Friday, February 3, 2012

CVS again

I went back to CVS for some stuff I missed.  CVS seems to be where it is at this week!

#1 transaction
3 schick womens shaving cream $4 each
-3 $.55 mq's
$10.35 (I used some cvs bucks- but lets pretend I didn't- kay?)
Earned $12 in CVS bucks ($4 for each shaving creme)

#2 transaction
1 Physicians formula organic mascara $10.49
-$2 mq peelie that was on the package (score!)
-$8 CVS bucks from transaction #1
$.49 plus tax
Earned $7 in CVS bucks (physicians formula wyb $10)

#3 transaction
3 Mountain Dew 3/$10 (you know- for my dan the man)
1 pack of gum $1 (needed something else to use all my cvs bucks-too bad I already got my free cadbury egg!)
$.00 plus tax
Earned $4 in CVS bucks

So- for $33.49 in merchandise I paid $10.84 out of pocket (in theory- but I did roll some CVS bucks) AND still have $4 CVS bucks for next time!!!!!  I was going in to buy the mountain dew anyway- because my husband drinks it all the time.  So basically I got the rest of the stuff for free in addition to what I was planning to spend in the first place.

Man I love coupons.

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