Monday, March 14, 2011

Drugstore shopping 3/13

My sunday shopping purchases:
Walgreens- Dial lotion on sale for $4.99.  Used $2 coupon (in the paper a few weeks ago) and got back $3 register reward.  I paid nothing.
Irish Spring Deodorant- on sale 2 for $6.  Used 2 $1 printable coupons from or similar- paid $4, got back $4 register reward.  I paid nothing.
Venus Pro Skin Razor- same deal as last week yay!  On sale for $7.99.  Use $5 coupon.  Paid $2.99, got back $4 register reward.  I was paid $1 to buy this.
CVS:  These items were included in the photo above too- but I had to post this one with Emily giving it a big thumbs up.
I must say that my whole family stopped at CVS after going out for our weekly Sunday dinner out.  The kids were kind of loud, and I had drank a HUGE margharita- so I just wasn't thinking straight. 
But then I found the Method free and clear laundry soap that had been on clearance for $4.50 marked down to just $2.25 per bottle and I started dancing around the aisles.  The reason I pack around Wheezer (my trusty binder o' coupons) everywhere I go is precisely this reason.  I had $2 off coupons!!!  And they were with me!!  And not expired!!  Same with the Old Spice mens body wash.  Clearanced for $1.25 per bottle, I had a $1 coupon.
So- 5 bottles of method laundry soap (just two squirts per load- this stuff is nice!) $11.25 (normally $8.99 per bottle)- $1.25 total after $10 in coupons!
Old Spice mens body wash just $.25 after $1 coupon.
2 Gain Dish Soap on sale for $.97.  This is the downfall to shopping while tipsy.  I misread the coupon, it was for $1 off gain laundry soap.  So I put them back in wheezer and planned to put these back on the shelve, but I paid for them by accident.  I have like 13 bottles of dish soap that I got for nothing under the sink- and I just paid $2 for 2 more.  Oh well.
4 12packs of diet coke (not in my picture) on 'sale' for $4.34 each.  Last week at CVS I found a tear off pad for $1.50 off per 12 pack on coke products.  I stuck 4 in my binder just in case.  Plus I ordered a free 12 pack coupon from my mycokerewards account.  So heres how this worked.
4 12 packs- $17.36
-6.00 in $1.50 coupons (one each)
-4.34 free 12 pack coupon
-5 cvs register reward when you buy $15 in coke products
That makes this $2.02 for all four.  Technically I paid $7.02 and got a reward for $5 off my next purchase- but that is still a great price.  Plus I have some bucks to roll next week too.

When you consider that I paid with $6 in register rewards from last week- it makes it even sweeter!  My total at CVS was $8.39 after all my coupons- and I got $5 back for next week.

Sorry this is so wordy- I might have been a wee bit excited about my CVS deals.

Today I'm gonna try to swing by Walgreens and see if I can find any of that free deodorant!

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