Monday, May 7, 2012

Another P&G Rebate

I just wrapped up my $15 when you spend $50 Proctor & Gamble rebate from the last couple of months and low and behold, they are offering another one.  $10 when you spend $50.

Now- to the average person, you might think that getting $10 back on $50 in product is okay- but not worth going for.  But to a couponer, it's a slam dunk.  Because going right along with these rebates are super store deals.  For instance, on the $15 rebate- my total out of pocket for all $50 in product was LESS than $10 after coupons and store promotions.  So essentially I MADE $5 plus got to stock up on pads, tampons and make up.

Granted, I didn't get it all in one trip- but when an item included on the rebate was offered for free after rewards in a store (or super cheap), I'd pick it up and put my receipt with the rebate.  When I hit the $50 (which is calculated BEFORE coupons)- then I sent it in.  And I've already gotten my $15 prepaid visa card in the mail.

Marsh stores here locally are offering a $10 My Marsh Money when you spend $30 on certain P&G items, including pantene shampoo.

Now- shampoo on sale for $3.50 is no bargain.  There were days of my life that I would have thought so, but not any longer.  Here's how I worked it:

6 Pantene Shampoo $3.50 each= $21
2 Downy fabric softener $4.99 each= $9.98
-$1 downy mq
-$1 downy mq
-$12.45   3 b1g1 Pantene shampoo mq's (deducted $4.15 each instead of $3.50 sale price- yay!)

$16.53 total spent- earned a $10 My Marsh Money certificate for spending $30 before mq's
So my total spent is only $6.53- which is about the cost of the fabric softener I needed anyway.

I will use those 6 bottles of pantene shampoo toward the rebate.  In fact, I think I might go back and just do that same shopping scenario again (this time with paper towels instead of fabric softener) and then I'll be at $42 in product for the rebate.  I'll throw in the 2 Venus razors I picked up at CVS last week for $.49 each after CVS bucks (price each $7.49- so that will be almost another $15 toward the rebate) and go ahead and send it in.

The best part?  I will get back the money I did have to spend on the items- PLUS I get to keep all the items.  Guess who will NOT be spending $3.50 on shampoo when we run out next time?

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