Friday, May 4, 2012

4/29/12 Drugstores

Gosh- no pictures again this week.  Sorry.

Depend Silhouette 3 pack $4.49, used a $1.50 mq, got $3.50 RR ($.51 profit) (great donation item)
U by Kotex tampons $3.99, used a $1 mq, got $3 RR (free)
Planters Nabisco Belvita & Crystal Light buy  $15 get a $5 RR
4 crystal light $8, used 2 $1/2 mq's
1 Belvita $3, used $1 mq (dang I wish I had more coupons for these- they are soooo good!)
2 nabisco crackerfuls 2/$5, used 1 $1/2 mq- spent $12 on these items, got $5 back- makes them $1 each!

On a seperate transaction I bought 6 more boxes of crackerfulls peanut butter 2/$5- $15 total and used 6 $1 mq's- Paid $9 and got $5 RR.  Less than $1 a box and these are great for lunches for the kids!

That was it for Walgreens.

Colgate Max Clean Smart Foam Tooth Paste $2.99, used $.50 mq, $1 cvs magic coupon maching $1 of any toothpaste q, earned $2.49 CVS Bucks ($1 profit!)
3 special K fruit crisp bars 3/$10, used $1/2 mq- paid $9 got $3 CVS Extra bucks (makes them $2 per box- kind of pricey but we all really love them and they are sooooo much healthier than a poptart but that's what the kids compare them to)
Skinny cow candy bars buy 2 get 1 free- spend $20 on select Nestle get $5 ECB
18 Skinny Cow Bars- used 6 buy 2 get 1 free mq's- so with the sale I paid for 1 out of 3 ($6.67 total)
9 Nestle candy bars- buy 2 get 1 free- used 3 $.60/3 mq's- (4.14)
So for all 27 candy bars- I paid $10.81 and got a $5 ECB back, making it just $5.81 for all or $22 per candy bar.  The timing is PERFECT because I was putting together a care package for a deployed friend and a college student and you know they will both love candy!!!

I've since found out about a deal on Nivea handlotion- buy 2 get $5 ECB.  The 1.7 oz extended moisture is $4.79- buy w $9.58 and use 2 $2mq's from 4/29 redplum- pay $5.58 and get $5 ECB- makes them $.29 each!  I love to use nice lotions as gifts for office ladies and teachers at christmas- I will pick a couple up to put back for such an occasion!

I also got a few magic coupon machine coupons I want to check out, but I just didn't have time.

In other news- if you are local and have a Marsh- they have a spend $30 on select P&G items get a $10 My Marsh Bucks.  I'm thinking about stocking up on some paper towels and fabric softener.  I'll work out the details and let you know how I work it.  But first I have to go through and trim all the coupons from last Sunday's paper.  Yeah- I'm behind : )

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