Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome..........I think

A dear friend of mine hooked me on blogging two or so years ago.

I never understood even what it was or why people would do it.  And now I do.  Totally do.

And now I have two.  One is where I keep my personal stuff.  Stories from my days, stories about my kids, just basic life stuff that I really enjoy writing and sharing.  It's the one that I'm sure my children will show to their therapists when they grow up.

And then there is this one.  I will use this one to document my crazy couponess.  Couponing is a hobby that I absolutely love, and saves us money.  So no harm done.  It is my form of hunting.  Trying to decide which coupons to clip and save, watching for sales, scanning clearance racks, reading about rebates and special offers.  And then 'going for the kill'.  It's a lot like poker- you got to know when to hold 'em and when to spend 'em.  And yes I say spend them- because they are like cash.  They directly replace cash I have to take from our families budget and help us to obtain the items we need and use- and sometimes just want.

This is NOT a 'list every deal out there, come here first to find out what coupons are coming, don't spend a dime without consulting me first' blog.  This is just my fun spot to share what I have bought or found a good deal on.  And to fuel my fire to continue on the crazy coupon cycle.

Without further delay- I introduce...........

She is my coupon organizer- and my constant companion.  I carrier her with me into most every store and she gets to ride in the baby seat in the cart.  Every good couponer has some way to organize their clipped beauties- this is mine.

Welcome to my world.

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