Friday, March 25, 2011

I got people.......part 2

When you pack around a three ring binder that weighs five pounds full of coupons, you tend to meet people.

I get 'the looks' from folks who pretty much think I'm a whacko.  Or a college student.  They aren't sure why I'm packing a pregnant trapper keeper- and they keep their distance.

Then there are people who are curious.  They say things like- 'wow, you sure are organized' or 'boy I bet you save some money' or 'now that is impressive'.  I'm sure all of these really translate to 'nut job- aisle 8'- but really I'm not caring.

I LOVE to look in folks carts and pick out the items I have coupons for.  One day, while in line behind an older gentleman I just couldn't stand it.  He had 3 Ensure and 1 Sinex.  His total was over $30- and he was glad to pay it.  Before he did- I handed the cashier 3 coupons for $3 off Ensure and 1 coupon for $4 off Sinex.  $13 in coupons- his new total was less than $20.  He offered me 100 less years in purgatory and a friendly thank you- although I'm not sure he is authorized to offer purgatory reduction, the thought was nice.

Last night as I checked out, a young guy behind me said 'Boy I wish you could teach my girl to do that'.  My total was just over $5 after my coupons and I got a $5 reward back (just some more almay at Walgreens and a few more treats for easter baskets- I went in to do the Gillette deal, but I couldn't find my b1g1 coupons!  I must have left them on a shelf at some store thinking I'd never use them.  Dang).  In his hands, maxipads.  He was paying full price, and had no coupon.  Blasphemy.

I think me and wheezer might get some business cards made up.  You know- so that I could direct 'his girl' to my blog.  Although, I'm not very good at marking up the specific deals, links to coupons and exact dates of printed coupons.  But there are tons of folks who are.  Here are the ones I use:

Wild for Wags
Hip 2 Save
Totally Target
Couponing to Disney
Penny Pinchin Mom
I heart CVS
In good cents- this one's good for our local grocery deal match ups

So perhaps me and Wheezie will just stay posting our shopping trips for now.  It helps me keep track of what deals are really deals, and which ones aren't.  Plus I love it- which is strange I know.  Very strange. 

Nut Job- Aisle 8.

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