Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walgreens- take 2!

After I got a chance to get a bit more organized and finish going through my coupons from last Sunday 1/9/11- I couldn't take it and I went back to Walgreens.
 First transaction- 2 packaged stayfree maxi pads $6.49 each
5 Maalox $6.79 each (have been wanting to get some of this for mom to try- and buying five was cheaper than 1- stay with me and keep reading)
2 smart start $2.50 each

Coupons used: 1 walgreens stayfree save $3 per package -$6
1 buy one get one stayfree free -$6.00 (1/9/11 coupons)
1 save $1 on 1 stayfree -$1 (because there are two packages- you can use 2 coupons) (this coupon I printed from smartsource or something- this was the missing ingredient that others were posting about- this makes them FREE)
5 save $5 on maalox -$25 (1/9/11 coupons)
1 save $1 on 2 boxes of kelloggs -$1 (got from some kelloggs brochure in the grocery store)
Total before coupons-         $51.93, after coupons $12.93
Plus I received $2 walgreens register rewards for buying 2 kelloggs cereals and $10 for buying $30 in maalox.  The Maalox after coupons for all 5 bottles was $8.95- so if you consider I got $10 back I actually made $1.05, for something I wanted to buy anyway???

Sometimes I get all confused and twisted around, but because I got back what I paid almost, I think it was okay.  Plus I have ceral and pads and maalox.  I will find a home for the maalox.

On to the next transaction.  I had to do two because the stayfree save $3 per package is a limit of 3 per transaction.

2 stayfree $6.49 each
5 boxes of nature valley granola bars on sale for $2 each
2 bic triumph pens 1.99 each
1 jar of vitamins (not in picture) $5
Coupons used:
2 save $.75 on 2 boxes nature valley -$1.50
1 save $.50 on 1 nature valley- $-.50
2 save $2 on new triumph pens printed from internet last week (adjusted down to 1.99) -$3.98
1 walgreens save $3 on stayfree adjusted for 2 packs -$6
1 buy one stay free get one -$6
1 save $1 on stayfree -$1

Total before coupons $31.96, after coupons $12.98
Received $5 walgreens register reward from vitamins and $3.50 for buying 5 nature valley. 
That means, if you count the $3.50 I got back, that I paid $.90 for each box of granola bars.  I have three children people- they eat some snacks and these are perfect! 

So I spent $25.91 and left with all that stuff plus $20.50 in walgreens register rewards to use on another visit. 


Mary said...

All I can say is "WOW!!!!". That is some impressive couponing- & if I were to need some pads or Maalox, I'll know where to go. Seriously, that is pretty impressive. You are getting a ton of stuff for not so much money- I'm enjoying reading & learning your tricks.

Mynde said...

You know me- if you ever get heartburn or your period I've got plenty to share!