Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CVS $2.79!

Yes- just $2.79 for all that.  Plus I got back $11 in extra care bucks ($5 for toothpaste, $3 for body wash, $3 for doritos).  I did also use $13.50 in extra care bucks from my quarterly earnings and previous purchases.

I'm sure everyone reading this (both of you) (hi mom!) have a CVS card.  You have to have one of these to get the sale prices so at some point we've all signed up.

But have you registered it at CVS.com???  If you haven't- do so.  Now.  (up in the corner of the site where it says extra care savings- click on that)

When you first register it they typically give you a $4 off $20 purchase (emailed).  And then they will occassionally email you $5 off $25 coupons that are only good for a few days.  I hadn't planned to go to CVS- but when I got that $5 coupon I knew I had to.  When you pair that kind of coupon with their sales, my manufacturers coupons plus the extra bucks you can earn that week- it is always a money maker if you work it right.  Because the $25 you spend, is before your coupons- just hand over your printed CVS dollars off coupon FIRST.

Here's a transaction idea that you could have done:

Complete multi purpose Contact Solution $8.99
2 crest mouth wash or tooth paste $6.98 ($3.49 each)
Gum Eeze thru flossers $2 (my store was out-boo!)
1 gold bond body wash $5.88
1 Werthers carmels $1.50
Total $25.35
-$5 off $25
-$1 complete multi purpose solution (4/3 paper)
-$2 (2 $1 coupons) off crest tooth paste (p&g coupon book)
-$2 gold bond body wash (4/3 paper)
-$.75 werthers (sunday paper a few weeks ago)

Total out of pocket $14.60
PLUS you will get an $8.99 extra buck for the contact solution, a $5 extra buck for the tooth paste ($2.50 per tube- limit 2), a $3 extra buck for the body wash, and a $2 extra buck for the flossers.  You will get back $18.99 in extra care bucks to use next week!!!!

There are tons of different ways to use that emailed coupon to make money- this week if you spend $30 on select proctor & gamble items- you get $10 EB, or if you spend $20 on maalox you get $10 EB.  You just have to look at the manu faq coupons you have and pair your purchase with stuff you will use that will earn you money.

PLUS- make sure you have signed up to be a beauty club member.  Just tell the cashier- she will scan your card and some other card she has and then for ever $50 in beauty products (and I believe lotions, body washes, shampoos and such count too!) you get an extra $5 extra care buck.  Yesterday I got my $6.50 for quarterly extra care bucks- but I also go a $5 beauty club extra care buck.  It adds up.  If you've been reading for long, you can see that I don't spend much actual cash at CVS-but I typically leave with bags of stuff!

There is always something offering 100% extra bucks at CVS.  Take a minute each week to see if it is a product your family will use and start rolling your extra care bucks each week!


Stephanie said...

I'm not sure that anything counts towards the beauty club total except makeup?? My total didn't change when I purchased the other stuff... I could be mistaken, tho.

Mynde said...

Hi Stephanie! How cool to see a comment from you on my little blog! I don't have an email for you- so I will just post this here. I obviously am still confused on what does and doesn't count on the beauty club- but here is what is on CVS's website about it:
Qualifying Beauty purchases include items from the following categories: Cosmetics, Ethnic Hair Care, Fragrances, Hair Accessories, Hair Appliances, Hair Care, Hair Color, Healthy Skin Care, Hosiery, Skin Care and Sun Care. Excludes items from Beauty 360, items from Trial & Travel, gift cards and prescriptions.

I suppose I should try an experiment and see if 'hair care' includes shampoos and such??? Who knows.

Stephanie said...

Well that would explain how I hit the $50 mark so fast...lol! I don't know why I was thinking it was only makeup! But now that I read that it seems that I did buy a lot of hair care stuff the last few weeks : )