Friday, January 14, 2011

A litte trip out

 For the most part- I try really hard not to go to walmart.  That store gets under my nerves. The people get under my nerves.  Their lack of check out stands gets under my nerves.  The people driving up and down the parking aisles the wrong direction gets on my......we'll- you get the point.  But I had read about a super deal on cereal and I wanted to go.  Bummer for me I could only find two bags of the $1 give me a try malt o meal cereal.  There were coupons in last weeks (or maybe the week before ) for $2 off 2 bags- which would make these completely free.  Anyway- I purchased everything above - my total before coupons was $37.39 and after coupons was $11.37.  At least we aren't out of eggs anymore.  Plus I stocked up on some soap. (the soap was $2.49 per two pack and I had $2 coupons of ANY oil of olay bar purchase- wow!)
Then there is this.  While at Target I decided to check out a sale I had heard about- and low and behold it was true.  Last sunday's paper had $1.50 off any crunch n clean cat treats and $2 off any crunch n clean dog treats.  They were on sale for $1.49 for the cat and $2.49 for the dog.  The cat treats were free with the coupon.  The dog treats were $.49.  You might be saying- 'but mynde you don't have a cat'.  I know- but at this rate I might just have to get one : )   I did pick some of the cat variety up- my sister has a cat and not a bunch of extra cash so I will pass them along to her.

And who knows- I might try them in a new casserole recipe?  (jeez- just kidding!)

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