Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gotta love that

Last night, two of my children began talking to me and their opening line was "Hey mom, we're outta........".  THAT is why I love this couponing- somehow it saves me time when I am the most short on it.  Instead of having to make a list and stopping at the store today, I just grabbed an extra shampoo and toothpaste from the shelf and we were back in business.

Personal Care items are by far the easiest and most common things to pick up for free or dang near.  Therefore there are extras of almost everything at our fingertips.  Deodorant, shampoo, shaving cream, razors, pads, tampons............
Dear heavens I can't believe I am opening this up for the entire world to see.  But THAT is the super awesome shelf I bought when the local CVS closed and I have rearranged my bedroom closet to house it.  I moved all of our personal care type items there and I (occassionally) go in to just look at it.

It makes me happy.  Of course not all of that was purchased at once, the key to a happy stockpile is to build it slowly.  When a sale hits, pick up 2 or 3 of whatever it is.  Then all of a sudden you are shopping for shelving units.  Either way it works for me.

 A few weeks ago when my entire family was over it was nice to take my neices and nephews into 'my closet' and let them take whatever it was they needed.  And I still had PLENTY left over when they were done.

I've fallen a bit off my weekly couponing.  Lack luster sales and not much time have stripped me of the energy to hit the stores.  But soon I will catch up my coupon clipping and be back at it.

Pinkie promise.  The convenience is too much of a benefit to give up.

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