Friday, March 30, 2012

Walgreens- finally

Just as I suspected, the Tampax and Always were all gone.  I stopped in earlier in the week and they were out, but I know they restock on Thursday.  Guess I should have drug my sorry self in there yesterday.

But I did manage to get everything else on my list:
Total Spent $10.44- earned $8 in register rewards

$8.97- 3X$2.99 Nice trashbags (w/in at coupon)
-$3 ($1 off Nice trashbags- Marsh coupon book)
$3.49 kotex pads
$3.49 kotex tampons
-$2 (2-$1 mq's)
$10 2 Got2B hair products
-$3 mq (only had 1- shoot!)
$6 2 colgate 2/$6
-$2 (2 -$1 mq's)
$1.99 Nice snack bags (no special deal or coupon- just needed them)
$18.47- 32 various Mars easter singles (m&m bunny mix, milky way bunnies, snickers eggs)
-$14 (14 $1/2 mars mq's- must have mis counted, could have used 4 more- still $4.47 for all those is great and they will make some great give baskets for my neices and nephews!!!)
-$10 register reward from last week
-$3 register reward from the kotex (she rang them up first in their own transaction because they have been having problems with it- so I just rolled it into this transaction)
-$9.82 15% friends and family sale on 3/30/12- wooo hoooo!
Total cash paid $10.44, got back $5 RR wyb 2 Got2B and $3 RR wyb 2 colgate

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