Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meijer Cheese- Dang I almost missed it!

I'm not sure why I didn't read the sale paper better last week- I almost missed one heck of a deal at Meijer.  Today is the last day for their sale here in Central Indiana- so if you want to try and take advantage of it- you gotta hurry!
Total money out of pocket $35.20.
That is 8 bags of shredded cheese, two sliced cheese, 2 cracker cheese, 4 of the new chicken coating cheeses, 4 cream cheese, 5 of the new kraft indugence cream cheeses, 3 cooking creams and 7 packs of gum. 

And the kicker?  I have $20 in coupons for my next shopping order.

When you buy 5 kraft cheeses, you save $3 instantly.  Limit one per transaction.  Therefore, I rang up 5 orders (yes it took forever and no I didn't hog a lane- I kept moving to the back of the line).  Each time it would not only deduct the $3, it would spit out a $4 off my next shopping order thanks from Kraft.


In addition, I used $27.60 in manufacturer coupons.  Heck of a sale.  Glad I discovered it before I missed it, we were out of cheese!!!

Oh- and the gum?  It's on sale for $1 a pack, I used up all my save $1 on 1 pack mq's from a couple weeks ago- who can resist free gum!

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