth stocking up on.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

FREE Bologna!

You're gonna want to go buy this!

This week- beginning today 9/6 for the central Indiana region- Meijer has their 12oz Oscar Meyer bologna for $1 (5/$5).

Kraft is still running this promotion where if you buy 10 participating products, you get a $10 catalina coupon at check out for your next shopping order.  And Oscar Meyer bologna, 12 oz is one of the products.

I just ran to meijer and bought 10 to make sure it worked- AND IT DID!  I bought 10, paid $10, and got a $10 coupon back.  Even better, I had bought 10 items last week during the sale and had a $10 coupon already.  I used it, and it rolled! (which means I could use the coupon and still get another one back).

I know 10 packages of bologna is a bit much- but I put 8 of them in the freezer and without a doubt we will use them up!  Or I will pass a few packages along to some friends!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Drug store shoppin 9/4

What I really wanted was the buy 2 Biore get a $5 RR with my b1g1 coupon- but of course I waited until Tuesday and they were long gone.

I was pleasantly surprised to find Zevia in stock and at my store- and there was TONS!  I didn't feel bad at all using my 4 $3 coupons (these were from early in the summer- but you can print one here).  They are on sale for $3.33- sugar free sweetened with stevia, and pretty tasty I might add.

Spices are on sale for $.67 each this week- which includes pure vanilla extract!!!  Great time to pick up any spices you might need (and stock up on vanilla for holiday baking!)

Gillette Fusion- buy one get $2 EB
$2.39 price
-$1 Gillette shave prep mq
Paid $1.39- got $2 EB back (money maker!

Yep- that's really all I bought this week. But I did notice that Target reset all of their coupons, so I've got some printing and shopping to do there : )