Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My shopping 2/13/12

I didn't post a single shopping trip last week.  I went shopping- picked up some of the free snickers valentines and a few other things- but all in all it just wasn't a super exciting shopping week.  Which worked for me- I just didn't have it to give.

Yesterday I hit both cvs and walgreens.  Again- this week is not too impressive- except the free Got 2 B hair product, SCORE!

Walgreens:  $4.58 
 $6.58 Hefty zip bags $3.29, b1g1 free
-$2 2 $1/2 mq's (made them $1.15 per box, great price!)
$11.98 Got 2 B hair products $5.99, b1g1 free
-$12 4 $3 mq's from sundays paper (yay!)
$4 St. Joseph Aspirin (paid in 2 seperate transactions)
Paid $8.56
Received back 2 $2 register rewards wyb st. joseph aspirin

CVS: $.50 profit
$9.99 One Touch blood glucose monitor
-$10 one touch mq
$5.50 2 colgates at $2.75 each
-$2 2 $1 colgate mq's
$7.96 4 speedstick deodorants at $1.99 each
-$7.96 2 b1g1 free mq's- should have deducted $1.99 but automatically rang at $3.99 (the full price) (2nd one adjusted down $.02)
Paid $3.49
Received back $4 register reward ($2 wyb colgate- limit of 2 per card)

I have a girlfriend (you know who you are) that uses coupons, even stores them in a binder, but says she has never been able to get any items for free.  This just might be your week girl!

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