Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cheap Chex Mix

The sales this week are lackluster to say the least.  But I did go out on Sunday to Walgreens to score some cheap chex mix.  Unfortunately- that was the last day for the register reward deal- so you won't be scoring any (sorry- I didn't go until late that night and no time to post it- come over and I'll share).

Walgreens had their chex mix 3 for $3.99.  Plus there is a save $.99 coupon in their january coupon book when you buy three.  I used 2 $.50 off each bag of the chocolate ones and 2 $.50 off 2 bags of the regular ones (-$2 total- keep up people).

$7.98  6 bags of chex mix
-$1.98 2 walgreens january discounts book
-$2 various coupons (see above)

$4 total for 6 bags- but heres the kicker- through Sunday 1/23 if you bought 5 bags you got a register reward for $3.50.  So that makes it $.50 for all 6 bags.  Worth the trip out- that stuff is nice to munch on.

Colgate pro clinical toothpaste (I love this stuff because it is gritty) is $3.49 with a $2.50 register reward.  Stack that with a manufacturer coupon (I had a $.75) and that made it $.25 a tube.  Not free- which is totally possible with toothpaste- but still a great deal.

In addition- Rice Crispie Treats are 2/$5- plus a $2 coupon off of 2 in that silly january coupon book at walgreens (really- why do they make it so stinking hard to use their specials- codes off of coupons in the ad and in the coupon book- killing me dude).  I had some $1/2 coupons on these- so that made them $1 a box.  And since Allyson was to create an animal cell out of edible stuff that night- these were perfect.  She used tootsie rolls for the middle important part- air heads for the shell of the middle important part- rice crispie treats for the big wide outer part around the middle ball- mike and ikes for the long celly things- and more rolled up balls of air heads for the other celly things.  Rolled in sprinkles to make it bumpy. Maybe I should have been paying better attention- I hope she at least labeled them right.

The kicker- they get to eat them later this week.  Yuck.

Also- please note that anytime I break out the camera for photos most of my children hide their faces and scream noooooo.  Until I stack up crazy stuff on the counter for a photo- then they are in the background trying to be included.  What's up with that?

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CashandKari said...

A Walgreens just opened up about 2 blocks from our house. I have to walk past it everyday on my way to the train. I have to admit I've had many freakouts after Walgreens deals gone horribly wrong. But I might just have to start shopping there again, since it's so close.

I'll be watching what you buy next week to figure out my new Walgreens game plan:)