Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday shopping 3/27

CVS- Total Spent $3.94
1 Mt. Dew 12pack- $3.34
4 Pledge @ $3 each- $12
(pledge coupons: 2 b1g1 coupons -$6 and 2 $1 of coupons -$2)
4 Listerine on sale for $1 each (last weeks sale)- $4
(listerine coupons- 2 $2 off 2, -$4)
4 M&M's easter eggs- $.88 each- $3.52
(mars coupons- 2 $2 off 2 coupons, adjusted down to -$3.52
1 gallon deans milk $2.99
(deans milk- save $1 on 1 gallon -$1)
Also used $6.99 extra buck from the zyrtec deal last week.
My total was $3.94 and I got a $4 extra care buck back for buying 4 pledge items (which made them free).

Walgreens $6.81 ($3.53 of that was sales tax)

3 Scott 6 roll paper towels $5 each- $15
(coupons- walgreens april coupon book save $1 per package -$3 and $1 manu coupons -$3, makes them just $3 per 6 pack)
Colgate toothpaste $3 each- $6
(coupons- 2 $1 off coupons -$2)
Mentos Gum- on sale for $.99 each , $5.94
(coupons- 6 $.35 off coupons -$2.10)
Dial mens lotion $.99
(save $1 on any dial lotion- adjusted down to -$.99)
4 bags of Hershey candy $2.50 each- $10
(coupons- save -$1 on 3 bags)
36 snickers eggs at $.29 each- $10.44 (they had 6 more boxes on the shelf- I did not feel bad buying a whole box- these will be donated to a children's ministry, my sisters kids easter baskets and in care packages)
(coupons- 10 save $1/2 Mars products -$10)- you got it- $.44 for 36 snickers eggs.  If you've got the coupon from the paper last week- you buy 7 snickers eggs to get above the $2 and use your coupons and use 2 of them and you'll get all 7 for less than a nickel.
4 packs extra gum from clearance rack, $.32 each , $1.28 total
(coupons- 2 $.50 off two packs of extra gum, -$1)
Used 2 $10 register rewards (last weeks Tena deal I rolled my rewards into) and a $5 register reward (last weeks Almay deal)
My total was $6.81.
I got back a $4 register reward for the toothpaste and a $5 register reward for buying $10 in hersheys candy.  HOWEVER- the ad stated it would be a regular register reward- but it printed as $5 off your next hersheys purchase.  The manager said it must have been a misprint in the ad.  Yeah, must be.  Now that I have four bags of hersheys- do I really want $5 more?  But with egg hunts, parties and such I suppose it will all get put to use.

I don't know about you guys- but I have a pretty good stash of easter basket stuffed poked away already!  Bubble gum, toys, fake nails, chocolate, m&m eggs- now I just need to keep it all hidden!

Is it inappropriate for the bunny to fill the kids baskets with toothpaste, deodorant and maalox? (kidding- kind of)

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