Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shopping 11/14/12

There wasn't much that made me giddy this week.  I did manage to drag myself into CVS for a couple tubes of free colgate, I got an email with a free bottle of Advil so I got that.  A quick stop at Walgreens yesterday proved to be worth it this week though.

$2.75 Colgate
$2.75 Colgate
-.75 mq
-.75 mq
Paid $4 plus tax, got back $4 RR

$2.99 scunci hair barrettes
$2 eagle brand milk
$1.69 Revlon emery boards
$.84 Revlon emery boards (b1g1 50% off)
-$.50 eagle brand milk mq
$7.02 paid (not earth shaking, I know)
BUT- for buying 2 Revlon tools, I earned 2000 walgreens points- that will equate to $2 when I redeem them.  So I paid $2.53 for both and got $2 back.  But wait, it gets better.

Each time I bought 2 Revlon nail tools, I got a catalina coupon.  It seems that it prints $2 off your next purchase of 2 Revlon nail items........then the next time it prints $4 off your next purchase of 2 Revlon nail items.  See- instantly this became a money maker!

So then I bought 2 more nail files- $2.53.  Used the $2 mq, paid $.53, earned $2 in reward points and this time I got a $4/2 mq.  So I bought some of the nail buffers and a nicer file.  Paid less than $1 after the $4/2 mq, earned $2 in reward points, and I got a $2/2 mq.  So I bought 2 more emery boards, paid $.53 got my 2000 points, and yep.........a $4/2 mq printed. 

I could have stayed there all day, but I didn't.  I gave the coupon to the cashier who was young and wishing she knew how to get her points over 7000 and I gave her the recipe to get her ball rolling.  A girl only needs so many emery boards, right?

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