Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two stores- some small savings

I am not joking- there just doesn't seem to be anything this week that is making me want to shop.  And that is not normal.  I'm just having a ho hum, hum drum kind of a week I suppose.  Things are pretty busy, so I suppose that is where my energy is going.

Today I finally forced myself to go to Walgreens and Kroger. 

 3 splenda with fiber $2.99 each (who decided people who use splenda need fiber anyway?)
2 anti aging vitamins $10 each (couldn't hurt- right?)
2 baby magic baby wash $3 each
3 schick razors $8.99 each
All total- $61.94. 
I used 3 $2 coupons on the splenda and 3 $2 coupons on the razors.  I also used a whole lot of walgreens cash coupons.
Because I didn't have the energy to sort out the transactions to utilize my walgreens cash better- I did end up spending just over $30 in actual cash in the three transactions.  I could have so totally done this better and been able to use more of the dollars off coupons- but whatever.  You know- add in some fillers, get to use more coupons, less cash out, roll walgreens cash into next transaction.  I just didn't have it today.

I did get back $44 in walgreens cash though (2 $10 from the vitamins, 2 $3 from the baby wash and 3 $6 from the razors).  So that makes my laziness okay.  I got back more than I spent.

Activia yogurts are $1.88, land o lakes spreadable butters are $1 and Philly Cooking Creme is $2.49.
I used $1 coupons on the activia, $.40 coupons (that double) on the butter and $1.50 on the cooking creme.  I know I could have waited for a better savings on the cooking creme- but I was kind of anxious to try it.

See what I mean?  I just don't have anything that is too aweful exciting to report.  Here's hoping next weeks grocery ads pack more sizzle.

But I still have yet to get to Target, I'll hope to do that one day.  Maybe there is something there that will light my fire.

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