Friday, January 21, 2011

How I roll

This weeks CVS trip was nothing that made my skirt fly up.  But it was okay.

I didn't even take a photo.

Just close your eyes and envision 1 12pack Dr. Pepper, 3 12packs Mountain Dew, 3 big bottles of Gatorade (orange- in case you need to know) and 2 bags of lays potato chips (1 plain- 1 wavy, I was feeling a little crazy).

Total was $22 something.

I tried to use those coupons I spoke of yesterday for $2 off salty snacks and $2 off cola.  The cashier said she didn't carry those brands- you know, the 'salty snack' brand and the 'cola' brand.  Ugh.  She is the sweetest woman, but not the brightest thing I'm afraid.  No biggie- I'll save them for when I'm at Kroger since that is where they are from.

Used $10 cvs buck from last weeks pepsi promotion, $10 cvs buck from last weeks jet dry/finish dishsoap promotion and $.89 from last weeks snicker bar promotion.

My total cash out of pocket was $1.59.  PLUS I got back another $10 cvs buck from the pepsi promotion this week (spend $20 on pepsi & frito brands and get $10 back).  I like rolling extra bucks and walgreens cash into more eb's and wc's!!!

ALSO- I got the $5 beauty club cvs buck that I spoke of here.  So I'm saving that for next week too.  I hear that next week there is a spend $15 on coke products and get $5 cvs extra care bucks back.  Finally- a time to stock up on my diet cokes!  Dan's good to go for Mt. Dew for a while : )

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