Sunday, March 20, 2011

Whadja buy today?


Total spent- $21.59.  In addition I used $17 in walgreens register rewards from previous weeks.
I got back $39 in register rewards (2 $10 for the Tena pads, 1 $4 for the razor, and 3 $5 for the Almay makeup).  Not pictured that I also bought (which is included in the total) is a 12 pack of mt. dew and a pack of bagels.

The Almay is by far the biggest exciting thing in my opinion.  This week it is 20 or 30% off, PLUS, most of it is tagged that you get a $5 reward if you buy it.  The mascara was $5.59, the concealer was $6.29, they eyeliner was $5.59.  Plus a few weeks ago there were $2 off any almay coupons.  PLUS if you find the spring beauty coupon books at the make up counter, there is a $2 off any almay coupon in there as well.  These can in fact be stacked- one manu q and 1 walgreens beauty book q.  I had one of those, but the cashier took it so I only got to use it once (sometimes they just enter the codes from the coupon and you get to keep it).

So- for instance- I bought the $5.59 mascara, and used a $2 coupon, so I paid $3.59 in cash and got a $5 register reward.  I MADE $1.41!  And if you use both coupons, you'll make $3.41.  And even if you have no coupons- it's a great deal to get good cosmetics for less than $1 each!

By the way- the Tena pads are not for me.  They are on sale for $9.99, and you get a $10 reward.  I printed a couple of the $2.50 off coupons and will give the pads to my mom.  I told her about the sale, but I'm sure she didn't get them and will miss out!  So I picked them up while I was there.

Today's sunday paper had a $1 off 2 mars easter items coupons.  That is good on the snickers eggs and the dove truffle eggs- that made the snickers free and the truffle eggs $.29 each.  Those blow up things are buy two get one free.  These are all being tucked away for easter surprises.

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Sharon said...

Oh, I am appreciative, Mynde, but thanks a lot for letting the whole Worldwide Web know that 'Mom' has a bladder leakage problem......yeah. Payback time.
Where or where in your upbringing did I miss that 'tact' thing????

Love you anyway....Mom