Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shopping 4/15 week

This is gonna be a quick summary without pictures- but I for one was happy with the sales at the drugstores this week:


Goody hair ties & scrunchies $1.99, earn a $1 RR
Pepsi Next 16 oz bottle $.99, earn a $.99 RR  FREE
Purex b12g1 $5.99, $1 mq's- made it just $2 a bottle
Simalasan allergy relieve nasal spray $6, earn a $6 RR  FREE
Nasal Ease Allergy Reliever $9, earn a $9 RR  FREE
(certain areas of the country got $5 mq's for this making it a money maker- we don't live in one of them)
(but I'll take any allergy meds I can get for free- 4 out of 5 in our house have allergies)
Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste $2, $1 mq's and $1 wags book store q's, FREE

I transferred a prescription and earned a $25 giftcard (walgreens.com- you can too!) so all total I spent $25.18 in 3 transactions (had to have 3 sodas for my 3 kids- I couldn't bear the arguing), but after my free gift card I spent just $.18!!!!!  PLUS I left with $19.97 in RR for next week.

Starburst or Skittles 4/$2, earn a $1 ECB wyb 4 (makes them $.25 each)
Kraft homestyle mac & cheese 2/$6, $1 mq's, earn a $3 ECB wyb 2 (makes them $1 each)
Colgate Total Advanced $2.99, $1 mq's, earn a $2 ECB    FREE
Depend Real Fit $3.99, $1.00 mq's, $2 cvs q's (from their website), earn a $2 ECB    $1 Money Maker
Tampax Radiant Tampons $7.49, $1 mq's, earn a $2 ECB (makes them $4.49- using toward rebate)
Neosporin Daily Moisture body wash $10.49, $3 mq, earn a $5 ECB (makes it $2.49- we have some serious excema in this house yall)
Physicians formula tinted moisturizer $13.49- I was a lucky one last week and got a $15 off any Physicians Formula skin care q from the red magic machine- woo hoo!

I spent a total of $5.49 after all coupons and extra care bucks I rolls from last week- total savings of $53.23.  Plus I earned $17 in ECB for next week.

Used tons of target q's along with manufacturer q's and saved a ton of cash----
(you can print 2 of each target q at target.com- if you aren't doing this, you should be)
4 Method dish soap $2.69, $1 tq and $1 mq- $.69 each
2 Mossimo girls tank tops $6, used a $3 tq- $3 each
2 Merona womans tank tops $6, used a $3 tq- $3 each
Lifesavers gummies bag $1.89, $.75 tq and $1 mq- $.14
2 Belvita breakfast cookies $2.99, $1 tq and $1 mq- $.99 (these are yummy!)
2 Gold Peak iced tea $1, $.75 mq- $.25 each
2 Indoor flood light bulbs 2 pack $13, $2 tq and $1 mq- $10 per 2 pack
Tums refreshermints $2.36, $.75 tq and $1.50 mq- $.11
Plus various other items we needed like fabric softener, etc.

Total I spent $49.06 and I saved $47.50 in coupons alone!!!!  In addition, I saved $32.47 in sale prices which includes a few 90% off easter items.

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