Thursday, September 6, 2012

FREE Bologna!

You're gonna want to go buy this!

This week- beginning today 9/6 for the central Indiana region- Meijer has their 12oz Oscar Meyer bologna for $1 (5/$5).

Kraft is still running this promotion where if you buy 10 participating products, you get a $10 catalina coupon at check out for your next shopping order.  And Oscar Meyer bologna, 12 oz is one of the products.

I just ran to meijer and bought 10 to make sure it worked- AND IT DID!  I bought 10, paid $10, and got a $10 coupon back.  Even better, I had bought 10 items last week during the sale and had a $10 coupon already.  I used it, and it rolled! (which means I could use the coupon and still get another one back).

I know 10 packages of bologna is a bit much- but I put 8 of them in the freezer and without a doubt we will use them up!  Or I will pass a few packages along to some friends!

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