Monday, January 17, 2011

Sinus Season

If you see coupons in the sunday insert for Sinex- always always always clip them.  I'm not sure why- but usually within a few weeks of high dollar sinex coupons being printed- Walgreens runs some crazy sale on the stuff and you will wish you had trimmed those babies.

This week- for instance- Sinex and dayquill stuff are on sale for $5.  Buy $20 worth and you get a $10 register reward.  But if you have the $4 off 1 Sinex coupons from the end of December proctor & gamble coupon insert- it means you buy 4 for $20- save $16 in coupons- pay $4 total and get a $10 register reward.


I did it twice- I couldn't help it.  They had tons of the stuff- and I had 8 coupons.  I paid $8 and got $20 back.  But now- who knows if you can give over the counter medicines to the food pantry???  Maybe I could host a Sinex giveaway???  (with some Maalox and a little maxi pads and cat treats for good measure?)

My other deal at Walgreens this week was the mens razor.  It was on sale for $9.99 and you get $5 in register rewards.  I had a $4 coupon.  So all total that made the razors $.99.

I paid for all my stuff with register rewards from last week-my total cash I had to actually pay was $10.95.  That was for 2 gillette mens razors, 8 sinex, 2 bryers ice cream half gallons (emily's birthday- they were buy one get one) and 8 packages of that strawberry shortcake gum (for treat bags at emilys upcoming party on sale 2 for $1).  And I got back $30 in register rewards- 2 $10 for the sinex and 2 $5 for the razors.

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