Saturday, March 19, 2011

The coupon NINJA!

It is my personal recomendation that you don't shout this out and then 'chop' the cashiers head.   Just keep your cool and get your heiny to the car.  Although- yesterday I was pressed for time and still managed to trapse in and out of TWO grocery stores scarfing up not only a few necessary items but all the sale items I went in for.  HEIIIII- YA!


27 packages of Kraft cheese (some shredded, some blocked) and 3 packages of American Singles- on sale for $1.99.  Buy 10 save $3.00 ($.30 each) + spend $30 on select Kraft items get a $10 coupon off your next shopping trip.

30 cheeses at $1.99=59.70
Less buy 10 save $3 (x3)= -$9
Less 3 save $.55 on american singles= -$1.65
Less 13 save $1 off two Kraft blocks or shreds= -$13
Total out of pocket= $36.05
Plus I got back TWO $10 coupons off my next shopping trip- so I got $20 back. 
That makes each package around $.55 if you take off the $20 coupons- which you KNOW I'll use.
(why I didn't buy another block of cheese and use another $1 coupon is beyond me- oops)
Cheese freezes well- and we eat ALOT of it.  So this was a good deal for our house.

A couple other good purchases in my opinion at Marsh this week:
Cinnamon toast crunch cereal bars- $1.99 and I used $1 off coupons- paid $.99 each.
Dial pump soap- $1 and I used $.35 coupons that doubled- paid $.30 each.

Kroger is having their 'buy 10 of selected items get $5 instantly off your bill' sale.  So that is mainly what I went in for- plus crackers, eggs, bananas and meatballs.  I failed to stock up the last time meatballs were on sale- which means today I paid FULL PRICE for those bad boys- $3.89.  I did find a $.55 coupon in my binder though- so that comforted me a bit.  But the night was going to be crazy and I needed to put spaghetti sauce and meatballs in the crockpot if my family had any hope of eating.  So it was a $3.34 well spent.

Sunny D- $1.49 buy 10 items save another $.50 per item, so -$.50, plus I used a $.25 coupon that doubled- so the final cost was $.49 per bottle.

Post fruity pebble or cocoa pebble cereal bars- $2.49, less $.50 per item sale, plus $.75 coupon, final cost $1.24 per box.

Dannon Yogurt- $2, less $.50 per item sale, plus $.50 coupon that doubled- final cost $.50 per 4 pack.

Pasta Roni- 1.39 per box, less $.50 per item sale, plus buy 3 get 1 free coupon (-$1.39) that rang in as minus $2- means I paid $1.56 for four- making it just $.39 per box.

Pepperidge Farm Frozen Cakes- $2.79 per cake, less $.50 per item sale, plus $.75 coupon- final cost $1.54 each.  (these are great to poke in the freezer and have as a frantic last minute pitch in item!)

Franks red hot sweet chili sauce- boy have I been wanting to try this but refuse to pay over $3 per bottle!  On sale for $2.39, less $.50 per item sale- plus $.50 coupon that doubled- final cost $.89 each.

Capri Suns $1.93 less $.50 per item sale- (no coupons, gasp)- final cost $1.43 (we needed these for the office fridge).

ALSO- I didn't buy any (yet) but I'm going back-
Philadelphia cooking cremes- on sale for $2.50, less save $.50 if you buy 10 items, plus use your $1.50 coupon from the paper a few weeks ago- makes these just $.50 each!  They are a nice item to use to try new quick recipes!

On everything you see in both pictures- plus a 10 pound bag of potatoes and 3 2 liters of sprite- my out of pocket total was $88.10- plus I got back those two $10 coupons off my next order.  That is after $38.10 in coupons, $24 in buy 10 save some cash sales, and regular old sale prices.  Not super huge- but I was excited to have gotten some good deals!

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