Friday, October 12, 2012


If we were not leaving on vacation this week- I might have skipped drugstore shopping all together.  Nothing really noteworthy that we need, in my opinion.

However, I have been slacking on my shopping for my cubbards are pretty bare- and unless we are going to snack on razors and shampoo on our trip, I had to get some stuff.

Walgreens has a super great coupon in their October coupon book that takes of $2 wyb 2 Keeber Cheese It and a few others.  Rice Crispy Treats too.  These items are on sale 2/$5, so with the coupon it makes them 2/$3 which is an alright price.  Especially since I know if we try and buy snacks at a gas station I'll pay $1 for an individual.  I'm not stocking up- just got a few for the trip.

I would like to say that I'm at over 70,000 points at walgreens on their new customer card.  Once I hit 80,000 that is $100 in store credit ($50 for 40,000) and I am looking forward to picking up some christmas presents with that craziness!

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