Monday, October 22, 2012

Couponing this week

So- last week we were on vacation.  In Orlando Florida.  It was awesome (no-there are no coupons for disney world tickets).

While there- my daughter received her monthly 'visitor'.  The one that I didn't pack any supplies for.  Man that burned- knowing I have an entire shelf in my closet that has at least 5 or 6 packages of these 'items' and still having to go to the drug store to buy some.  Same with the shampoo I forgot to pack.  Man I forgot that shampoo is like $4 a bottle.  Ick.

Before we left, I spent some time (and by SOME I mean like 7 hours) catching up my coupons.  I hadn't clipped or sorted in like 6 weeks.  Most of what was in my binder was expired and I had a stack of coupon inserts to sort and clip that would make the most extreme couponer cry.  But I was a woman on a mission and I got it done.  And of course I packed wheezer along for vacation, and we used coupons at several restaruants and buying necessities while there.  We did a light grocery trip when we arrived for the few items we wanted in our condo- I managed to carve $15 off that grocery bill.  When you're a couponer, you are never very far from your binder!

Just to mention it- this week (through Weds here in central indiana) there is a buy 5 get $5 sale at Kroger.  There are some serious deals to be had!  But the best one?  Betty Crocker boxed potatoes and mac & cheese are on sale for $1 and included in the sale!  I also used $.75/2 coupons so I ended up paying $3.50 for 5 boxes of mashed potatoes and earning the $5 reward.  Even without coupons they are free!  The regular aisle shelves were wiped clean, but I found a special sale display at the front of the store (where they showcase that weeks sale items) and I was able to find the potatoes.  But not a single box of that mac & cheese- boo!  Although, I will warn you, the system will not print more than 4 $5 reward coupons per order.  So if you have more than 20 of the sale items, ring a seperate transaction!

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