Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shopping week 5/6

I neglected to snap pictures again- but here is what was on my list this week.

3 General Mills Cereals- 3/$9, get $4 EB back (there are various mq's to match up to reduce even more)
Buy $50 in panera, itunes & spa gift cards get $10 EB.  Tricky- they are only in $15 incriments.
U by Kotex tampons/pads $3.99, get $3 EB
Snickers & Mars single $.75, get $.75
Childrens Allegra $9.99- used $5 mq from 5/6, earned $4.99 EB
Milk $2.99, get $1 EB
Physicians Formula is $5 off- but I passed after looking over my options (out of mq's and just not in the mood to shop for make up)
ALSO- scan your card at the magic coupon machine- this week you get a coupon to buy a 12 pack of diet cokes for $.99 when you spend $20!!!  Chances are, if you are there couponing, your precoupon total is above $20 anyway.
After all my coupons and extra care bucks I rolled- I spent about $4, plus I left with several EB for next week.  That total doesn't include the gift cards obviously.  I'm going to roll a $15 rebate from P&G and a few other little rebate checks I've received into those. 

Complete Multipurpose Solution $7.99, earn $7.99 RR
Lanacane Cream $5, earn $5 RR (they were out of this)
Dickensons Witch Hazel $4, earn $4 (this stuff has lots of great uses not only as cleanser but for first aid!)
Nutrigrain & Poptarts $2/5 earn $2 RR- used $1/2 mq's- made Nutrigrain $1 per box
Kettle Corn $1.99, used $1 mq
Hunts tomato sauce 3/$1- they were out of this too
I spent around $7 out of pocket this week.  But that might go up a bit because I'm going to go back to look for that lanacane creme and pick up a few more boxes of nutrigrain bars.

Target seems to be a great deal place this week- but I just can't find the time to get over there.  I may still try, but I'm sure they are wiped clean of all Nivea chapstick and lotion by now!

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