Thursday, January 20, 2011

Always walk the alcohol aisle- apparently

I don't have any ideas on how to get cheap alcohol.  I'm not sure there are any.

And I don't really buy a lot of the stuff.  And when we do, I don't buy it at the grocery.  I'm not sure why.  In my head, you buy beer and wine at Sam's club and you buy liquor at a liquor store.  The end. But they do sell both at the grocery.

My point is- I have learned something this week.  When you are at your grocery, always take a moment to walk down the beer/alcohol isle.  Especially if you live here in Indiana.  Here's why, alcohol companies often distribute coupons and rebates- and in Indiana they don't require an alcohol purchase to go with it.

I was checking out at Kroger last week when I noticed something tied to the necks of some liquor on an endcap.  After checking out, I went over to investigate.
Save $2 on any cola purchase of $2.01 or more and save $2 off of any salty snack purchase of $2.01 or more.  Compliments of Capitan Morgans Rum.  No joking.  And it says right on the back No Alcohol Purchase Required.  Had I discovered these prior to checking out, I would have used them with my order and saved another $4 just for looking around before checking out.  But instead I am saving them for my next trip.  The one where I get some free chips and soda.

Often there are also rebate offers from alcohol companies.  I have never personally found these on the shelves in the grocery, but I have read about them.  Once I found a $5 one at Walgreens.  They are things like Save $20 when you spend $80 on groceries.  Usually they include things like when you buy a 12 pack of whatever alcohol in the same purchase.  But there is always a line in there about no alcohol purchase required in Indiana (and a few other states).  I ordered one off Ebay at Christmas time, I'll keep you updated as to if I actually get the rebate or not (I submitted it with my grocery receipt for $100 in groceries- how exciting if I actually get $20 back!)

Didn't I mention that I'm a rebater too???  Well, I am.  Didn't used to be, but it kind of goes hand in hand with the coupon thing.  So yeah, I do both.  Just yesterday I got a $10 check from Keebler when I bought 10 packages of cookies and crackers at Marsh at Christmas.  They were on sale b1g1, and I used coupons on each package, plus coupons for things like 'get $2 in deli meat when you buy toasteds crackers'.  Long story longer- I purchased 6 boxes of crackers, 4 packages of cookies, 1 pound of apples and 1 pound of sliced deli meat and my total at the checkout was $13 and change.  I submitted for the $10 rebate- and received it.  So really I got all of that for just over $3.  Wowzers.  Yes it took some time, and some paperwork, but I'm not above that and it worked out for me.  Yay!

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Kari@CashAndKari said...

I LOVE using No Beer Purchase Required Rebates! I'm also in a NBPR state, and thanks to Budweiser I'm always stocked up on salty snacks, crackers, and meat:)