Saturday, January 8, 2011

My shopping trip 1-7-10 (target & kroger)

My thoughts in starting this blog are that I LOVE to coupon.  I really do enjoy shopping and buying things.  So putting those two together really works for me.
And it is a win win since it is necessary to buy things like shampoo, toothpaste, cream, butter, cheese and toilet paper.  I just enjoy hunting around to get them as inexpensive as possible.

I also adore the chance to take something out of a store for next to nothing- if not nothing- and then share it.  We have been able to donate BAGS of stuff to our local food pantry and family members.  Where as before we may have been able to contribute a few items a month- when paying full price. 
Now- for the same amount of money (if not less) I can send 2-3 bags of stuff.  Really useful stuff like dish soap, laundry soap, toothpaste, cereal, pasta, cookie mixes (is that technically useful?? I say yes.)

So that is where I am- and why.  Here is where I was last night. 
Kroger and Target.
 I didn't photograph everything I purchased, because that just isn't necessary.  I just snapped this to give you an overview of most of what I was shopping for and share a few really exceptional deals I found at Kroger this week.
Sam's birthday dinner with family is tomorrow- he requested tacos and quesadillas.
At Target I picked up 3 Orgega taco shells $1.25 each and 1 Orgega taco sauce $1.  I used the target printable coupons (go to and look at the bottom- click on the coupons tab- you can print your own coupons for use at target for stuff you are buying anyway!) $1 off 2 ortega, which took off $2.
$2.75 for 36 taco shells and taco sauce- not free but a great deal.
I also got the stuff to make his cake- 2 mixes and 2 frostings- $5.32 less $1.50 coupons= $3.82 for his giant monster truck birthday cake that I can NOT WAIT to create tonight!
While there I picked up four travel size tide detergents- $.97 each and used four $1 off any tide coupons from the 1/9 proctor and gamble coupon insert.  I actually got $.12 to use toward my other stuff and the detergent for free.
Can't use Tide myself- but that's a good foodbank item- who wouldn't love a free load of laundry soap?
 Most of what is pictured is from Kroger.  Their sale this week didn't immediately impress me- but then I realized I had some great coupons on old spice stuff.  And when matched with their sale it is quite impressive.  But first- see that bag of navy beans?  Not on sale- and no coupon.  That is the ONLY item purchased that was either not on sale or had no coupon.  I just needed them.  They were a whole $.99.
The proctor and gamble buy four get $4 off is pretty exciting this week at Krogers.
I had four 'buy an old spice deodorant get a full size body wash free' coupons.
I bought four old spice deodorants $2.29 each=$9.16
And four body wash $3.27 each=$13.08
Received 2 $4 credits for the buy 4 get 4= -$8
Used four free body wash coupons= -$13.08
Used two buy 2 old spice deodorants get $1 off coupons= -$2
My total for these eight items was $-.84.  That's right- I MADE $.84 for buying good useful items for my home.

Also- there was a buy one Aussie or Herbal Essences item get a free styler coupon in that same proctor and gamble insert last week.  They are part of the sale.
I bought two shampoos at $2.99 each= $5.98
And two mousse at $2.94 each=5.88
Receive $4 off for the buy 4 get four= -$4
Used two free product coupons= -$5.88
My total was $1.94 for two shampoos and two mousse.  You can't buy the off name brand product for that.

An exciting find at my store (and I think it was just store specific as it was not in the ad) was pillsbury small tubes of cinnamon rolls and cresants for $.50 each.  Each tube has 5 in it.  Not a big deal by itself.  But when I used the $.40 cents off 2 coupons I had (which at Kroger coupons under $.50 double) that made them $.10 a roll.  Wow!  There are lots of recipes we like that use cresant rolls- and they just got added to the menu this week!

Sargento string cheese packs- normally $5ish (but so nice to have something prewrapped and ready for grabbing that is not loaded with sugar).  On sale for $2.99.  Used a $.50 coupon- $2 for a whole package of cheese- not free but definantly cheap!

Softsoap pump soaps.  On sale for $.88.  Used the $.35 coupons from a couple weeks ago (doubled to $.70).  $.18 for bathroom soap!  I bought six for less than I used to pay for one. 

That's it really for my super exciting finds.  There was a $.50 off Secret deodorant coupon in that same insert I was hoping to make use of- buy my Kroger was out of all the Secrets (dang couponers!).  They were on sale for $2.29, buy 4 get $4 off- making them $1.29- use the $.50 coupon (doubles to $1)- $.29 Secret deodorant.  Maybe you can find it at your store- it's a good deal.

At Kroger my total after my shoppers card and before coupons was over $119- after my coupons and the 3 $4 rewards- my total cash out of pocket was $64.30.  I had over $40 in coupons.  That total also included a $13 bag of dog food.  So I'm not sure that really counts.  Or does it? 

They really are just like cash in my opinion.  Only they are tiny pieces of paper that are scattered around our entire world- free for the taking!

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